Kenyon Martin Might Practice on Tuesday

The AP is reporting Kenyon Martin has been scheduled for “limited practice tomorrow” by the Denver Nuggets.  There is still no date set for his return, but this is a big step in the right direction.  He has been running without a setback for a few days and if he can continue to progress he may be able to reach his goal of returning prior to the beginning of the post season.

There is also mention of possible lingering tension from the April Fool’s Day popcorn prank between Kenyon and J.R. Smith.  J.R.’s driver, Laquan Johnson, has taken the fall although the fact that Kenyon and J.R. have supposedly talked since the incident it sounds like J.R. was more involved than he would like for Kenyon to know.  Ryan Schwan of Hornets 24/7 recalls that that the popcorn prank was a staple of Hornets players when J.R. was in New Orleans.  Add in a history of questionable decision making on and off the floor by J.R. and Schwan thinks J.R. was the “mastermind” of the plot.

As long as they come to an understanding along the lines of do not mess with Kenyon I think everything will be OK and we can expect Kenyon to agree to play in the playoffs.

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