Gets an Upgrade

The Denver Nuggets website is now a must see destination for Nuggets fans. The Nuggets launched their new web presence this afternoon and it is a massive improvement over the previous site.

Aaron Lopez from the Rocky Mountain News is providing original content (heck, for all I know Mr. Lopez may have been writing on for a while, but I would not have known because there was little reason to visit the site), there is a relevant video section and it is much more aesthetically pleasing.

What was previously a conglomeration of limited recaps, stats and public relations photos is now a significant provider of Nuggets news and video. Many teams are trying to drive fans to their website as a source for breaking news and the spring from which all relevant team information is disseminated.  With the current state of the newspaper industry, it only makes sense that teams try to grab hold of that market that the papers used to fill.  It looks like the Nuggets are moving in that direction.

On one hand, I am happy to have an additional source of information.  On the other, do not expect a lot of hard analysis coming from the team’s site.  Plus, I doubt they are going to be the ones breaking news on trades, because teams are usually not keen on letting that kind of information slip.  Then again, if they lock down the fort and create an enforcement branch of the front office to chase down and silence leaks, they might be able to break news of player movement as well.  Maybe that police force is part of the upgrade as well.

It will be interesting to see how the site grows from here, but for now kudos to the Nuggets for a job well done.

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