Chris Andersen Suffering From Sore Knee

According to the Denver Nuggets Chris Andersen “has recently been experiencing soreness in his right knee.”

Thankfully an MRI has shown no structural damage, but this may explain why he has not been quite the game changer he was last year.

I have written how Birdman has relatively few miles on his wheels for a player his age, but for a player who relies on his athleticism, north of 30 who just signed a five year contract, this is not good news.

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  • BeefySwats

    Uh oh. Are we thinking bone chips here or something worse like microfracture? Either way, it would be terrible to have Bird grounded for any length of time. :(

  • Othe33

    I saw that Altitude piece about his off-season training efforts…and he’s looked over-trained all season. No life, no pop, and a look in his eyes that says he’s going as hard as he can – it’s just not there for him in the tank.

    Let’s hope he gets some rest and comes back strong, because without him at full speed the Nuggs are in trouble.

  • Othe33

    He was sorely missed tonight.

  • runningdonut

    Boy oh boy we need him back SOON

  • Othe33

    He outplayed Noah last night, looked fantastic…and I still think he wasn’t totally fresh. If he gets that bounce back from last season and continues to play consistently heady team basketball, the Nuggs are just that much more dangerous.

    Next on the to-do list has to be consistent effort every night regardless of opponent or statistical production. We have too many guys who want and deserve playing time to coddle anyone not willing to outwork the opponent. I’m not pointing any fingers yet, but these slow starts are for teams working towards the 8 seed. Those days have to be over.