2009-10 Denver Nuggets Schedule Analysis

The NBA will release the 2009-10 schedule at 11:00 AM Mountain time.  Check back here soon thereafter for a complete analysis.

Sactown Royalty has posted a link to the Kings 2009-10 schedule and Sacramento is one of the Western Conference teams the Nuggets only play three times (twice in Sacramento (12/28/09 and 01/09/10) and once in Denver (02/01/10).  It took the NBA about 20 minutes to disable the link to the Kings schedule.  Some poor IT guy is getting fired over that one.

Denver Stiffs is reporting the Nuggets open up at home October 28 against the Utah Jazz on ESPN and then travel to Portland the next night to play the Trail Blazers on TNT.

Update: The Nuggets play at Portland on Christmas as the last of five games to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Update (11:16 AM): Denver has 23 sets of back to back games.  Update to the update (11:26): They actually have 22. Sorry for the mistake.  I have never seen a team have more than 21 sets of back to back games and my educated guess as to the league average would be around 18 or 19.  I have not looked at any other team’s schedule to see if other teams are playing more back to back games, but 23 22 seems like a very high number.

Update (11:18 AM): Here is the complete schedule for you to check out for yourself.

Update (11:32 AM): The four Western Conference teams the Nuggets face off against only three times are the Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets, who they only play once at home, and the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks who they only play once on the road.

Update (11:39 AM): There is only one home stand longer than three games and it is a four game sequence from November 27 through December 3 where the Nuggets will face off against New York, Minnesota, Golden State and Miami.  Denver has four road trips of four or more games including a six game trip in early November and a five game trip at the end of March that takes them through New York, Boston (back to back), Toronto and then finishes up with a back to back in Orlando and Dallas.  Ouch.  That five game trip lasts only seven days.

However, after that the Nuggets only have two more road games in April at Oklahoma City and Phoenix.

Denver is one of two teams, Sacramento is the other one, who will end their season on April 13.

Update (12:15 PM): The Nuggets have 22 games on ESPN, TNT or ABC and another seven on NBATV.

10/28 Utah ESPN
10/29 @ Portland TNT
11/13 LA Lakers ESPN
11/20 @ LA Clippers ESPN
12/03 Miami TNT
12/25 @ Portland ESPN
01/08 Cleveland ESPN
01/17 Utah ESPN
01/21 LA Clippers TNT
01/31 @ San Antonio ABC
02/05 @ LA Lakers ESPN
02/11 San Antonio TNT
02/18 @ Cleveland TNT
02/21 Boston ABC
02/25 @ Golden State TNT
02/28 @ LA Lakers ABC
03/07 Portland ESPN
03/18 New Orleans TNT
03/24 @ Boston ESPN
04/01 Portland TNT
04/08 LA Lakers TNT
04/13 @ Phoenix TNT

All four contests against Portland and the Lakers are on national TV as well as both games against Boston and Cleveland.  That accounts for 12 of the 22 games right there.

Update (1:28 PM): As I mentioned above the Nuggets have 22 games where they have played the night before.  From what I have heard that is tied for the fourth most back to backs in the league (Charlotte, Chicago and Detroit all have 23).  What makes it worse is on 16 of those 22 back to back sets the team Denver plays on the second night will have at least one day of rest.  That leaves only six instances of those 22 back to backs where the Nuggets are playing a team who played the night before as well.

The Nuggets have announced that all games broadcast on Altitude will be in HD apparenlty what few games are on Altitude 2 will not be in HD.  That means Nuggets fans will probably get 75 or so games in HD next season.  Last season most road games were broadcast in standard D.

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  • anikolaye

    So, we make the Western Conference finals – but don’t have a game on ABC? I know we have a lot of ESPN/TNT games – but I’m pretty sure Boston and LA have all 82 games on ABC. At some point I guess Denver sports fans should laugh at lack of national coverage cause every year it appears more like the “leader” of sports is really the “business” of money.

  • Nuggets4

    We actually have quite a few ABC games.

    Rough 10 game stretch to start. The typical road trips that we get every year, and the extra back-to-backs because we’re in the “middle of nowhere”. That said, I’m still most angry about the fact that our national TV games don’t start until 8:30. I hate late start times.

  • anikolaye

    Well I mean ABC not ESPN. I am fine with ESPN games, but I wish I could wake up on a Sunday and not have to watch the Lakers or the Celtics. It would be refreshing to see the Nuggets on ABC

  • Nuggets4

    We have THREE ABC games. You can wake up on a Sunday and watch us.

    Xmas day is kind of disappointing. The ABC double header is solid, but overhyped (Celtics @ Magic, Cavs @ Lakers). However, the ESPN game sucks (Knicks @ Heat?!?) and I’m not sure why Nugs @ Blazers (which should be a great game) is the LAST game behind Clippers @ Suns. Weak.

  • anikolaye

    Oops – turns out ESPN had posted the 08-09 ABC Broadcast on their front page! Sorry for my complaining, but hey, normally Denver sports doesn’t get much national coverage. Go Nuggets!