My Second Favorite NBA Team

Editor’s Note:  You all know I like love the Denver Nuggets, probably a little more than a psychiatrist would condone.  Well asked bloggers from the TrueHoop Network to weigh in on what team, other than the team we blog about, holds a soft spot in our heart.  If the Nuggets were no more, who else could suck me in?  Below is my submission, please do not think less of me.

Many people have a vice that they may not be particularly proud of. Some take drugs (I still love you mom!) others commit arson and of course there are the Kobe Bryant fans. My vice may not be illegal, but it is every bit as despicable.

I like the Golden State Warriors.

For years I have longed for the Denver Nuggets to pay half as much attention to defense as they did offense, work for good shots and take care of the ball. The Warriors do none of those things so why on earth would I fall for their no discipline die in a hail of bullets style the Nuggets used to drive me crazy with?

I love the back and forth games where no lead for either team is ever safe. The offensive talent comes at you in waves and when Stephen Jackson and/or Monta Ellis are on it is a thing of beauty. Youngsters like Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright and (future MVP candidate) Anthony Randolph are fun to watch and next season they get to add Stephen Curry to the mix. The icing on the cake is Don Nelson flipping out on the sideline, regardless of how correct the latest call might have been.

If the NBA decides the Nuggets should stay in Taipei this October and the Denver Nuggets cease to exist, I doubt I would latch onto the Warriors long term. After all, they are not the kind of team you bring home to momma and give access to your daughter (God created Kevin Durant for that). However, right now their freewheeling style where the big guns roam the court unfettered by the responsibility of taking quality shots is a perfect vice to indulge in late at night when no one else needs to know what is going on in the privacy of my home.

Update: Here is the TrueHoop post compiling all the various responses.  To my surprise there were a lot of Warriors supporters.  I expected quite a few to select the Oklahoma City Thunder, but no one did.  Sadly, none of the other bloggers are closet Nuggets supporters.

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  • Nuggets4

    This is not going to be popular at all, but right now my second favorite team is the Portland Trail Blazers. I LOVED watching them two years ago, and they just got better last year. I’m hoping adding Miller doesn’t limit their free-style offense.

    Also love watching Orlando and Atlanta. Detroit might actually be interesting this year.

  • Stumbleweed

    Portland, one of the slowest-paced teams in the entire league helmed by a Popovich disciple has a “free-style offense”? News to me.

    I’m also a Warriors fan, Jeremy. Anthony Randolph is the truth, period. My other teams that I cheer for are the Wizards and the Hawks. The Wizards are sort of like the Warriors in that they could put it together at any point (and Arenas.. my god, that guy in fun to watch when he’s on fire) and just brutally demolish any team they come up against. I like their young players too — nothing better than the still camera having to be raised so that they can get JaVale McGee’s dunks into the frame. The Hawks are a bit more mysterious… they don’t play particularly fast (my preferred style to watch), the don’t have any players other than Josh Smith that really make your eyes bug out.. but I like them. I want to see how Crawford does there because I like that guy and his wicked crossovers.

    I actually like the Blazers too, but mostly because I like the way Roy moves around the court and I’m a fan of players like LMA who are basically automatic from mid-range. Andre Miller is one of those guys that I still really like and I think he’ll speed up their offense and make it a bit more exciting to watch (especially of Oden is feeling good and finishing the inevitable alley-oops). Hopefully he’s not the difference-maker for them because we need that division title, but I’ve always liked the Blazers and hope they take the #2 spot in the NW from the dirty-ass Jazz again this year.

  • Nuggets4

    Stumbleweed — the Blazers offense is “free style” in the regard that it can be started by any player on the court and moves fluidly. It’s not the Iso crap that has taken over the game.

    It is NOT “free style” in comparison to the Seven Seconds or Less Suns.

  • stephenmp

    My 2nd-favorite team is whoever’s playing the Lakers next.

    Does anybody know if any of the other TrueHoop Network bloggers are naming the Nuggets as their 2nd-favorite?

  • b.archy6

    My second favorite team is the team which basically handed us our 2 best players. The team that has basically been established as our official trading partner. Of course I am speaking about the Detroit Pistons. If they had taken Wade or Bosh or heaven forbid, Melo with that 2nd pick, we would have ended up with Darko and who knows where our franchise would be today. And if Joe D wouldnt have been obsessed with cap space, I don’t think we would have been in the Western Conference Finals last year, nor would we have our hometown hero. Now we have a young 2 guard with potential who was basically handed to us for a bag of peanuts, so we’ll see how that works out. With all that in mind, I will cheer for the Pistons over any other team besides the Nuggs simply because our team would be much worse right now if not for that franchise.

  • sleepydog

    i have to go with the wizards, mostly because of Gilbert Arenas. that man is amazing to watch when he’s healthy, more so than just about anyone i think. and off the court, he’s a character that is always doing something interesting (but not something crazy that hurts his team). plus, Antawn Jamison is a great player and a great guy, and Caron Butler is a great all-around player, who’s really fun to watch as well. throw in some young explosive talent (Nick Young and Deshawn Stevenson), and they’re always a good time to watch.

    except for the last couple years, when Gil was hurt.

  • LACK

    My second favorite is actually the Miami Heat. It’s amazing what Wade does for them, especially when you consider that his second option is an oft-injured, way-past-his-prime Jermaine O’Neal. Sure, Haslem plays good D and Beasley/Chalmers can occasionally light it up, but the HEAT is around Wade. Their turnaround of 15 to 43 wins is the best since the 2007 Celtics. Of course, before this year, it was the Suns. Their run-and-gun was so fun to watch, before Kerr/Sarver decided to break up the team. But the Nuggets are by far my favorite.

  • BeefySwats


    Thanks for repping the Warriors – they’re my second favorite team too. I like(d) the Hornets a while back before I saw how flopulicious CP3’s entire game is. They’re a fun team to watch, and will be especially so with Emeka Okafor, but they don’t hold a candle to the Warriors for me anymore.

    Nellieball is great fun to watch, even when they get blown up by 20+ against more disciplined teams. When they catch a fatigued team on the second night of a back-to-back, they can take down any team in the league.

    Looking forward to your insightful analysis this coming season.

  • Stumbleweed

    Nuggets re-signed Petro according to the fan e-mail I just got… No terms disclosed so far, but I’d bet it’s for near the minimum, which is great. Still think that guy can be a good contributor off the bench… probably should pack on 20 lbs or so so we can use him against big legit 7-footers, but he’s got a soft touch around the rim and is very young still. Good signing since big men (especially young legit 7-footers) are pretty hard to come by these days.