Denver Nuggets Fall to the Detroit Pistons

You can find thoughts on tonight’s 101-99 loss to the Pistons in the Daily Dime from both Dan Feldman of¬†Piston Powered and myself. ¬†Judging from the quote from Chancey in box five under “Quote of the Night” he agrees with the premise of my comments.

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  • runningdonut

    What a terrible road trip. The Nuggets didn’t really earn the win in Philly, they got lucky cause Philly is horrible. Karl has never been a winner on the road with the Nuggets, and his comment about calling .500 on the road a great success shows why.

    This team doesn’t care about defense and I don’t see that changing. 5 losses to sub .500 teams, we are in big trouble when the schedule starts getting hard.

  • BeefySwats

    Hey Jeremy,

    Looks like we’re missing Kenyon more than anyone would have thought possible, huh?

    Take a look at my post over at denver stiffs –

    And it’s easy to see why.


  • ParkHillNative

    Weird, I just scrolled through that entire Daily Dime chat that you linked to, and I don’t see a single comment by you.