Denver Nuggets Waive Three, Including James White

The Denver Nuggets have waived Dantay Draper, Kurt Looby and James White and the roster is down to 13 players.

Joey Graham appeared to be anointed the winner of the battle for the final roster spot with White very early on.  After getting to the free throw line 14 times in the first preseason game White rarely saw the floor.  While White certainly has more potential than Graham, the Nuggets are wanting to win now and keeping Graham fits the mold of what they want to do.

Que up the clip from Hoosiers with Normal Dale telling the crowd this is your team, because these 13 players are your 2009-10 Denver Nuggets.

Arron Afflalo
Malik Allen
Chris Andersen
Carmelo Anthony
Renaldo Balkman
Chauncey Billups
Anthony Carter
Joey Graham
Ty Lawson
Kenyon Martin
Johan Petro
J.R. Smith
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  • Missing Lynx

    I wonder who is going to be left off the active roster…
    I think we could narrow it down to Petro, Allen, Balkman, or Lawson.

    It will be J.R. out of the gates, right? Or does he take up a roster spot during the suspension?

    I hope it ends up being Petro – that makes the most sense to me. Though I think it will more likely end up being one of the other three knowing Karl.

  • Stumbleweed

    Unfortunately the person(s) that should be left out of the rotation are now apparently Karl’s pet players… Graham and Carter. Ugh.

    Ime Udoka got cut by the Blazers… he would be a better choice there than Graham.. we really should’ve waited a while.

  • runningdonut


    AC plays 2x the minutes of Lawson

    Graham plays more minutes than Afflalo or Naldo

  • Nuggets4

    I’ve been one of the few people to defend AC.

    That’s over now.

    It’s Ty Lawson’s time. AC should get 10-15 mpg just because Karl likes the 2 PG offense, but the majority of the backup point minutes need to go to Lawson.

    I still like the idea of starting Aflalo and letting JR come off of the bench. Give us a second unit of:

    * Lawson
    * JR
    * Graham/Allen/AC (depending on matchup)
    * Balkman
    * Bird

    Sadly, it appears that Karl is still anti-Kool, so Balkman might never get off the bench. I really don’t get that…

  • runningdonut

    Lawson can help and should get the backup minutes, but it’s going to hard considering GK promised AC minutes. I’m wondering if Afflalo will continue to be used at 3 spot in the regular season too.

  • runningdonut

    Does anyone know if Balkman will be out the first few games for his DUI charge?