Again, Carmelo Anthony Will Be Traded

Just when it seemed like the Carmelo Anthony rumors were going to die down and let us move on with our lives Adrian Wojnarowski comes along and blows things up again.

According to a report on Yahoo! Sports by Mr. W. William Wesley told the Nuggets “weeks ago” that they needed to trade Carmelo and provided a list of acceptable destinations.  That statement would support the theory I promoted earlier this week right here so it must be true.

Josh Kroenke then met with Carmelo on Sunday in an attempt to convince Carmelo that he should remain a Nugget.  Apparently the meeting did not go well and the Nuggets are prepared to trade Carmelo.  The Knicks, Nets, Rockets and Clippers are still listed as possible landing spots along with Golden State.  Apparently Orlando has dropped off the list as I have not seen them mentioned lately.

While the article did not come as a surprise to me, I was encouraged to see a passage that provided some insight into what the Nuggets are thinking.

The Nuggets made it clear to teams they want young players and draft picks for Anthony, league executives said.

I understand the fears many Nuggets fans have of reliving the 19902, but in my mind that is very good news.  Trying to remain competitive with an increasingly aged and banged up core of players could truly lead to a disaster.  If you are not building toward a title, you better blow things up and it looks like that is what Denver is going to do.

I hate to do it, but let’s take a look at what the Clippers and Warriors have to offer as we have already gone over Knicks, Nets and Rockets assets in detail.

Let us dispense with the Golden State Warriors first as they are the easiest to analyze.  The most frequently mentioned trade involving the Warriors is Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins for Carmleo.  That is simply a flat out preposterous deal.  Denver will not accept the Warriors’ two toxic contracts in exchange for Carmelo.  Golden State would certainly be unwilling to part with Stephen Curry.  The Warriors have a couple of project big men in Brandan Wright and rookie Ekpe Udoh.  Neither has a particularly high ceiling and there is no way either one or even both could be the centerpiece of a trade for Melo.  To make things even worse for Golden State, they have traded their 2011 draft pick to New Jersey, which was just another asset that nets fans are unwilling to part with to Acquire Carmelo.

Golden State can join Orlando as teams that have been mentioned as potential suitors, but do not have the pieces to make things work.

Next we turn to the Los Angeles Clippers.  Few players have been interested in playing in the shadow of the Los Angeles Lakers.  However, the Clippers could be on the upswing thanks to the highly anticipated debut of 2009 number one overall pick Blake Griffin.   I cannot imagine the Clippers would trade Griffin so we will remove him from the conversation.  The most fascinating asset the Clippers hold is the rights to the Minnesota Timberwolves first round pick.  Considering the mess that David Kahn has put together in the Land of 10,000 Lakes I would not mind getting my hands on that lottery ticket.

The Clippers can also offer a couple of nice young players in Eric Gordon and rookie Al-Farouq Aminu.  The bad news is in order to make the salaries work, the Nuggets would have to take on Chris Kaman’s contract with two years remaining.  The lack of expiring contracts hurts the Clippers, but they are nearly $5 million under the cap which means the salaries do not need to match exactly allowing the Nuggets to dump some extra salary.  For example, while a Kaman, Gordon Aminu for Carmelo trade matches to within $250,000, that extra cap space the Clippers have could be used to include Chris Andersen in the trade as well.

The Clippers are definitely a contender for Carmelo’s services although a three way deal sending Kaman somewhere else, such as Detroit for Tayshaun Prince or Philly for Green, Kapono and local boy Jason Smith, and suddenly this option looks incredibly tempting.

I mentioned including Birdman in a deal with the Clippers above and that brings us to the true impact of Carmelo’s demands.  Every Nugget is on the block at this point.  With Denver entering a rebuilding process Birdman, Kenyon, Al Harrington and sadly Chauncey Billups become not only a bit out of place, but their presence actually hinders the rebuilding process as they make the team more competitive than it really should be.  I would insist that any team acquiring Carmelo take on Birdman as well.  I would tell Kenyon to sit at home and get healthy in anticipation of a trade deadline deal, that may or may not happen.  Al Harrington cannot be traded until December, but once that day hits, I would have a deal in place for him too.

Chauncey will not be as easy to deal with.  He deserves to play on a contender in Denver, but that is not going to be a possibility.  The only destination that makes any sense in my mind is Charlotte.  They need a point guard, they are at least competitive, they can swap Chauncey for Erik Dampier’s non-guaranteed contract and it will reunite Billups with Larry Brown.  I honestly do not see a better situation for him unless he is still on the roster come December 15 and the Lakers can offer all of their players who are on one year contracts.

In case you are wondering, I would hang on to Nene.  Quality bigs are difficult to find and even though he has a decent sized contract and would help the Nuggets win a few games he is too good to simply dump to get rid of his salary.  I would also keep Ty Lawson on board and even though I think he is perfect as a role player on a contender more than a primary weapon on a team in transition I would not trade away Arron Afflalo unless I had to.

I know most observers are saying the Nuggets are going to fail to get equal value for Carmelo, and they are right.  There is just no way around that fact.  I strongly believe Denver is in a better position than everyone realizes.  There will be competition between the Knicks, Nets, Rockets and Clippers.  The Knicks, Nets are desperate to make a big move and acquire a marquee player.  The Clippers are just a notch below that level.  I can see Donald Sterling convincing himself that this is his chance to make a run at the Lakers and doing everything he could to acquire Melo.

In conclusion, for those of you who were still holding out hope, it is time to prepare to say goodbye to the Nuggets as we know them and get to know the name Harrison Barnes.

Did you see that?  He didn’t miss once!

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  • CP

    Guys, first let me say nice work on the stuff I have read.

    I wanted to get your take on a trade idea. Full disclosure, I am a Hornets fan… Thus the Hornets trade idea. What would you guys think of Ariza, West, Peja, and a couple picks for Melo, JR, and Birdman?

    Peja is $14.5 million off the cap at the end of the season. West is a 20ppg 9rpg guy that can give you guys real production knowing that your going to move Martin. He has an ETO for next year, but with the new CBA that would most likely mean getting him at less money than the paltry $8 million he will be owed if the Nuggets get him to re-up for multiple years. Ariza gives you a solid young player to start at SF now and long term be an amazing 6th man on a really good team. His salary is fair for someone who can produce 15ppg and 7rpg with excellent defense.

    The Hornets will take back the Nuggets longest term contract for a 32 year old backup. Eliminate the need to find a suitor for J.R. and you will get a couple of picks.

    It seems like a win win to me, but then again I don’t know if I am just drinking my own Teal colored kool-aid.

    • asdqqq

      Fail. No young talent and a bad contract, Ariza.

      • CP

        What is the bad contract, Peja? Yeah, but it’s expiring and if your looking to rebuild losing 14.5 million is a huge step. I would call Ariza a young talent. He is only 25. He isn’t an all-star, but he should be a solid producer for years. I would liken him to David West 5 years ago. A guy who you know is going to get you x numbers game in and game out, for years.

        Thanks for your input though, outside perspective is what I was looking for.

        Just to clarify, the deal would have to be a two trade deal. Peja and West, for Melo and Birdman. Then a second trade the same day, JR for Ariza. This is due to trade restrictions on Ariza. Again, there would be two picks of some variety in the Melo trade as well.

        • asdqqq

          Ariza is not good enough to be young talent. That’s why he’s also the bad contract. Houston pretty quickly figured out that they had way overpaid him, and so dumped him off. Basically this is a Melo and Birdman for West deal. Birdman may have the longest contract on the Nuggets, but it isn’t really a terrible deal. He’s still very productive at the moment, a bargain really, and a fan favorite. So I don’t think the Nuggets would view moving him as a plus in and of itself. West is a solid player, but he is not young enough to start over with and not good enough for them to contend with right now. So I just don’t see this deal as a good fit at all.

  • CP

    sorry for the double hit, but wanted to correct my numbers. Ariza is 15ppg 5.5 rpg guy with 32+ mpg. Should stay there or improve slightly as long as he is not forced to be the only scoring option and is not asked to play the 2, like he was in the first half of his year in Houston.

  • denbutsu

    Jeremy, denbutsu here (same guy as on twitter) thanks for this writeup, it’s a good one. It would be sad especially to see Billups shipped out, but I’m for now just trying to follow your logic to its conclusions. And that brings me to two questions:

    1. If it’s more worth shipping Billups for an expiring than keeping him, why do you think it would make sense to try to trade K-Mart for something at the deadline rather than keep him for his value as an expiring? I ask this based on the assumption that his latest injury woes are devastating to his trade value.

    2. What teams do you think would be willing to take on Harrington’s “generous” (to put it generously) contract, and what do you think the Nuggs could realistically expect to get back for him?


  • AllahBuild

    For the ABSOLUTELY FINAL TIME, If Carmelo, wants to play “ONLY” in New York, here’s the ACTUAL FACTS! Carmelo can tell any team vying for his services: I will not sign an extension and trade with “NO” other team except the Knicks! any team you trade me to, I will tell them next year I’m leaving for New York. Also what team is going to trade good,promising young players for a disgruntled superstar who won’t come out every night and compete.That will be some locker room after each game!No smart ownership will trade the future for one, possibly dreadful season. The Nuggets will take whatever the knicks have to offer, and like it. Period.

    • denbutsu

      Your point might have some validity if the Nuggets didn’t have something that Melo wanted. But they do: the maximum contract offer they put on the table before him. (And remember, Melo himself said last year, and I quote, “I wasn’t going to leave no money on the table. We don’t do that where I come from.”).
      So if you want the ACTUAL FACTS (and really, there’s no need to shout), here is one: If Melo chooses to demand the Knicks and nothing but the Knicks, he will almost certainly be doing so at the expense of losing that max extension, because if he’s not going to cooperate with the Nuggets in order to help them get decent value back for him, they surely won’t be in the mood to do him any favors.
      So the question Knicks fans have to ask themselves right now is this: Does Melo want to play for that team – and that team alone – so badly that he’s willing to take what will surely be (with the new CBA likely to drastically lower maximum player salaries) a pay cut in the neighborhood of $30-35 million during 2010-15? Or will greed win the day and open him up to being just flexible enough to consider playing for a team that will end up in Brooklyn, where he was born, or Los Angeles, where his wife works, or Houston, where he’d be on a contender if Yao stays healthy?
      My money is on the greed.

      • cto3213

        You hit it right on the head. There is a 0% chance that Melo will be traded to New York. Unless a third team is involved and even then, NY has nothing to offer for a third team to get involved. Sorry NY, will not happen

      • Allahbuild

        OK! Now u got me steamed up.I would like to point out something u and your clueless followers always forget. Melo, I’m sure has been given the Knicks/Dolan road map to RICHES,introduced to Lebron, which is this Geniuses, If Melo comes to NY, his Knick Jesey will make him $30m. I don’t know where u guys come from, but IN NEW YORK, WE MAKE BILLIONARES. My Town is full of money. We have athletes in NY who don’t start in all major sports. All of them can triple the salaries of comparable players on other teams purly, because of NEW YORK marketing MASTERY! Go ahead pick a bench player that can market him/her self better in their city than MINE! We control all the wealth in the world. Melo is my Homeboy from brooklyn, BLOOD IS THICKER THAN HATERS. Don’t look now but, to close your theory of humor, If it is truly MONEY/GREED you guys think motivates Melo, than by all means, WE expect him home soon. We told Melo, we have to get u out of the way, so we can get ready to deal with CP3! Melo is not leaving Denver, for money, he’s leaving Denver for HOME. PEACE!

        • Jake. eat it.

          New york may make BBBBBBBBBBBBB-ill-ionaires, but it doesn’t make grammar athletes, or spelling champeens, does it?

          Seems you’re sitting around the crib, eyes closed, with a Melo crush, rubbing yourself all over…. we’re LITERALLY going to SEE what happens. Literally. Knicks seem the most unlikely to me. Melo won’t win there either. Mike D’ant couldn’t seal it up in Phoenix with a leader, (the NBA’s real poster child in Steve Nash) some killer role players (the Knicks just gave up David Lee and kept Eddie Currie?), and the extremely overpaid, under hustled, over appreciated, over injured, and overall OVER RATED uhm-mare stoudemire. Yes, with a better overall team, they couldn’t do it in Phoenix…. plus shawn marion was in place of melo. Melo is clearly the better player, but marion has a penchant for playing D and rebounding… every single game. Melo is great, but he doesn’t offer that. Is eddie Currie somehow going to pull down 15 boards every night? No. Knicks….. why would Melo “knick” his own career like that?

          • Allahbuild

            OK! Last time with feeling! I happen to be a well educated Licensed Nurse working in the most Interesting,profession known to Man, Medicine. I am also a Licensed Chef, who has worked in such world reknowned restaurants as the MARRIOT MARQUE located on 34th st, in WORLD REKNOWN MANHATTAN, NEW YORK.I am also a realty loan officer for a major mortgage banker. I am also a US Veteran, who has served this country for 6 yrs of YOUR LIFE. I am also the proud Father of a NEAR GENIOUS 33y/o daughter.To further demonstrate my strength and durability I have a 3y/o Son.If u live long enough you will learn about a type-o. But enough about my wasted Education.The quiet time I enjoy is speaking about and sometimes debating sports.The LITERAL reality of thought, for so-called wanna-be fans,such as yourself, and others, is,there is Melo wants MONEY.THERE IS “NO” PLACE, THAT MELO WOULD RATHER BE, THAN “HOME”. This is “His” Ultimate Decision Maker. “WHERE DOES MELO “WANT”, TO PLAY?”.CP3,AMARE,MELO’S BROTHER, and with Melo turning down Rocky Mountain High, $65m, Everyone but Dumb-Denver, hopeless,suicidal patient-fans,Should know,MELO, WANTS TO PLAY FOR US. HE “REFUSES” TO PLAY, FOR YOU GUYS.What is LITERALLY,going to happen, is, Denver will play NEW YORK,this YEAR,and, MELO WILL NOT BE IN DENVER.Speaking of “rubbing ourselves all over”, NY don’t get, too excited over much.We have “37” WORLD CHAMPEENSHIPS,”EVERY” NEW YORK SPORTS TEAM,has “WON”,at Least one WORLD TITLE.Most of our teams have multiple champeenships! So Yeah! We make BILLIONAIRES.We also, are the MOST,Knowledgeable, Fans IN sports, JUST ASK THE “PROS” who play the Game. Word of advise, YOU GUYS better get READY,because,F#&% what you HEARD, WE’RE COMING, With or Without Melo. We just WIN CHAMPEENSHIPS, HOW MANY TITLES YOUR BUM TOWN GOT!

          • Allahbuild

            OK! Last time with feeling! I happen to be a well educated Licensed Nurse working in the most Interesting,profession known to Man, Medicine. I am also a Licensed Chef, who has worked in such world reknowned restaurants as the MARRIOT MARQUE located on 34th st, in WORLD REKNOWN MANHATTAN, NEW YORK.I am also a realty loan officer for a major mortgage banker. I am also a US Veteran, who has served this country for 6 yrs of YOUR LIFE. I am also the proud Father of a NEAR GENIOUS 33y/o daughter.To further demonstrate my strength and durability I have a 3y/o Son.If u live long enough you will learn about a type-o. But enough about my wasted Education.The quiet time I enjoy is speaking about and sometimes debating sports.The LITERAL reality of thought, for so-called wanna-be fans,such as yourself, and others, is, Melo wants MONEY.THERE IS “NO” PLACE, THAT MELO WOULD RATHER BE, THAN “HOME”. This is “His” Ultimate Decision Maker. “WHERE DOES MELO “WANT”, TO PLAY?”.CP3,AMARE,MELO’S BROTHER, and with Melo turning down Rocky Mountain High, $65m, Everyone but Dumb-Denver, hopeless,suicidal patient-fans,Should know,MELO, WANTS TO PLAY FOR US. HE “REFUSES” TO PLAY, FOR YOU GUYS.What is LITERALLY,going to happen, is, Denver will play NEW YORK,this YEAR,and, MELO WILL NOT BE IN DENVER.Speaking of “rubbing ourselves all over”, NY don’t get, too excited over much.We have “37” WORLD CHAMPEENSHIPS,”EVERY” NEW YORK SPORTS TEAM,has “WON”,at Least one WORLD TITLE.Most of our teams have multiple champeenships! So Yeah! We make BILLIONAIRES.We also, are the MOST,Knowledgeable, Fans IN sports, JUST ASK THE “PROS” who play the Game. Word of advise, YOU GUYS better get READY,because,F#&% what you HEARD, WE’RE COMING, With or Without Melo. We just WIN CHAMPEENSHIPS, HOW MANY TITLES YOUR BUM TOWN GOT!

            • Allahbuild


              • Tom

                Of course everyone wants to play in New York. I mean after several years of clearing space, preparing the red carpet, and willing to do anything short of putting their faces on the moon, the 2010 Free Agency class all flocked there. I for one can’t wait to see LeBron, Bosh, and D-Wade all playing at Madison Square Garden.

                Oh wait. The only time they’ll be playing there is in Heats jerseys. Oh dear. At least they got Amare on the cheap. What you say? Second most expensive contract to Joe Johnson this summer? Hrm, well, I’m sure they got other good FA’s this summer. Oh, guess not.

                And I sincerely doubt you’re any of those things you listed above. Why? Because you have the spelling, grammar, and caps usage of a 12 year old which I think is closer to the true story.

                And you do realize Carmelo’s agents have given the Nuggets a list of teams he’s partial to going to, in other words, willing to sign an extension with. But hey, a man like you doesn’t need facts does he? Because you’re so INTERESTING and NEAR GENIOUS.

                P.S. When you see that red line below a word like when you spell “GENIOUS,” it means the word is misspelled. Try using the right mouse-button on the word, and then selecting the correct spelling. Pro tip.

                I like feeding trolls.

              • Allahbuild

                I guess there is just NO, stopping, u Sad lonely, Losers.I made an UNDENIABLE FACT.My New York teams demand championships. However, it’s been a difficult decade of losing, for my beloved Knicks. The one thing that remains constant is We are NEW YORK,AND YOUR BUM, CITY DON’T RATE! I’m still waiting to hear about all the sports championships you sad-sacks, have. I know you don’t want to review those stats,it’s just to PAINFUL. Sports are a big event in NEW YORK.Oh! thats right everything is a big event in MY town. I’ve had Patients like you over my 30 year career, Milkbreath. Denial sometimes, is a symptom of your illness.Once you see a therapist you will stop hearing those voices in your HEAD. In some cases there is no known cure.However with a whole State of psychosis, you probably blend right in.We will return to this discussion when the season starts.Enough Said. Knuckle up, MOUNTAIN GOATS.Knicks 2 NBA titles, denver 0.Yankees 27 titles. Denver ? Pro tip,change the name of your CITY,something flashy, Maybe the rest of the sports world,Might acknowledge you NOBODIES.If YOU COME TO MY TOWN, BRING YOUR DAD,SHOW HIM A REAL GOOD TIME, In the most FAMOUS CITY IN THE WORLD.It’s time for u to come out of the MOUNTAINS.The high altitude is affecting your limited capacity to reason. YOU, would rather visit my town,rather than live in yours.What the heck are u known for anyway, big rocks? Melo realized those Nuggets weren’t GOLD,JUST MORE “FOOLS” GOLD.I won’t hold it against u though, your just a disoriented PROSPECTER, A DROWNING TEAM, CLUTCHING AT STRAWS.I don’t know one person, in 54yrs, WHO said “I gotta go to Denver”. I don’t even know anyone who lives there.Why would anyone go to a hick, mountainous emptyness.But I guess you have to live somewhere, BAD choice.NOW! fess up, YOU KNOW YOU DREAM OF WALKING DOWN BROADWAY.Sitting in the MOST FAMOUS ARENA IN THE “WORLD”.Not to mention OUR brand new YANKEE STADIUM,WHICH WE INITIATED WITH A 27th World Series CHAMPIONSHIP, 1ST YEAR IT OPENED. huh! WHAT U SAY? By the way, when was the last time your BUM town won a title in any sport? Huh! What u say? Some Fans have every thing to look forward to, NY. Some fans have NOTHING TO HOPE FOR, DENVER.At least you are fan. too bad it’s for the WRONG TEAM.Move to LA, chicago,even miami, But for GOD’S sake,FLEE DENVER, at once. WHO WOULDN’T?

              • asdqqq

                I don’t know about you Tom, but I’m now convinced. After those first couple posts by Allahbuild I was still skeptical about how great New York is, particularly in comparison to Denver. But now I’m convinced. We should send Melo and 2 or 3 first round picks to New York for Curry and be happy about it, because New York has been kind of down lately and they clearly deserve Melo more than we do. Heck, I’m going to pack up and move to New York myself. Goodbye fresh air, open space, mountains, and 300 days of sunshine, hello 2k+ a month for a 200sf apartment, free “interesting smells” all summer long, and, of course, arrogant assholes as far as the eye can see.

              • Tom

                I only made it about halfway down that well-written piece before I started packing. I’m in total agreement with you asdqqq. Let’s get out of this flea-ridden back hole of a town.

                My next instinct was trying to figure out a way to trade Melo, Billups, and Lawson, cash, and as many picks as possible until 2020 for Andy Rautins but the machine kept saying fail. However, I feel if our extremely eloquent NY poster here were to talk to David Stern in person, the commissioner would put the stamp of approval on the deal before not too long. I say we start a petition to make this a reality.

            • Jake. eat it.

              For the record, Denver has some stanley cups, and some superbowls. Happened in YOUR life time with men that stand at the top of the mountain, men that can’t and have no need to look east, pioneering our way to being winners, and classy winners. Hm. What the apple got to say about that? Oh, wait, now you’ll say ‘Jeter this, and Jeter that’ … Brah, A-Rod is still on your team. Roger clemens….. ouch, this hurt yet? Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden…. hell even Mr. October tried to kill the queen of England AND detective frank drebbin.

              Alright alright, you guys have had the most classy of champions too, Lou Gherig, Yogi Bera, and Plex.

              If you fellers land Melo, try to keep the thug out of him. He struggles enough here, where we don’t mess with dram. Big city, big lights, big big trouble to find. The type that really could knick a career. I’m just sayin I haven’t seen solid champions (of life, or sport) coming out on top in new york.

              Curious, New York, any chance of a Spike Lee muzzle? Nah, let it run, you’re the town that makes reggie millers out of hoosiers. Keep it up New York, just like the price of your cigarettes, it’s all inflated.

              • Jake. eat it.

                Eat it.

  • David

    Charlotte has also been mentioned. I don’t know why Melo would want to go to the Bobcats, but here’s my idea for a trade that would keep us competitive this year, and we could still blow things up next year if we need to…

    Charlotte gets Melo and Balkman
    Denver gets G Wallace and S Jackson

    Denver gets two guys who can combine to make up for Melo’s scoring, and who also play good defense and rebound well. Both guys are tradeable if things don’t work out.

    Charlotte gets a star who will put butts in the seats, which is what they need more than anything. And I think Larry Brown will love Balkman as a role player. Of course, I don’t think Charlotte would really make this trade, but you never know with their management. It is probably even more likely that Melo would “veto” this trade because it wouldn’t leave much talent on the Bobcats.

    But if the trade did happen, Denver would have a rotation of…

    Wallace/Joey Graham (crap – why did they let him go?)
    Captain Jack/Afflalo (J.R. will be gone in a separate trade)

    Of course, it would still help to have a legit center, but I don’t see how we would be worse than we are now. I think our team offense and definitely our team defense would be better.

    Going into next year, we could look at a future with Wallace, Nene, Lawson, Afflalo, and maybe Chauncey at a reduced salary, with everyone else on the block and KMart’s salary off the books. Potentially, we could reload instead of rebuild.

    What do you think? Am I way off-base? This is just too optimistic, right?

  • nuggetofinfo

    On the Barnes front, I actually was just living in Des Moines during the very LeBron-esk “announcement” when Barnes decided to take his game down south to UNC and spurned all the locals by not going to ISU.

    That part is really irrelevant except that it was the generally accepted opinion in Iowa that Barnes went to UNC to stay for several years, if not to complete school. If he wanted to go one-and-done, it would have made much more sense to stay in Iowa. He would have been the man on the Cyclones and racked up crazy stats and come out of college a guaranteed top five pick. Going to UNC diminishes that possibility, in my opinion, greatly. He will no doubt have a much better chance at winning a national championship (and get a much better education [sorry ISU but it is true]), but in a very good team system that will not allow him to showcase his talents very well as a freshman. He still may be able to be drafted top five when he comes out, but that will take a few years to really shine.

    The point of that rant is the Nuggets would not likely be able to land him unless they had a fairly high pick in 2013/14. But it would be awesome to get him. He is absolutely amazing.

  • Jakey

    Jeremy is just being greedy. I can see the Clippers giving Kaman + Aminu + and that precious Minny pick, –which is more than any other team would provide–but for the Clippers to also include Eric Gordon and take on Chris Anderson is insane.

    Chris Kaman isn’t a albatross contract. The Nuggets can very easily trade Kaman to another team for more assets later down the line.

  • Nacho

    “Quality bigs are difficult to find and even though he has a decent sized contract and would help the Nuggets win a few games he is too good to simply dump to get rid of his salary. ”

    This is why the Nuggets can trade Chris Kaman for more assets later down the line.

    The most the Clippers will offer is Kaman + Aminu + T-Wolves pick.

  • Jason Shook

    Ok I like the whole Charlotte trade thing. How about-

    Erick Dampier $13,078,000
    Gerald Wallace $10,500,000
    DeSagana Diop $6,478,600
    And a first round pick


    Chauncey Billups $13,150,000
    Carmelo Anthony $17,149,243

    Leaving the nuggets with to many players so we just cut J.R. Unless anyone in the league would trade him for a second rounder. (yeah my opinion of him is high right now can you tell?)
    This would give us an insane amount of cap space to work with next year, or at the deadline. And a core of Nene, Wallace, Lawson, Aflalo, Harington and Anderson to build around.

    • asdqqq

      Fail. That puts the team into the pergatory of being good enough to make the playoffs every year, but never to win a championship.

  • fella

    trade Melo and arron to Jersey for outlaw terrance williams and two first round draft picks

  • No Blood No Foul

    I like the Clippers deal a lot – any combo of Eric Gordon or DeAndre Jordan or Amino + a lottery pick is a fair sway for Melo and the Birdman (especially if that swap involves taking back Kaman).

    Clippers fans have to recognize that Kaman’s value is limited – while he is definitely a big body and a legit scoring threat, he is also over compensated and injury prone. Denver can *probably* move him later, but that could change if Kaman gets hurt…which is always possible.

    Enrolling Detroit to take Kaman – or possibly OKC – might net Denver one or two more young bigs.

    I like it – let’s hope that the Nuggets can do at least this well if not better.

    BTW – as a Nuggets fan, totally excited about the prospect of rebuilding. We had a good run – now it’s time to start from scratch and see if we can replicate the success of Portland and OKC.

  • David

    The answer just came to me. Melo to the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall. Melo can play tight end, and he and LaLa can have their celebrity lifestyle on South Beach with LBJ, Wade, and Bosh. And the Nuggets get… never mind. Just having a little fun.

  • k

    Melo essentially has a no trade clause by simply saying he will opt out at then end of the year.So we can forget about the Bobcats. To me Melo wanting to leave cant be about basketball as much as location/lifestyle unless there are things we don’t know about the nuggets. Besides Houston none of the teams are contenders (most worse than the nuggets). So he apparently wants to be in the NY area or LA. Out of those 3 teams (Knicks/Nets/Clippers) the clippers are the best team and have the most to trade and stay competitive when Melo gets there.That was hard to type. Of course either Melo will shatter his kneecap upon arrival (see Blake Griffin) or Baron Davis is so overweight the laziness rubs off on everyone.
    In truth the nuggets should be grateful Carmelo is putting them on notice. They have a lot of time to figure out the best deal for the organization even if it is limited to Carmelo’s list of teams. Better that than him leading them on and bolting this summer as a free agent.
    Maybe Chauncey ups his stock on Team USA and we get a good return on him. His shot selection was iffy at times last season. I can just see him jacking up threes in transition on a bad team. I am not looking forward to that. He needs and deserves to be on a competitive team. If we are going to rebuild lets do it all the way.
    JR is not helping the cause. I guess we can just watch him jack up some 3’s. I honestly wish he puts it together and Denver could have a great back court with him and Lawson. I envision Lawson, JR, AA, Defensive guy X, Nene next season. Let the young guys run and George can make them play some Defense. I could live with that. As long as we have draft picks young guys to build with.

  • ARoth

    Jeremy, I am curious out of all these proposed trade ideas, which realistic one is your favorite for the present/future of the franchise?

  • asdqqq

    If I’m running the Nuggets and I’m going to trade Melo, here’s what I do. I get Melo to agree he’ll extend if he goes to LAC, NJ, or GSW. Very publically tell those teams that Melo is theirs if: LAC includes Griffin or NJ includes Lopez and Favors or GSW includes Curry. If any agrees, we’ll work out the details. Sure those teams would want to say no, but they are absolutely not getting Melo through free agency and they know that any of the other teams could close the deal at any time. Put some pressure on them for a while and see if the new Russian billionaire owner promising a championship in 5 years, the new GSW owners vowing to bring change to the organization, or the worst basketball owner in the NBA who would definitely be able to count the dollar signs and prestige points attached to bringing Melo to LA takes the bait. I’d put my money on one of them biting.

  • http://Hornets247 Nick
    • asdqqq

      Fail. There are 8 players in that trade, and the Nuggets are supposed to be happy with shipping out the 3 of the best and taking back the 4 worst? That may be the least appealing trade I’ve yet seen suggested.

      • Nick

        Ha, you don’t know anything about Thornton then. 20ppg from February – April and 20ppg as a starter in 17 games as a rookie and he’s a 2nd rounder so he’s incredibly cheap. So yeah, he’s for sure one of the worst 4 pieces in the trade.

        • asdqqq

          I’m exaggerating, for sure, but from what I’ve seen of Thornton he is the classic scoring combo guard who can either score a ton of points on a bad team (how many games did NO win from February to April last year? 11, to 24 losses. And two of those wins came in games Thornton played a total of 9 minutes) or top out as a great sixth man on a good team, a la Jason Terry. Not a guy you can build around. I don’t see him as much, if any better than JR Smith, and definitely not as important to a team as Melo or Okafor, a legit starting center. Anyways, he can’t be the centerpiece of a deal where you’re giving up Melo and JR. I don’t see a scenario in which they don’t come out better than that.

    • Jake. eat it.

      Worst idea ever. Varejao is a great role player.



  • Muzz

    I was messing around with the trade machine and i came up with this.

    Melo can get his trade to NY. From this we need to take a 1 pick from Charlotte and send it to new jersey. we can cut dampier and humphries, while getting rid of andersons contract. With this we also send billups to a possible contender with him running point. We clear enough cap to get under the luxury tax. Terrence Williams has a lot of potential as well as Anthony Randolph. Gallinari would replace some of Melo’s scoring. Ty Lawson, i believe, is ready to start with billups gone.

    • asdqqq

      Fail. We can just eliminate this trade without even considering what the Nuggets would get (look at that Hollinger number of -15 wins) because there is no way NJ would participate in this trade. They are not going to help NY get Melo.

  • Ryan

    Thoughts on this trade? The Kmart/Smith swap isn’t required to make the trade work, but it is an interesting idea if you’re a Nuggets, or a Rockets fan. Kenyon’s expiring contract this season gives the Nuggets a chance to offer Hibbert (a young, talented big man) a long-term contract in the future while Granger is locked in for another 3 years (Kmart’s locked in for 2). The Nuggets would also take on Paul George’s salary, but that contract could be waived to help alleviate pay roll. The only thing left to do is convince both ‘Melo and the Pacers to join forces. Possible?

  • Ryan
    • TariqAbdulWahad

      1. Houston would never trade Kevin Martin for J.R. Smith straight up. Martin adds 5 more PPG, and doesn’t include the off-court issues that JR has had.

      2. Melo for Granger might be a slim possibility, but throwing in Hibbert wouldn’t make any sense for Indy. The only other center on Indy’s roster currently is Jeff Foster, and Foster is by no means a starter. To get Hibbert, we would have to give them a quality big man who isn’t named Chris Andersen (if you catch my drift). And I don’t think Indiana will be giving up their first round pick from this year’s draft any time soon.

  • Jeremy

    Bulls Get -JR Smith/Shane Battier

    Houston Gets-Carmelo Anthony

    Denver Gets-Luol Deng/Kelvin Martin/James Johnson and the Rockets throw in New York’s 2012 1st round pick

    Bulls Line-Up
    C Joakim Noah
    PF Carlos Boozer
    SF Shane Battier
    SG JR Smith
    PG Derrick Rose

    Nuggets Line-Up
    C Nene
    PF Kenyon Martin
    SF Luol Deng
    SG Kevin Martin
    PG Chauncey Billups

    Rockets Line-Up
    C Yao
    PF Luis Scola
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    SG Courtney Lee
    PG Aaron Brooks

    Denver gets to move JR Smith and Anthony while staying young(Deng-25, Martin-27, Johnson-23) and competitive.

    Bulls get a backcourt mate with range for Derrick Rose in Smith and a steady guy in Battier.

    Houston gets a star that fits in with the current roster and can sign to a long term contract with Yao Ming coming off the books next year.

  • keitha

    i think that the Rockets have the most to offer if the Nuggets r gonna blow up the team they need to make a team that has pride and wont just lay down for anyone and many players on the Rockets team will b the right fit. the Rockets can give up Aaron Brooks a good scoring guard that give most teams trouble guarding him Mike harris a young talent that just needs the chance to play chuck hayes a hard worker that doesnt mind guarding the big guys but can get back to playing power forward or shane battier a good defensive player that can shoot the 3 but doesnt need the ball one or the other not both and Jarred jeffries he is also a hard worker but was over paid by the Knicks so they get expiring contracts and some solid players and they can also throw in some of the draft picks and the Rockets get Melo Birdman and maybe another player if the deal doesnt add up we get a superstar to play with Yao and birdman that adds height to our front line until Yao gets back to season form

  • Pharmaldehyde

    Plus we give up a future 1st round to Indiana. Let me know what you think.

    • Basketball

      There is no way the Nets would give up T-Will, Favors and Murphy for Melo. That’s just asking for too much. Plus having a PF rotation of just hump and may is just dumb.

  • Chris

    I would trade Mellow for G Wallace straight up. I think he is close to, if not an all around, better player than Mello. NOt sure the salaries work out, but I love the Charlotte trade idea. I just doubt they or Mello would go for it.

    • Jake. eat it.

      OMeo and JR and birdman for S-Jax and G-wallace. Keep present lineup, run small at the 4 until kmart is clear, evaluate at deadline, if it’s obvious we aren’t a 50 win team (that’ll be the 6th, 7th and 8th playoff spot) blow it up like an H-bomb, and start where we were in 2003. Been a fun 7 years though. Always been blue and gold, whether that’s with the rainbow the obnoxious gold with burgundy, or the stately alternates that I prefer now…. nuggets FTW.

  • Truitt

    To NY/NJ fans; I do not think that either of your teams will make a trade for Carmelo (unless it is an 11th hour situation), because both of your exec’s know that he wants to go back East and (if you can) you would rather pick him up as a free agent than give up any asset for him.

    To any one who doesn’t think Melo is a “good fit on their team” because he “shoots too much” or is “not efficient,” Melo played with AI for two years and they were pretty decent together (more decent than every other wing combination for AI’s career). If he can fit in with AI and still score 25 a game, still lead his teams to 50+ win seasons, he can play on your team.

    To Nuggets fans; we probably are not going to be able to get lotto picks, young talent, and cap flexibility in one deal. So, we need to figure out how we value these criteria. For me it’s lotto picks > cap flexibility > young talent. It might be different for you. The front office might also value these differently.

    In my eyes, the front runners for Carmelo are Houston, Sacramento, and LAC (in no particular order) because they can offer the best combination of young talent, cap space, and chances at lotto picks.

  • Neal Frazier

    Why not try to convince Melo to stay with a trade along the lines of Billups & Martin for Chris Paul & Okafor. I know some other players would have to be added to make the salaries work, but it would give New Orleans a real pg to replace the disgruntled and leaving anyway Chris Paul and a solid big while getting out from under Okafor’s long term deal.

    Do you think Melo would stay with Chris Paul for a team mate?

    Do you think Paul would resign with Denver to stay with Melo?

    Do you think that New Orleans can get more for Paul than Billups, Martin, & unloading Okafor’s contract?

  • Tom

    I think the Hornets cold absolutely get more than Billups/Martin for Paul and Okafor. Mark Cuban would probably expose his entire roster except for Dirk for a chance to pair Paul/Dirk together for one last ditch effort at a championship before Dirk’s window closes.

    Dallas could easily offer a Beaubois, Barea, Chandler and Caron Butler deal which offers even more cap flexibility than Billups/Martin and Beaubois is a pretty highly sought after young PG who could be used to replace Paul. Cuban would probably throw in several 1st/2nd rounders. New Orleans has very little use for Billups because if they trade Paul, they’re rebuilding. Who rebuilds around a 34 year old PG?

    There’s probably at least 7-8 teams who would love Chris Paul and throw pretty substantial trade offers at New Orleans. Sad to say, their trade offers would generally all trump the Nuggets offers simply because we don’t much to offer outside of Lawson and Melo.

  • pat

    what about trading mello to the 76ers for Iguodala and Turner. They are both good players plus Billups is playing with Iguodala right now on team USA. The nba trade machine n=may say it would hurt the nuggets but in mellos absence with his injuries the team did amazing so why not.

  • michaelphillyday

    As a sixers fan i love that last comment haha.

  • john

    this is a nice trade for both teams if both teams can work a sign and trade for melo and paul.

    lemme know what up

  • Sean Pelifian

    How about this one?

    The Syracuse All-Star Team
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    PG Jonny Flynn
    SG Corey Brewer/Wes Johnson
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Michael Beasley (Dec. 15 trade for Hakim Warrick!)
    C Darkko Milicic (Picked before Melo in the draft)(Has a RING)

    So it would be Webster, Pekovic, Love and Ellington
    for Melo. Who knows, Minnesota can even create an orange Alternate Uniform!

  • Sean Pelifian

    Denver would have to clear roster spots first, I know.

  • Jerseychaser54

    Melo will be a Bull

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