Nuggets/Warriors Daily Dime Chat

I took part in the Daily Dime chat last night during the Denver Nuggets’ 135-107 blowout win over the Golden State Warriors.  I would have mentioned it sooner, but my neighbor’s unsecured wireless disappeared and my DVR did not want to record and those technical issues set me back.  Like any good Nuggets fan I persevered and I encourage you to check out the DD chat for some good Nuggets dialog as well as thoughts on which Michael Jordan draft pick was the worst and the news of AI possibly signing with the 76ers.

New post coming tomorrow, I promise.

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  • BeefySwats

    Hey Jeremy,

    Checked your Fan Blogs lately? 😉

    Glad you’ve been getting all the good press at the ESPN Daily Dime but I miss reading your insightful and informative posts about the Nuggets. Anyway, best of luck in all your endeavors and looking forward to any updates you have for us.