2009-10 Game 69: Denver Nuggets 93 – New Orleans Hornets 80

Box Score | Highlights

The Denver Nuggets walloped the tired and lethargic New Orleans Hornets.  Beat them to a pulp.  No contest.  Then the second half started.  The Nuggets saw their scoring output slashed in half from the first half to the second scoring 62 in an impressive first half followed by 31 in an ugly forgettable second.  The second half was nothing new to Nuggets fans.  After playing a near perfect offensive first half scoring in the paint at will, the second half was the polar opposite with plenty of long jumpers that should have never been attempted.

After seeming full of life in the first 24 minutes Denver looked like the solitary day of rest was not enough to recover from their four games in five nights stretch that ended with a win over the Washington Wizards.

The big news from the game was George Karl was forced to miss his first home game due to the effects of his battle with cancer.  If you have not already, read this article by Ricky Reilly that chronicles exactly what Karl is going through.

The other piece of big news is Kenyon Martin said that his knee is feeling better and is scheduled to start riding a stationary bike on Monday in his recovery from a patella tendon injury.  Riding a bike is a long way from returning to the court, but it is progress.

In happier news, Carmelo was spectacular although it was not his scoring that left me all atwitter, but his rebounding.  Carmelo tallied a career high 18 rebounds including another career high 14 defensive rebounds.

For more insight on the game check out the Daily Dime where I participated in the chat and whipped up a little piece on the Nuggets much maligned mental toughness (item number two).

Advanced Game Stats

Pace Factor: 90.5

Offensive Efficiency: 102.8 – lowest rating since the back to back losses in Los Angeles and Phoenix two and a half weeks ago.

Defensive Efficiency: 91.0 – fourth lowest rating of the season and only the second time they have posted back to back sub 100 defensive efficiency ratings this season.

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