Denver Nuggets Sign Shelden Williams; Resign Anthony Carter

According to @NBAonESPN the Denver Nuggets have agreed to terms with Shelden Williams and resigned Anthony Carter.  I have not seen any info on the contracts yet.  We know Carter agreed to his typical one year veterans minimum deal.  Williams could have been signed with either a minimum contract or the biannual veterans exception which would be a two year deal starting anywhere up to $2.18 million.

Williams was a player I thought Denver should have looked into last season as he is a good defender and rebounder who could be had for cheap.  His signing is good news from a defensive standpoint.  However, he is a little undersized and while he adds some girth he does not have the length to handle the Lakers’ twin towers.  Plus, when everyone is healthy he will be the fifth big and is not likely to see significant minutes.  As with Harrington we will take a look at what Williams brings to the table in the coming days.

The Nuggets should just sign Carter to a six year veterans minimum deal because we know as long as he can run he will be a Nugget.  With the growth of Lawson Carter should only see the court when either Chauncey or Ty are injured.  However, as we saw last season his play suffers when asked to play too many minutes too many nights in a row.

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  • Beefy


    An update on the Harrington deal: according to Hollinger, the last two years of the deal are only “partially guaranteed”, meaning that the real signing was for 3/26 rather than 5/34.

    I think that makes it way more palatable in my eyes. Still not great but it gives us flexibility when Kenyon and JR rotate out.

  • Jeremy

    Hey Beefy, I saw that too. That is good news, but I also have to wonder how much of it is guaranteed. Paying Harrington $3 or $4 million not to play is tough to swallow too. However, if the guaranteed amount is $1 or $2 million in year four then as you said, it is much more palatable.

  • Colby


    Does this deal mean that the Nuggets are done making moves? I would have personally liked Amundson as another big or Ronnie Brewer as a good defender for 2s and 3s. Also, is it still possible that Kenyon gets traded?

  • runningdonut

    2 things to consider Jeremy. A similar 5 year deal for Haslem would have also been a bad contract – he’s more of a defensive presence and fit, but not a Center and not a long term answer, nor an answer for the Lakers. I am a little surprised they went so hard at Harrington, but they wanted a veteran with starter’s credentials. I think it signals more about the mysterious, closely guarded status of Kenyon Martin.

    His career may be over. The Nuggets aren’t counting to get anything out of him next year and they are gearing up for him to be gone. If he can come back he’ll be a decent trade chip

  • runningdonut

    Also Jeremy, you suggested we get Beasley and, while I was vehemently against it at the time, I could see Beasley becoming a very similar player to Harrington. Do I think this makes us instant contenders? No, but it opens up a lot of options, not only for how this team plays now but what they will do with the assets they can now afford to wait and shop around

  • Joe

    I still would have liked Anthony Tolliver over Shelden Williams. Was that ever a possibility?

  • Colby

    Has anyone heard if the Nuggets are going to resign Joey Graham or not?

  • SIM

    TRADE THAT MELLO GUY! He doesn’t want to be here. Let’s try to go get Griffin!

  • SIM

    IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET RID OF K-MART? ANY WAY? He can not help the future of this team. He probably can’t help the now, but I know his contract is the worst in the most insane one in the NBA so are we completely unable to unload him or???????????????

  • Steven

    A big who could be interesting is Dampier. He provides major beef, if nothing else but fortunately he does provide other things, like rebounding and good post defense. Maybe he gets offered something above the veteran minimum, probably? It’s not he can’t be a valuable matchup at times. But there have been reports linking him with the veteran minimum.

  • NE Nug Fan

    There was a period last year when Shelden Williams was getting significant minutes with the Celtics (because of injuries), and the Celtic announcers were saying things like, “It’s going to be hard to keep him out of the lineup when everyone’s healthy”. In other words, he looked good. Then he lost his minutes and he was forgotten.

    I wanted a center, but at least Williams is a rebounder and defender. He doesn’t have the height I want, but he has a ridiculous wingspan, which helps. But, as Jeremy says, he’ll be sitting on the end of the bench anyway. So I guess it doesn’t matter.

    For those who want to get rid of Kenyon, my question is for what? The most we could get for him right now is a second round pick in a straight salary dump (like the Camby trade). And it wouldn’t take us under the salary cap. If you are Stan Kroenke, then I understand why you want to get rid of him. Otherwise, I don’t see your point.

  • tkired

    Harrington signing was weird. These moves make much more sense… AC is a solid backup, great 3rd PG. Shelden is no good on offense, but has solid strength

  • J truth cherry creek fo life

    anthony grandpa 3rd string carter and sheldon alien williams better keep that bench warm…Im jus happy we got rid of malik sorry ass allen…. everyone is talk talk talk on our new look team…lets jus wait and see when the season starts then we can start voicing out our concerns apart from that it has not started so we jus need to have faith and wait patiently and see….coach karl knowz wat he is doing…..