Denver Nuggets Acquire James White

The Denver Nuggets are under compliance. They have acquired James White from the Houston Rockets in exchange for the rights to Axel Hervelle (remember him?) and now meet the league minimum of 13 players on their roster.

White is a high flying shooting guard who has played ten career NBA games between stints in San Antonio and Houston. I have always thought of White as all athleticism and little game, but he did post some impressive numbers last year with the Anaheim Arsenal in the D-League including a 47 point 11 rebound effort on 18-24 shooting.

This is another high upside, no downside deal that the Nuggets are becoming known for. Hervelle was selected in the 2005 draft and played in Summer League one year for the Nuggets to little acclaim. It is clear he will never be an NBA player. White on the other hand has shown growth over the previous two or three seasons. His three point shooting improved to 36.8% and his free throw shooting to 85.6%.

With White landing in Denver it puts an end to the Flip Murray and Keith Bogans (who agreed to terms with the Spurs today) speculation. I suspect White will provide some scoring off the bench over the first seven games of the season during which J.R. Smith will be sidelined. However, could he also fill the role that Wally Szczerbiak was hoping to fill? I think White and Renaldo Balkman could provide a nice offense/defense combo off the bench at small forward. He is undersized, but can run the floor and hit the three. Sounds similar to Linas Kleiza’s old job description, doesn’t it?

To me the big question is can White play defense? Seeing as how he played for the Spurs and Rockets, two of the more sound defensive teams in the league, he should be at least competent. Should he prove to be anything more than that he has a very good chance to care out some minutes in the rotation.

If you are not familiar with what White can do check out the video below. Some of these dunks are just stunning.

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  • Stumbleweed

    Hahaha, WTF? Okay, this rules. Wally is probably a better option basketball-wise, but as a huge fan of James White’s craziness, I love this. Uhh, we can go ahead and pencil the Nugs to lead the leagues in dunks once again.. holy crap, can’t wait until he’s catching lobs from Ty Lawson.

    I do hope they bring in Coby or someone else cheap just in case James White isn’t ready to be a Kleiza-like 15 MPG contributor. Still though, JAMES WHITE! Can’t wait to watch dude in person, I’ve seen so many of his highlight reels but they almost don’t seem real.. just ridiculous.

    I’m overselling this, but I can’t help it. JAMES WHITE! I was sorta hoping they’d take a look at Gerald Green, but this is probably even better since he doesn’t as much of a history of being a bonehead.

  • Stumbleweed

    Seriously though, if he can eclipse the amazing 33% that Kleiza shot from deep last year, we’re in good shape… we just need someone to spread the floor and run with the 2nd unit, and White fits that bill better than Kleiza since he’s such a filthy finisher and so much more athletic. We’ll miss LK’s rebounding a bit, but if we run Balkman with him occasionally (White can play SG as well), those problems will be solved. 2nd line got more versatile… we have 4 guys off the bench that can play multiple positions (Afflalo, White, Balkman, Birdman), so we’ll still be able to change our look to counter the opponent…. add in the mixed starter + bench lineups that we like, and this will be pretty solid I think.

    Is this the most athletic 5 man group in the NBA? I’d put a bet on them…

    Ty Lawson
    JR Smith
    James White
    Kenyon Martin

  • Jesus Ader

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