Anticipating Victory for the Karl Family

As a father of two, I know how special even the most minor accomplishment or achievement your child might enjoy is. Conversely, every bump on the head or skinned knee feels like a tragedy. Most parents pour their soul into their children and that amount of investment is incalculable. I can only imagine how that sense of investment and connection is amplified after the difficulties George Karl and Coby Karl have shared together.

The addition of Coby to the Nuggets will undoubtedly provide George Karl with a tremendous mental, physical and emotional boost. As significant as that is to the recovery of a cancer patient and the ability for his son to be near him during this difficult time they can both draw satisfaction from the fact that Coby Karl was not brought to Denver as an elixir to treat his father’s broken body.

Coby is a very good basketball player and deserves to be in the NBA. He may not be a great athlete. You will never see Coby in a dunk contest, nor will there ever be highlights on SportsCenter where he breaks an opponents’ ankles. The man can simply play basketball and we saw a glimpse of that ability in his impressive performance in the Las Vegas Summer League as well as his time in the D-League and for a few games with the Golden State Warriors.

His many talents consist of the ability to shoot out to the three point line, he takes care of the ball and is smart as you would expect the son of a coach should be. He is nearly always in the right place at the right time and is a very adept passer. He is probably not a player a contending team would want starting for 82 games, at least not yet. However, he is a player who will give his all and do whatever his team needs him to.

While both George and Coby would probably like this to be a basketball story, as we saw in the emotional scene just off the 18th hole in Augusta, Georgia on Sunday, sometimes sport has a way of combining excellence on the field of competition with inspiration off of it.

I do not know how long Coby will play for Denver, or what his father’s future is with the organization. I do know we are fortunate to witness one of those rare occurrences where a sport can help provide victory and strength to people who are hurting. Hopefully the result is spectacular both on the court and off.

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