Take Heart, the Nuggets Appear to Have Some Afterall

Nuggets/Clippers Box Score | Highlights Nuggets/Bulls Box Score | Highlights Although you guys might not like it if I do not come up with a post dedicated to each and every game this season, I think it gives us a chance to avoid jumping to conclusions over any one singular game. The two games the […]

2009-10 Game 10: Denver Nuggets 105 – Los Angeles Lakers 79

Box Score | Highlights I was gone over the weekend attending a church function up in Estes Park. Somehow I was able to make it through without finding out the score in the Denver Nuggets/Los Angeles Lakers game on Friday night. Needless to say when I came home and watched the game, I was shocked […]

2009-10 Game 9: Denver Nuggets 102 – Milwaukee Bucks 108

Box Score | Highlights I have no doubt that fatigue played a role in the Denver Nuggets’ 108-102 loss against the Milwaukee Bucks. I wish I could say that fatigue was the only problem. Defensively Denver is not playing with any cohesion. On many possessions one player makes a mistake or gets beat and the […]

2009-10 Game 8: Denver Nuggets 90 – Chicago Bulls 89

Box Score | Highlights Before we get to the controversial ending in Chicago tonight, I need to address the game itself. I cannot go as far as to say the Nuggets did not deserve to win, they earned their lead that barely held up in the end, but I was seriously disappointed in their play […]

The Stephen Jackson Rumors Will Not Die

I do not think I have said anything about the Nuggets rumored interest in Stephen Jackson. Well, it is a story that just will not die. Originally the Nuggets’ interest in Jackson made little sense to me, but when RMC reader BMer emailed me the link on TrueHoop where Marc Stein again emphasized the Nuggets […]

2009-10 Game 5: Denver Nuggets 122 – New Jersey Nets 94

I realize the Denver Nuggets ran the New Jersey Nets off the floor last night 122-94. I know they are 5-0 for the first time since Love Boat was considered good television. I get that the game was the second night of a back to back. Even so, I am a hoops perfectionist. I look […]

Denver Nuggets at New Jersey Nets Pregame Q & A

I was fortunate enough to exchange questions and answers prior to tonight’s conflagration between the undefeated Denver Nuggets and the defeated New Jersey Nets with Mark Ginocchio of the TrueHoop Network Nets blog, Nets are Scorching.  You can check out Mark’s responses to my riveting questions below and I implore you to head on over to Nets […]

2009-10 Game 4: Denver Nuggets 111 – Indiana Pacers 93

Box Score | Highlights I only have time for a few thoughts on tonight’s 111-93 win in Indiana against the Pacers. Carmelo looked more like the Melo of old. I think he got caught up a little too much in trying to score on Dahntay Jones and took more difficult shots than he has been […]

2009-10 Game 3: Denver Nuggets 133 – Memphis Grizzlies 123

Box Score | Highlights Well, that was less than satisfying. The Nuggets had serious defensive issues, but managed to overcome their shoddy mental effort on that end of the floor thanks to another impressive offensive display by Carmelo Anthony in a 133-123 defeat of the Allen Iverson-less Memphis Grizzlies. Things started off poorly on the […]