Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman Leaving the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets have announced the contracts of Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman will not be renewed.

Kroenke Sports Enterprises Vice President Paul Andrews is quoted as saying:

“…after meeting with both individually in recent weeks, we decided it would be best for all parties to go their separate ways. We appreciate everything that each has done for the organization and wish them nothing but the very best in the future.”

Andrews went on to say the Nuggets are in the process of restructuring the front office and they have begun a search for replacements.

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  • Alex

    If Warkentien is on his way out, then I can only hope that they go after Kevin Pritchard. I would love that the Blazer’s letting him go could come back to haunt them within the division. Unfortunately, Pritchard is a big name, and I can’t help but think this is a cost-cutting move for Denver.

  • Aaron

    I like the move, I think it’s time to get a new blood in the front office. Mark and Rex have done some great things for the Nuggets during their time, but they haven’t done enough. Hopefully whomever they bring in can make a move or two to keep Melo here in Denver.

  • Andy

    I didn’t expect both to leave. Having the owner’s 30-year-old son assume more control for the time being probably doesn’t do much for extending Melo. Mark’s departure also probably signals the end of JR.

  • Justin

    Interesting, becuase the same day that Wark and Rex got there walking papers, there are already stuff surfacing that Melo WON’T sign the extension this summer, and will NOW test free agency.

    Not sure why Denver couldn’t just sign Wark and Rex for 1 more season…..RESIGN Melo, then part ways after next season…..

    Pritchard would be UN-REAL, and a PERFECT fit!!!

  • J truth cherry creek fo life

    goooooooood get rid of em……we need someone like a mark cuban like guy who hustle’s not the fame kind but rather works hard in gettin what he wants….