Go Out With A Bang

Whenever the world is coming to an end people always want to literally go out with a bang and have sex. Whether it is the end of Spies Like Us or…um…Spies Like Us that is what happens in movies.

The Nuggets might be reaching the point where they need to go out with a bang, but this time I do not mean sex.

According to this report from ESPN New York Amare Stoudemire, who at this point could very well end up not playing for the New York Knicks, has been in contact with Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony in an attempt to convince them to join him in New York. Parker’s contract expires after next season and as everyone in America knows Carmelo can opt out of his contract after next season.

Should Amare actually be speaking truth, which by the way would make for one awful defensive team that would never ever win a championship, and Carmelo and Tony Parker are both interested in joining him in the Big Apple I would imagine both would try to force a trade so they can play in New York this season. At this point the Knicks do not have much to offer as a trade partner. They will end up with the Rockets pick next season and Houston has the rights to the Knicks pick in 2012 as well. The only player the Knicks have to offer is David Lee. There has actually been some rumors floating around that the Spurs are interested in a sign and trade for Lee, who could play next to a talented defensive center in Tim Duncan just fine. With George Hill being capable of taking over the starting point guard job with the Spurs there might be some fire going along with that smoke.

The Nuggets on the other hand could certainly use another good rebounder, but trading Carmelo for Lee would certainly not make much basketball sense. There is no way the Nuggets would be a better team after that transaction. Even so, Carmelo might ask for a trade and knowing he can walk after the season might make it difficult to say, “No”, but the Nuggets should.

No matter what he says or does over the next twelve months if the Nuggets want, he will be a member of their team. If he wants to commit to another team as soon as the clock strikes 12:01 on July 1, 2011 (assuming he can with the impending lockout) that is fine, but it does not mean next season has to be a total loss. Denver can send Melo out in style and take one more shot at being a winner.

The key to my plan is the fact that the Nuggets can basically walk away from their current roster after next season. Not only can Melo opt out, but Kenyon Martin’s contract is expiring, J.R. Smith’s contract is expiring and Chauncey Billups’ contract has a team option for 2011-12. The Nuggets can enter the new CBA practically free and clear.

What does that mean for 2010-11? Denver can break the bank and spend like drunken sailors in order to put together the best team possible.  After losing a hoard of money they will be in a position to make up their losses by cutting costs whenever the next season rolls around whether it be in 2011 or 2014. I realize it may not be the ideal way to run a business and ultimately Denver still might not do anything more than lose in the first round.  I would still take one last shot with this group, because that is what you do when something is coming to an end.

That is my plan.  Go out in a blaze of glory and then wipe the slate clean and put the franchise in the best position possible for the next CBA. Frankly, whether he wants to play with Amare and Tony Parker in New York or not since he has not jumped at the ridiculous $65 million extension he was offered he is not giving the Nuggets much of a choice.

Let’s party.

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