Anthony Carter – Still a Denver Nugget

Yahoo! Sports is reporting (via Twitter) Anthony Carter has signed his one year $1.35 million contract to continue his career with the Denver Nuggets.

I questioned if Rashad McCants presence in Denver yesterday was intended to induce a fire under some free agent.  I do not know of the two events are connected, but it would not surprise me if McCants visit did indeed scare Carter into action.

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  • runningdonut

    I’ve got nothing against McCants, former lottery pick with a high ceiling but a proven chucker. I don’t see how he would get minutes unless we play AA at the 3 which I think isn’t ideal.

    Plus why fire Sonny and go pick up a player like McCants, that doesn’t really make sense to me. Let’s just go with Coby Karl

  • LACK

    I agree with Jeremy. It was just to get AC to make a decision. I’d take Coby over McCants any day, as Coby has a better shot selection, is a better passer, and can defend a bit, not to mention that he’d come at no higher than the mininum.