Keeping Things Lively in Denver

There is rarely a dull moment in Denver anymore. On Thursday they returned to their winning ways with a big win over Portland, saw Chris Andersen suffer an ankle injury, some foreign object flew into his mouth and the team had to deal with a locker room meltdown. Next Denver said all the right things about not taking the Los Angeles Clippers lightly, only to take them lightly causing a near disastrous first 18 minutes, we found out George Karl will not be able to come back from his cancer treatment unless Denver can make it out of the first round and news that Kenyon has begun running to test out his knee.

Aside from the Nuggets earning their first two game winning streak in over two weeks, I think the best news was actually the tantrum Kenyon Martin threw after his Range Rover was filled with butter popcorn on April Fool’s Day.

Do not get me wrong, yelling at and threatening your teammates after a big win is not something I prefer to have happen, but it was what Kenyon said that caught my ear. In an effort to coax information from those listening on who pulled the prank Kenyon exclaimed, “How ’bout if I don’t play in the playoffs until somebody tells me who did it.”

I learned in political science in studying deterrence that in order for a threat to be effective it must be credible and you have to be capable to pull it off. For instance the credibility comes from there being some kind of logic or connection between what behavior you are attempting to prevent and what you are threatening to do. For example, if I tell my daughter that if she does not turn down the television I am going to burn the house down, she immediately will realize that the chances of me burning down our house are remote. Therefore the threat is not a deterrent because it is simply not credible.

Secondly, the party attempting to deter someone else from doing something must be capable. Again, using the example of my daughter and the blaring television set if I tell her to turn it down or I will get iCarly canceled and removed from the air, she knows regardless of how badly I want to do it I am not capable of pulling off such a stunt and therefore my threat is without merit.

I would imagine you are wondering what my point is. Kenyon attempted to use his return as a threat to spur those around him to provide him with information. Kenyon did find out who was responsible for the joke and though his threat may not have carried much water I suspect it failed the credibility test as opposed to the capability test. In other words, it sounds to me like Kenyon fully expects to return and play in the post season.

It may not be much to go on as the official word is that no one knows if he can play again this season or not. Still I think it shows his mindset as well as the mindset of his teammates. Combine this threat with the fact that he is running and doing something other than peddling on a stationary bike and I am optimistic that he will at least attempt to return in the next couple of weeks.

Whether or not the comeback is successful is another story.

The Re-Return of Ty Lawson?

The other piece of really good news from this weekend was that Ty Lawson played 28 minutes and hopefully put the backup point guard spot in a strangle hold for the remainder of the season. Of course, we thought we had reached this point when Lawson played 20 minutes in Dallas last week, but then only garnered eight minutes against Portland on Thursday. At some point, with playoff positioning, and perhaps the season, on the line Adrian Dantley will stop trying to throw bones to Anthony Carter and let Lawson play.

There was a scary moment against the Clippers where Ty bumped his left shoulder and came out flexing and rotating his arm, but it certainly did not seem to have any kind of negative effect on his play.

George Karl Nearing End of Treatment

Again we send out our best wishes to Coach Karl as he has reached the end of his radiation treatment and only has one more round of chemotherapy remaining.  The physical toll of what he is going through is still very high, but with treatment coming to an end his body can begin to recover.  Get better coach and keep fighting!

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