The Computer Ate My Nuggets vs Lakers Recap

After spending Friday night in Estes Park at my church’s annual men’s retreat, managing to get home without finding out the score and then proceeding to watch the Nuggets dismantling of the Lakers Saturday evening I finally sat down to write my recap.

I cranked out a couple of pages of highly insightful and meaningful blogging when I decided to close one of the Word windows that was open.  To my surprise my laptop decided to close both my open Word windows and dump my work.  (OK, I work in IT so I know that a vast majority of the time when something like this happens it is user error, but like any self respecting user, I am blaming the hardware.)

I do not think this has happened to me since my junior year in college.  Back then I persevered and recreated the discarded first eight pages of my ten page paper that was due the next morning.  However, When faced with the prospect of either rushing through some points in the name of getting it posted tonight or waiting until tomorrow when I could cover everything I was hoping to, I decided to wait another day, even though some of you might dock me a letter grade.

In order to tide you over, just watch this a few more times.

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  • runningdonut

    Sonny Weems is getting PT with the Raptors now, he had a crazy alley oop dunk in the PHX game. I wonder if he’ll have an axe to grind coming back to Denver