Getting Cranked Up for the 2009-10 Season

As you all know in addition to running RMC I have a “real” job.  Currently my job is encroaching on my free time and I have not been able to post nearly as much as I had wanted too lately and I am sorry for that.  However, I will do my best to keep everything here relevant and informative.

I still have a few thoughts to share prior to the start of the season, but they will have to wait.  Right now what you get is updated player scouting reports.  My in depth reviews of Arron Afflalo, Malik Allen, Chris Andersen and Carmelo Anthony have all been updated with current insights.  I will be updating or creating reports on the remaining players over the next few days.

In addition to the TrueHoop Network preview I also took part in the Basketball Prospectus season preview.  It may cost a few bucks, but the content is well worth it.  Kevin Pelton and his crew do great work and I was honored to be a small part of what they put together.

I also answered some questions over at as part of their Northwest Division Season Preview.

You also should read the preview over at Denver Stiffs where Andrew and Nate continue to do a very good job.  Andrew also put together a very good post on the weight that has been placed on Carmelo Anthony’s shoulders.  Plus Chris Tomasson has a must read preview over at AOL Fanhouse.

I also encourage you to check out all the other Nuggets blogs that are linked on the sidebar.

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  • king_couttsy

    Just amazing… Last year, we only got to see the Nuggs a few times on tv here in Australia… This year, when I’m on holidays for a week, we get Denver on NBA Wednesday (which is Thursday here) on ESPN against the Jazz and then Denver vs Portland on Friday on One HD… God I hope this keeps up!

    Really looking forward to the start of the season later today… Gonna be tough without JR Swish for the first 7 games, but think as long as we can keep it around .500 through those games, we’ll be just fine… But, given Chauncey had a pretty ho-hum pre-season, I’d like to see him step it up without JR… A Chauncey and Ty Lawson backcourt, anyone???

    Go Nuggets!

  • king_couttsy

    No doubt – that performance has hopefully showed George Karl where Anthony Carter should spend more time – on the bench.

    Ty Lawson – what a debut performance. He’s a keeper.

  • Jordo5150

    AC has to be one of the worst starters in the NBA. We looked anemic with him on the court. When Smith gets back we are going to have some serious firepower. I thought the defense in the 4th was encouraging too.

    Sidenote: How BAD was Boozer? I hope he stays around the Jazz for a while longer because he is going to cost them a few games this year.