Melo Making the Rounds

Carmelo Anthony has been getting ready for the season by being interviewed on television.

The first clip is from ESPN First Take where Melo addresses the commonly held belief that the Nuggets have fallen behind the other teams in the west due to inactivity.

Melo also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  In part one they discuss the role Michael Jordan has played in Carmelo’s life, and no Jimmy Melo is an adult and he can do whatever he wants with his hair.

In part two find out what basketball accomplishment David Duchovny can claim that Carmelo cannot and what could Carmelo possibly have done to coerce Syracuse into naming a building after him?

By the way, Judge Smails called and he wants his jacket back.

Last, and probably least, Kenyon was on FM 104.3 The Fan with Sandy Clough and Mike Evans.  Of course, Kenyon thinks Denver is the best team in the world which is not surprising, but he did yell something interesting at George Karl after seeing Ty Lawson play.

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