Denver Nuggets 2009 Preseason Schedule

The Denver Nuggets have announced their 2009 preseason schedule.  Apart from the two games in Asia, there is not much to write about.

They kick off the preseason against the same team they will battle in game one of the regular season, the dimwitted Utah Jazz.

The second game is a tilt at the Pepsi Center against Partisan Belgrade.  At first I thought it would be a chance to see the Nikola Pekovic, the first pick in the second round of the 2008 draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves, but after some research I found he was yet another player who has chosen Greece as he now plays for Panathinaikos.  Feel free to check out Partisan’s roster here to see if anyone excites you.

They are the Boston Celtics of the Serbian Super Liga having won 25% of the league championships over the past 60 years.  Check out their roster here and see if anyone rings your bell.

Right off the bat, one of the two preseason games that you will pay regular season prices for to watch at the Pepsi Center is against a non-NBA squad.  The other team you will get a chance to check out live at the Pepsi Center is Minnesota.  So Nugget fans will not get a chance to see an NBA caliber team at the Pepsi Center until the regular season starts (I kid Timberwolf fans…but not really).  I realize teams probably do not want to travel very far during the preseason, teams fleeing the country excluded, but can’t we get a team outside the Northwest Division to play in the Pepsi Center?

Denver will play Portland at the Rose Garden and then wrap up the preseason schedule with a back to back, I guess the 22 of those they have during the regular season were not quite enough, against the Los Angeles Lakers in Anaheim and San Diego.

Half of the games are against playoff teams so there is a chance we can get a read on how prepared the Nuggets are to start the season.  If they are riding high on last season’s accomplishments, we should be able to tell in the contests against the Trail Blazers and Lakers.

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  • Marius

    @the Roster of Partizan:
    Marko Keselji is a prospect for next years draft and the franchise player for one of europes better teams at the age of 21.
    Both Andre Owens and Lawrence Roberts had stints in the NBA and coach Svetislav Pesic may be THE european coaching legend. Some kind of serbian Phil Jackson.