2010-2011 Game 45 Recap: Denver Nuggets 109 Detroit Pistons 100

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Watching the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons go at it tonight, seemed eerily similar to the match we saw Tuesday against the Washington Wizards. Both teams had many highlight plays, pushed the pace and couldn’t figure out how to get a stop if it’s life depended on it. Yet once again, the Nuggets came out victorious, which is usually the case when this style of ball is implemented.

This is now two road-wins in a row, which in case you’re counting at home, accounts for more than one quarter of the total road wins the Nuggets have tallied all season. Embarrassing? Yes, but if we can keep up this recent fad of winning on our opponent’s home-floor, I don’t think anybody is going to complain. The bottom line is that if the Nuggets ever plan on doing some damage this post-season, winning on the road has to become customary, not a rarity. All the great teams in the NBA do it night in and night out, and if the Nuggets want to be considered part of that upper-echelon, they can be no exception.

The final score ended up being 109-100, just one point short of Scott Hastings most favorite thing in the world next to coming up with eccentric catch-phrases, free tacos. But personally, I’d take a Nuggets road-win any day over free tacos, and this is coming from a man who thinks Taco Bell is one of the best inventions of all time.

Most of the Nuggets win tonight can, and should be attributed to poor defense from the Detroit Pistons, as the Nuggets shot .47 percent from the floor, .407 percent from down-town and .815 percent from the line. It should also be noted that the Nuggets took 27 three-point attempts tonight and once again recorded 20 assists along the way. Anytime this team shoots this good, makes as many threes as the did and shares the ball, they are going to be extremely tough to challenge.

Hometown hero Chauncey Billups lead the way with 26 points in route to snapping Denver’s horrid 14-game losing streak in the Palace at Auburn Hills. It was clear from the get-go: Chauncey wanted this game. He wanted to prove that he’s still Mr. Big Shot, still one of the better point guards in the game and still the main reason the Detroit Pistons ever amounted to anything in the mid-part of this last decade. I think it’s fair to say he did a pretty good job, as he nailed six of his nine 3-point attempts, many of which came in the final seconds of the game when the Nuggets needed them most.

Next up is Cleveland on Friday, followed by Philadelphia next Sunday and to close out the road trip New Jersey next Monday – how fitting.

And now, Notes from the Bar!:

– Altitude just showed a graphic that says the Nuggets are 10-3 (or something like that) when they make over 10 3-point attempts. Duh. Who wouldn’t be?

– Some moron recently wrote an article detailing who he thought were the top 10 worst players in the NBA. Shelden came in at no. 6. Why does this guy have a job again? Shelden might very well be a scrub, but he’s a damn good scrub, and not even close to being one of the worst 10 players in the league.

– I’m really liking this “team game” mentality George has implemented of late. But why the hell did it take so long for him to figure it out?

– Yes! JR is in the game. Life is good. Oh wait! What!? JR on the break… Melo hits him with the bounce pass… JR goes up for the dunk… and… OOOOHHHHH!!! Damn that was nasty! And once again we see why you can certainly put JR in the doghouse, but you just can’t keep him there for long. That was hands-down one of the better dunks I’ve seen all season in the NBA.

– Man, I haven’t seen this much movement from Karl (and the team as well) since Maurice Evans slapped his cough drops off the scorers table a few years back. HA!

– The dude next me apparently works for Coors, because he’s flipping out over the plastic Coors mountain structure tap that’s malfunctioning at the moment. THE MAN WANTS HIS COORS!!! SOMEBODY GET HIM A COORS!!!

– Ugh, Detroit with a 10-0 run. Anybody want to buy me shot?

– So I just found out that apparently they’re shooting a TV show at the bar I’m at right now. It’s called Drinking Made Easy and can be seen on HDNet. The cameraman just got behind the bar and is filming the drink man making this thing called a “Cheesman,” (sounds appetizing right?) where you fill up a goldfish bowl with ice then pour whatever combination of drinks you can randomly come up with into it, but only the bartender gets to pick which things go into the drink. I thought originally that was the worst idea ever, but then he revealed it’s only $11 dollars. Suddenly, it’s become much more appetizing.

– Interesting fact: New Belgium is the first wind-powered brewery in the US.

– Tonight’s episode of “Wtf happened to…” features Ben Gordon! The one-time Sixth Man of the Year and up-and-coming elite scorer in the NBA has gone MIA since relocating to the Motor City. His season average of 13 points per game is the lowest of his six-year career all the while NBA Champion and three-time All-Star Rip Hamilton occupies the bench. Someone please explain to me how John Kuester still has a job. You know, that’s just one thing that has always bugged me in the NBA: coaches who think they’re smarter than they really are. Karl is a good example of this sometimes, but I’m pretty sure Kurt Rambis holds the current title. I mean, what logical reason do you have to justify sitting a player like Rip, or bringing a guy like Kevin Love off the bench and limiting his minutes? I’m sorry, I just can’t stand crap like that. Rant/Over

–  Afflalo needs to enter the 3-point shootout contest. I’m pretty sure he’d win.

– Hilarious question sent in by a fan: “How much does dinner on the plane cost?” I don’t have sound but I could just imagine what type of response Hastings is dishing out right about now.

– Another interesting fact I learned on Trivia Night: Ford used to make a car called the “Yeti” back in the ’50s. Apparently it’s vanished but rare sighting lead people to believe some still exist.

– Great fourth quarter. Very exciting. Nice to see Chauncey put it to his old team.

Closing thought…

– Is three more years in Denver really that bad? It’s nights like these that make me totally flabbergasted with Melo’s supposed demands to want out of the Mile High City and into a team that’s, currently, barely floating above .500. I mean, three years? Is that really that much to ask for? It’s not like we’re wrapping you up with balls and chains and throwing you in the dungeon of mediocrity for all eternity. We’re just saying “Hey, we made a great run while you were here, made a trip to the Western Conference Finals, and think if you stick around a little bit longer we might be able to do it again.” Look, if three years passes and Denver isn’t any closer to winning a title than we already are now, fine, go to New York and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. But is three years really that much to ask for? You know what, screw it. I’m not going to kiss Carmelo Anthony’s feet to get him to stay. If he can’t realize that the team he’s got assembled around him right now is one of the best he’ll ever get to play with, then that’s fine. He can go to New York and try to make it work with a no-defense approach and another superstar by his side (we saw how that worked out with A.I). Carmelo Anthony is not worthy of Denver if that’s what he truly believes. Keep that in mind fellow Nuggets fans, keep that in mind.

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Charlie Yao

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  • ParkHillNative

    Nice work filling in, GN.

    One thing about the closing thought, though. It’s really four years that Melo’s being asked to stay. He’s being asked to pick up his player option for next year, and then play three more years after that.

    I think your point still holds, but yeah, four more years.

  • GoldenNugget

    Thanks PHN, and yeah I recognized that, but even so, at four years, that doesn’t seem too much to ask for. You figure next year, we’ll probably be just as good, then the year after that is about when Ty should take over, but we’ll likely still retain many of the guys we have now by then. I guess, I’m just saying we could still have a really good team in the future, and Melo needs to realize this before jumping ship so fast.