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Greetings Loyal Readers,

It was recently brought to my attention that readers were not able to register in order to leave comments.  This was an oversight from when the move was made to our new design.  I have modified the settings so that it will be much easier to comment and I look forward to getting much more insight from you all now that this issue has been rectified.

Thanks for your support and I apologize for the mistake.


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  • Stefan

    Check out my thoughts on the fallout from LeBron’s decision, the Randolph-Lee trade and NBA Summer League.

  • drewjay

    Jeremy, I would love to read how your opinion on the LeBron decision, although you might be sick of hearing about it.

    I am also excited to hear that the Nuggets have been in contact with Amundson and he is currently in Denver. The bench next year could be a great spark

  • drewjay

    and when I say I would love to read how… I mean about

  • Beefy


    Thanks for always providing insight into the Nuggets even if I don’t always see eye to eye with it.

    As a quick suggestion, you may want to adjust the Advanced Stats on the right as I believe that’s a few years old now. 😉

    Otherwise, keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see the 2011 season.

  • Tony


    First I want to say that I really enjoy reading your perspective on the Nuggets. My question is this. With mostly all the bigs gone could the Nuggets possibly sign Shaq at the mid-level and still get Luis Scola or even Amundson by giving away JR Smith. I still say keep Kenyon for his defence. I believe if the Nuggets do this we can rotate out the bigs to keep legs fresh.

  • jreal1914


    Thanks for keeping everyone up to speed with the nuggets. Now, I am a houston native, but I’ve following the nuggets since Melo has been there. I would love to see him win a championship. I feel like the organization is going about things very slow to get some help in there. I am sure that is what is so frustrating to Melo. When do you expect help to arrive.


  • Chris

    why not bring T-Mac in if we have such a great trainer can’t he get him in to shape, I know his price would be low, the nuggets need to add some talent. thanks Jeremy

  • Othe33

    Let’s not get out of hand, here. Our season ended with a limping frontcourt and without GK on the bench, and we got thumped by a Jazz team at their peak (not to mention improved further through Okur’s injury).

    Does anyone have any real doubt that our group, if healthy, is significantly better than the current Utah roster? Phoenix? We are still in the thick of the Western Conference. The Lakers are still the team to beat.

    We add a big for depth and defense and we take one last run at it before Chauncey is done. Jeremy – any chance we benefit from the logjam at PF in Minnesota? Kevin Love would be a real asset, though I’m sure contractual issues would get in the way somehow.

    Chauncey needs to go on the Shaq Plan…play 2 weeks, “get injured”, then rest his body to be ready for the playoffs. Ty needs to be the man for a few months to be ready for the Lakers in May.

  • Boo

    We need a big man i dont care how we get him just don’t trade J.R. Smith PLEASE

  • Mergen

    Jeremy, keep up the good stuff! I think your articles on hte Nuggets are the best stuff out there, period! And, thanks for opening up comments.

    I too am interested hearing your thoughts on Lebron and Miami, but I am maybe more interested in hearing about the possibility of Shaq or other big men in Denver and how Denver can be strong this year.

    I agree with Othe33; I think Denver should KEEP Ty Lawson and play him a ton with Billups leadership and teachings. I think T-Mac would be awesome. Would be interested in learning more about Admundson as well.

  • anthonyshyro

    Jeremy, do you think that nuggets roster right will be a matchup against Miami big 3?

    is there any possiblity that melo will leave us, and create a new big 3 In NYK with CP3 and Amare?

    last season, Nuggets didn’t make any moves, trades which will make them better, and as I see, it’s always the same this time. why waiting soo long?

  • Chris

    The Nuggets don’t want to win, the way i see Dalla is going to hand the uggets loss after loss, and they can’t beat LA or Oklahoma City, do they want to lose Melo, Nuggets fans for T-Mac, he’ll be better than Affalo.
    Also why won’t they talk to Shaq

  • pete

    it would make sense to me if the nuggets signed shaq