J.R. Smith Misses a Great Opportunity

“ok people I love all of my fans im sorry but this will be my last tweet you know why but it is what it is love all an take Care!”

And like that, he’s gone. J.R. Smith has closed his JR_Smith1 Twitter account and in doing so has missed an opportunity to make a difference.

If you are not aware of the controversy that grabbed the attention of basketball fans everywhere, even Bill Simmons tweeted about it calling it a “crazy-bizarre” story, J.R. Smith had been tweeting gang style. The act of replacing the letter ‘c’ with the letter ‘k’ in his messages is reportedly something connected to the gang known as the Bloods.

J.R. could have taken this opportunity and used it to spread the news that he does not support gangs and would never again do anything that could be construed as supporting gangs. Unfortunately, there was a problem with that route. It would have required an apology or at least the act of admitting a mistake or error in judgment.

In place of trying to make a difference in the lives of young people who deal with the pressures of gang life he basically said, screw you to everyone with a capital ‘C.’ He took his Twitter account and went home.

This is not the first time J.R. has been accused of gang related activity. In the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers some people believed he was flashing gang signs after hitting a three.

At this point instead of making a positive impact J.R. is doing the exact opposite. The absence of an explanation or any kind of remorse only strengthens the belief that J.R. is at best supportive of gangs and at worst an active participant in one.

For all his improvement on the basketball court, it appears J.R. still has a great deal of growth remaining in his personal life. Coming from a young man who was just released from prison after serving time for the death of his best friend in an auto accident brought about by J.R.’s own irresponsible actions I hoped for more.

I have been one of J.R.’s biggest supporters and have constantly defended him.  Barring some kind of apology, it will be very difficult to do defend his hurtful behavior.

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  • runningdonut

    When I first started messing around with twitter, checking out people’s pages I remember coming across JR’s. It was a while ago, and at the time I was 100% convinced it was fake. There was so much inane, idiotic blather it seemed impossible to belong to someone over the age of 12. Of course finding out it was real after the jail term made everything clear. JR Smith is a basketball player, I seriously doubt he supports gangs or lived any part of gang life since before he became a good player. This is really just how immature he is.

    I think most of us college age or older have gone through this. There comes a point when “just being real” or being yourself gets a little old when you enter the professional world. JR doesn’t get that, as if he doesn’t have to act like a pro cause he’s not at work, no matter who’s watching. This is pretty much why hardly anyone outside Nugs fans can really accept JR, and why it’s so frustrating to root for a dude bringing the exact kind of publicity this team definitely doesn’t need.

  • KC Gunner

    Hold on there, the whole gang controversy looks pretty meritless, and his final “tweet” actually *does* refute the silly accusation: supposedly he was *replacing* or omitting “c”s with “k”s in his tweets. So tweeting “Care” obviously and directly refutes the silly accusation that he was avoiding using the letter “c” as part of some gang lingo. That’s really a pretty effective use of the 140-character limits of Twitter.

    As the folks at Ball Don’t Lie and SLAM pointed out, he also had plenty of tweets where he *did* use the letter “c” — http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/J-R-Smith-s-Twitter-page-drawing-controversy?urn=nba,180690

    (altho the links in that post have disappeared with his account closure, I did look at them earlier and they did include “c”s).

  • nugsfan10

    Twitter…………Gangs………….gimme a F******** BrEaK!!!! Play on playa…..throw up whatever u want when u score….Jeremy u suck….no really u do