Turkey, Radio, More Rumors and Flowcharts

Between moments of daydreaming of sweet Carmelo Anthony trade packages and sleeping on my couch I found out there is some kind of World Basketball Championship contest going on.


Again, Carmelo Anthony Will Be Traded

Just when it seemed like the Carmelo Anthony rumors were going to die down and let us move on with our lives Adrian Wojnarowski comes along and blows things up again.

According to a report on Yahoo! Sports by Mr. W. William Wesley told the Nuggets “weeks ago” that they needed to trade Carmelo and provided a list of acceptable destinations.  That statement would support the theory I promoted earlier this week right here so it must be true.

Josh Kroenke then met with Carmelo on Sunday in an attempt to convince Carmelo that he should remain a Nugget.  Apparently the meeting did not go well and the Nuggets are prepared to trade Carmelo.  The Knicks, Nets, Rockets and Clippers are still listed as possible landing spots along with Golden State.  Apparently Orlando has dropped off the list as I have not seen them mentioned lately.


J.R. Smith is Not Increasing His Trade Value

In 24 hours the Nuggets have a new head honcho, a new GM (although he has not been officially announced), another headache from a problem player and just when the Carmelo Anthony rumors seemed to be slowing down the situation reached a new level of hysteria.

And this is the offseason?


The Nuggets Front Office Restructuring is Complete

August 25, 2010 could very well be a watershed day in the history of the Denver Nuggets.  The question is will it lead to a championship or a decade of lottery appearances?  I guess there is a bit of room for some middle ground there too, but what I wrote sounds so much more dramatic.

Why Carmelo Anthony is Better off in Denver

There are plenty of reasons why Carmelo Anthony might want to leave Denver.  The Nuggets are not one of the storied franchises in NBA history.  Denver is an awesome city, but it is not a top market.  There will be snow and cold during the part of the year your job requires you to be on site.  His lovely new bride would have more opportunities elsewhere and as a married man I believe in doing what you can to make your spouse happy.

I cannot debate the grass may seem greener on someone else’s lawn, however if you want to look at basketball, and only basketball Melo should stay in Denver.

J.R. Smith is the Next Nugget to get Churned Through the Rumor Mill

With the Carmelo Anthony rumors flying we are about to see the rest of the franchise get caught up in the drama. Chris Tomasson at Fanhouse is reporting J.R. Smith is on the trading block. The truth is with Carmelo’s status up in the air so to speak there is no player on the Nuggets roster who is safe from trade rumors and speculation. As far as Smith is concerned, J.R. was a Mark Warkentien favorite and with Wark out of town there may not be anyone left to continue to preach patience and tolerance with J.R.


Explaining the Contradictions in the Carmelo Anthony Rumors

The Denver Nuggets have been putting on the full court press lately trying to combat the media frenzy that is the Indian Summer of Carmelo. They are pushing the angle that Carmelo Anthony is a Nugget and he wants to be a Nugget. They have articles up by Aaron Lopez reminding everyone that Kobe Bryant asked publically to be traded and remained a Laker for life and an interview with Carmelo where he never says he does not want to be a Nugget.

There have been numerous stories hitting on various angles of Carmelo’s situation. He is not going to sign the extension. Actually he probably will sign the extension. Never mind, he wants to be traded. Hey Carmelo has never once said he wants to be traded. Now there is news that Carmelo’s new bride, Lala Vazquez, has said it is possible Carmelo could play for New York. Everyone is treating every article like the Rosetta Stone or the Dead Sea Scrolls expecting to find some kind of clue, some hidden message that will tell them what Carmelo is going to do.


Trading Carmelo Anthony

When reports surfaced that Chris Paul was going to demand a trade Ryan Schwan at Hornets 247 solicited offers from the TrueHoop Network of bloggers to see what kind of a haul the Hornets could hope to receive for Paul.

With similar rumors floating around regarding the future of Carmelo Anthony, I thought it would be interesting, educational and kind of fun in a morbid way to see what kind of value Carmelo possessed in the eyes of the network.

Below are trades that were sent to me from my TrueHoop network colleagues. I asked them to consider the potential for Carmelo remaining with their team after the season and consider that when crafting their proposals.

The offers are in and I have broken them down into the categories of “Win Now,” “Win Later,” “The Chosen Ones” and trades I had hoped to see ranked in order from don’t call us, we’ll call you to ummm, that’s nice!


The Indian Summer of Carmelo

Apparently we do not need to wait for 2011 to experience the Summer of Carmelo. We may very well be on the verge of the Indian Summer of Carmelo. Ric Bucher is reporting that Carmelo Anthony no longer desires to play for Denver. The kicker is Carmelo may want out immediately as Bucher speculates Melo will start the season playing for a franchise other than the Denver Nuggets. If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading, hearing or seeing Bucher’s latest work, you can read the ESPN.com article here, listen to his ESPN Radio interview here and there is video below.

First of all, as we experienced with LeBron’s decision, this is one in a number of see-sawing reports we have witnessed over the previous few months which have ranged from Carmelo wants to play with Amare Stoudemire and Tony Parker in New York to Carmelo is likely to sign the extension currently on the table or Carmelo wants to wait to sign the extension in order to put pressure on the Nuggets to improve the roster and now we have moved to Carmelo is going to start the 2010-11 season somewhere else.

Clearly all of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Less than a month ago we went through this with Chris Paul as he wanted out of New Orleans. Despite the speculation by the media, including the TrueHoop Network, Paul will be in New Orleans for at least the next few months, if not longer. The same could be true for Carmelo although it warrants mentioning Paul is under contract with New Orleans for two more seasons as opposed to Carmelo’s one giving the Hornets more control than Denver enjoys.

Assuming Carmelo does tell Nuggets’ management he is no longer interested in continuing to play for Denver what options do the Nuggets have? Obviously there can only be two ways all of this is resolved, either Carmelo is a Nugget or he is not, but there are a number of possible ways to arrive at either outcome.


Denver Nuggets Release 2010 Preseason Schedule

The Denver Nuggets are keeping it in the Western Conference for the preseason in 2010.  Nary an Eastern Conference team is to be found out of the eight warm up games.  There is not a great deal of traveling as all of their games are between Minneapolis and Los Angeles, but they do play seven games in 11 days and that could cause some wear and tear.  Hopefully they will be able to sucker a handful of warm bodies into training camp despite the fact the roster is basically set.

Oct. 8 Portland Pepsi Center (Denver) 7:00 p.m.
Oct. 12 @ Minnesota Target Center (Minneapolis, MN.) 6:00 p.m.
Oct. 14 @ L.A. Clippers Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA) 8:30 p.m.
Oct. 16 @ L.A. Shootout vs. L.A. Lakers Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA 8:30 p.m.
Oct. 17 @ L.A. Shootout vs. Utah/L.A. Clippers Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA) 5:30/8:30 p.m.
Oct. 19 Oklahoma City Pepsi Center (Denver) 7:00 p.m.
Oct. 21 @ Portland Rose Garden (Portland, OR) 8:00 p.m.
Oct. 22 @ Phoenix U.S. Airways Center (Phoenix, AZ) 8:00 p.m.

Denver Nuggets Film Room – Al Harrington Offensive Scouting Report

Al Harrington has been a Denver Nugget for over three weeks and I have yet to show him the respect of a proper Film Room segment. Today that unfortunate streak comes to an end.

In this segment I take a look at what Al Harrington can do, and not do, offensively. We had a lot of material to work with thanks to his 43 point outburst against Denver last season. Watch the video and then we will dig a little deeper into what Harrington has to show us.

Video after the jump.


2010-11 Denver Nuggets Schedule

The NBA has released the schedule and here are some highlights of the Denver Nuggets 2010-11 schedule:

  • They open at home versus the Utah Jazz on October 27.
  • The Nuggets only have 19 back to backs which I think is the lowest number they have had over the past couple of seasons and should be about average.
  • As was the case last season they have a bunch of back to back games in the first couple of weeks.  Four back to backs in the first three weeks to be exact, including a four game in five night stretch that sees them play the Clippers at home, head to Dallas, on to Chicago and then they finish in Indiana.
  • (more…)

Does Luck Run the NBA?

ESPN.com recently ran a feature where Chad Ford and John Hollinger ranked the potential for future success of all 30 NBA teams (Insider required). Every team was ranked based on five important characteristics, players (weighted 40%), management (weighted 20%), money (weighted 20%), market (weighted 10%), and draft (weighted 10%).

As a Nuggets fan and observer I believe they forgot one very crucial category, luck.

Whether you call it luck or intangibles, mojo or fortune it comes down to the fact some teams seem to have things go their way a little more often than others. Look at the teams that have dominated the NBA over the previous two decades. Chicago, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Boston had at least one tremendously lucky break that has paved the way for their success.


Summarizing the Mark Warkentien Era

The Denver Nuggets have been to the playoffs seven straight seasons and have posted three straight 50 win campaigns for the first time as an NBA franchise. Despite the consistency they have displayed on the court, the front office is once again in a state of flux.

The Nuggets announced today Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman will not have their contracts renewed and thus will cease to be employed by the club at the end of August (Denver Post article, Tomasson article on FanHouse). This is no surprise as Warkentien has been granted permission to speak with other teams about their front office vacancies. Over the previous four seasons the Nuggets have had quite a few cooks around the fire. Warkentien, Chapman, Bret Bearup and George Karl have all had a say in personnel matters and do not forget Stan Kroenke ultimately determines what he is willing to spend which plays a considerable role in player personnel decisions.

Despite the crowded kitchen Warkentien was the head chef and he made a significant mark on the franchise.


Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman Leaving the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets have announced the contracts of Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman will not be renewed.

Kroenke Sports Enterprises Vice President Paul Andrews is quoted as saying:

“…after meeting with both individually in recent weeks, we decided it would be best for all parties to go their separate ways. We appreciate everything that each has done for the organization and wish them nothing but the very best in the future.”

Andrews went on to say the Nuggets are in the process of restructuring the front office and they have begun a search for replacements.