Introducing the Commentbag!

Welcome to my first ever comment bag (and from what I can tell almost the first ever comment bag period as someone might have beat me to it by a matter of hours). You have read mailbags before, but there has been so much good discussion about recent events that I wanted to make sure […]

Denver Nuggets Sign Shelden Williams; Resign Anthony Carter

According to @NBAonESPN the Denver Nuggets have agreed to terms with Shelden Williams and resigned Anthony Carter.  I have not seen any info on the contracts yet.  We know Carter agreed to his typical one year veterans minimum deal.  Williams could have been signed with either a minimum contract or the biannual veterans exception which […]

Comment Away!

Greetings Loyal Readers, It was recently brought to my attention that readers were not able to register in order to leave comments.  This was an oversight from when the move was made to our new design.  I have modified the settings so that it will be much easier to comment and I look forward to […]