Christmas with the Nuggets

Merry Christmas to everyone.  As you come down from your sugar high and get ready for the big showdown between the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers check out the 5-on-5 comparison between the Nuggets and Blazers featuring Henry Abbott, Kevin Arnovitz, J.J. Adande, John Hollinger and David Thorpe.  Plus swing by the Daily Dime Christmas Day marathon chat which I will be a part of by tip off.

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  • drewjay

    after watching the difference of Denver playing on the road and at home, you can tell that they play a lot differently. they lose very winnable games on the road (Memphis, Charlotte, even Portland) and perform excellent at home. do you think the nuggets can fix their road effort come playoff time?

  • runningdonut

    Trying to stay positive here….

    Our defense is not fundamentally sound. When you have success with switching every pick and roll and rely on 1 or 2 of your best defenders to make every play, the team as a whole doesn’t take pride in individual defense. Credit to Portland, they beat us and earned the win.

    This one was just frustrating, Chauncey set us up pretty well for a victory and we couldn’t follow through. Afflalo is in the doghouse, Lawson is in the doghouse. Neither has played 30+ minutes in a long time and they aren’t trusted in crunch time. Why this has happened is a total mystery to me, we need those guys down the stretch and they can’t get in the game.