Free Agents are Dropping Like Flies

My August Free Agency Update post was a big hit around the NBA. The Minnesota Timberwolves have signed Mavericks center Ryan Hollins to an offer sheet, reportedly $7 million over three years, and as I surmised with 15 contracts on the books for 2009-10 the Mavs will not match it. Cuban tweeted the following:

“congrats (sic)to ryan (sic) hollins (sic). wish (sic) him the best w (sic) twolves (sic).”

Now there are reports that Shelden Williams is going to sign a one year minimum salary contract with the Boston Celtics.

Either the Nuggets have something up their sleeve or they are bound and determined not to spend money this offseason.

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  • Baldbonsaiguy

    What kind of fit do you believe Big Baby would be? And is there a chance the Nuggies have interest?

  • abs

    Again, what about David Lee??? He is a perfect fit, and vaults them into consideration as a favorite to win the title. Sure there is the money issue, but they could get it done with the trade exception, and if they cleared Klieza and managed to ditch Hunter, it wouldn’t be that bad. Orlando went way into the cap to get Carter and Bass and retain Gorat, why shouldn’t the Nugs make a move? It would also give them a great young core locked up, with Martin’s albatross contract coming off the books just in time to sign ‘Melo long term. Plus, the same year, if they don’t resign Chauncey, or get him at a much lower rate, it is possible they could even do so under the tax…

  • TheseNuggs

    I wonder if not pursuing any of these free agents or being in any talk at all around the league is as much as a momentum killer for the current players of the nuggets as much as it is for us fans after seeing how close they came to wining it all. Like you mentioned players are dropping like crazy hollins woulda been a nice pickup. Big baby would be as well even tho im not much of a fan of his theres no denying he would help depth a great deal. Also I agree with abs he makes all valid points. If it were to be a sign and trade for Lee and we get rid of LK and hunters contract and use some of the Trade exception in reality were really not taking in much more money over the tax line. I could see alot worst ways of spending 10 mill a year on a player.

  • tknuckle

    this is my first post just joined today so be easy on me (on spelling and names). i have to say i am not to happy with the off season moves the nuggs are making the birdman deal is cool with me but we need to do more very sad to see dahntay leave (hes not affraid of kobe) i heard that afflalo is a fan of kobe so how is he going to play against him? the western teams have made moves to get better. not the nuggets, feels like were going backwards again. does bill hanzlick need a job? all you hear this off season is how we need a big to compete and here we are not doing nothing. david lee is a great choice as well as big baby i even wanted to see shaq here but too late on that one i also like coby carl at gaurd on the nuggets (i think he will play his heart out and would be good here). get rid off klieza,carter,hunter,petro,balkman and malik allen who’s this frickin guy? 6 teams in the past 8 years time to call it quits i say. all i know is the denver nuggets fans deserve a championship basketball team and its time to get it done we are the only aba team left who has not won a championship. i love the nuggets but just cant take much more dissapointing seasons. the lakers suck.
    once again sign david lee

  • Stumbleweed

    How is David Lee a perfect fit again? There are only 48 minutes of basketball, he’s really a PF (D’Antoni C doesn’t count.. he played freakin’ skinny-ass Jared Jeffries there), we just gave Bird a sizable contract and made a commitment to him, K-Mart is around for another 2 years… where’s he getting playing time? He would go from being a starter averaging nearly a double-double and playing 35+ MPG to being the 3rd big in the rotation (assuming we bump Bird down a peg)? I like the guy, and if we didn’t have K-Mart, that’d be a great fit with our running style… but I just don’t see how he’d get enough time. Not everyone is content playing 20 MPG for a contender, who knows how he’d react to that after having so much PT the year before and putting up good numbers?

    Anyway, I think we need to set our sights on something more realistic at this point in free agency (Novak-style) then hope that we can pick someone off before the trade exception expires. I just don’t think another big is it, at least right now… when K-Mart becomes one of the most valuable expiring contracts in the league, then we can talk about adding another starting-caliber big.

    • Medford

      NWcX48 That’s way the bestest answer so far!

    • auwnwre

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  • abs

    Stumbleweed, no offense, but Lee is 100 times the player Birdman is, and if Denver got him he should probably start over Martin. The guy is perfect for a running team, have you ever watched him play? Sticking with the three man big rotation (Martin, Nene and Birdman) got Denver spanked by Odom, Gasol and Bynum. Did you see how easily Birdman was worked over by Gasol? I love Birdman, but Denver needs another big. And they need a QUALITY big, not some 6′ 10″ shooting gaurd with no D like Novak. Lee is extremely athletic, can run the floor, and plays good D. Hence, the perfect fit.

  • Stumbleweed

    Of course I’ve watched him play. And really? He’s 100 times the player that Birdman is even though he blocks an absolutely minuscule 0.3 shots per game despite playing 15 MPG more per game (at the Center position to boot)? Dude has NO defensive game whatsoever, he’s too small to play C capably for anything but a Nellieball/D’Antoni system, doesn’t spread the floor well (can hit a 12-footer but that’s about it.. K-Mart/Nene can do that too). His strengths are hustle, rebounding, athleticism, and scoring on garbage plays (which he’s all VERY good at)… However, Birdman’s defensive boost is WAY more valuable to a team loaded with weapons than Lee’s offense would be, since he can’t create his own shot and has no back-to-the-basket game to draw the attention of defenders.

    And a hearty LOL @ David Lee doing ANY better against Gasol than Bird did… that notion is hilarious. Don’t patronize me man, I’ve seen Dadid Lee play plenty — he’s a starting-caliber player, which is exactly why we don’t want him when we have K-Mart here for another 2 years, Nene signed for 4, Bird signed for 5… Starting Lee?? You REALLY think K-Mart will sit by and take a backup role after the season he had last year and all the praise he got from George? Fat chance… he’s not the malcontent that he was panted to be early in his career, but he’s not beyond getting into it with George, and that kind of move is exactly what could spark that kind of tension. Same with Lee coming off the bench — who knows how he’d handle that? Unless he actually agrees to that role and we do a sign-and-trade on those conditions, that’s a huge concern to me. We have GREAT chemistry and don’t need to ruin that for a guy who is so very limited on the defensive side of the ball and doesn’t have typical big man skills to rely on on offense.

    And if we’re gonna get a big man when K-Mart is gone, we need to get a true C (size-wise, not a plodding “true C”) and then move Nene to PF where he can beast on people… that’s his natural spot and he’s a monster there. Signing David Lee for multiple years while we have 3 guys who should be getting 25+ MPG (2 of whom are starters who normally get 32+), just doesn’t leave enough time for Lee, especially paying him a good chunk of change, as they would have to. Our bigger need at the moment is a backup scorer to possibly replace Kleiza (and part of JR’s output from the bench), who seems ready to go to Europe if we stick with the qualifying offer.

    No offense to you either, but David Lee is absolutely not THAT much better than Birdman, especially for our team. He’s a better offensive player by a decent amount (but relative to shots taken and minutes played, not by THAT much.. they’re about the same %-wise). Bird’s actually more efficient on any given attempt (1.56 PPA vs. Lee’s 1.36 PPA), shoots better from the line, Lee gets to the line 4.2 times per 36 mins while Bird is at 4.56… small difference, but I’m just saying that Lee isn’t the huge upgrade from Bird you think he is. Taking time from Bird to play a defensive sieve isn’t a wise proposition when Bird was basically the only Nugget who would reliably protect the rim and make driving guards nervous. Remember that Lee also played in one of the fastest, most shot-happy offenses in all the league with a bunch of crappy shooters around him chucking up plenty of garbage points for him to gather up… his numbers are big-time inflated last year and he wouldn’t meet those marks in the same minutes (35 MPG, which he absolutely would not get here) on any other team aside from Golden State.

    Anyway, I disagree! *speeds away “Family Guy” drive-by argument style*

  • eric.yates

    Does anyone else think we’re going to be just fine? Let’s not forget that we were two bothced inbounds plays from possibly going to the Finals last year?

    And with the additions of Lawson and Afflalo, we are better at two positons (SG and backup PG). Plus, Bird has another year of grooming and being coached up. He’ll be even more of a factor this year given his past. He doesn’t seem like the kind of cat to take his second chance on life for granted. Expect a maximum effort.

    True, it would be great to have another big, but going over the luxury tax isn’t an option. Its easy to say we should (because everyone else is doing it) but Kroenke has to write the check, not you.

    Maybe they’ll bring in a very cheap big man on a 1-year deal (Collins twins, Foyle, Mihm, Maceo Baston, Pops) as insurance, but don’t expect the trade exception to be used unless it ABSOLUTELY makes sense.

    Who was this mysterious “4th big man” that the Nuggets had last year that put them over the top and made them a contender? Hunter? Petro? Please. We’re just fine. Look for Balkman to break out this year too. He’s Karl’s Ace in the Hole.

  • abs

    In the words of the great Ron Burgundy, “agree to disagree.” Lee is much stronger than Bird, and it was obvious that Denver lacked an athletic banger against the Lakers. With the Lakers getting better in the off-season, Denver needs to address that weakness.

  • Stumbleweed

    Stronger doesn’t mean that he can defend freakin 7’1″ Pau Gasol. A 6’9″ player gets eaten alive by Gasol and his giant gangly arms every time… we don’t need a “banger” to defend Gasol, we need someone who can contest his damn shots inside and keep him away from those easy toss-in buckets. Lee with his epic 0.3 BPG simply isn’t that kind of defensive player (or any kind of defensive player really outside of rebounding.. that’s always been the knock on him).

    And in any case, K-Mart is one of the best and most tenacious post defenders in the league at the PF spot and if he (at the same height/level of athleticism and with a stronger body and quicker hands) couldn’t do enough to stop Gasol, you really think Lee would? I guess I still don’t understand how Lee being “stronger” than Birdman makes a lick of difference in defending a guy like Pau. Birdman wasn’t the primary defender on him anyway… this argument is weird and totally got away from us ha.

    Anyway, we won’t get David Lee… he’ll re-sign with the Knicks, have another nice “D’Antoni Bump” season and try to cash in elsewhere (where he can start and get big minutes) in the big 2010 off-season. Unless we find a suitor for K-Mart, I think the front office is smart enough to know not to add another player who needs/is used to big minutes when those minutes simply aren’t available.