2010-2011 Game 46 Recap: Denver Nuggets 117 Cleveland Cavaliers 103

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Well, apparently the Cavaliers new year’s resolution of winning one game in 2011 has been postponed for at least another contest. Friday night the Denver Nuggets held off the the Cavs 117-103 as they marched through Quicken Loans Arena led by Carmelo Anthony’s 33 point outburst.

Embarrassingly, and astonishingly, the Cavs haven’t won more than one game since Nov. 27, and tonight certainly wasn’t an anomaly. It was interesting watching this Cavs team play sans the great Lebron James. If one thing is for certain, it’s that with Lebron James (and Mike Brown) the Cavs at least had an identity,and one of the greatest players of all-time. Now, the Cavs appear to be more lost than Tom Hanks in Castaway. The problem: they don’t have a volleyball to talk to. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that bad.

At one point in time the Cavaliers employed a lineup that consisted of such threatening game-changers, I almost fell out of my seat. Yet, most of the time Byron Scott played it smart by keeping his best player on the floor for most of the game: Antawn Jamison. ‘Tawn had a strong outing putting up 20 point and 12 rebounds, while sophomore sensation (OK, maybe not “sensation,” but he had a good game tonight) J.J Hickson slightly outperformed him by putting up 24 points and 13 boards. But if it weren’t for these tw, I fear this game might have been a lot more ugly. You see, anytime Christian Eyenga, Daniel “Booby” Gibson and Ramon Sessions are three of the top five players on your team in terms of minutes per game, you’re likely going to lose – plain and simple.

It’s sad seeing this version of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but at the same time, you can’t feel sorry for them either. Seeing what we are now, it makes a lot more sense as to why Lebron bailed so quickly when he had the chance. How people honestly expected anybody to win a title with this squad, Michael Jordan included, is beyond me.

But, I’ve spent enough time pondering over the Cleveland Cavaliers and the pathetic tangent that is their season. Now it’s time to move on to our next opponent and keep this momentum flowing. The Nuggets will take on the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday, at 6 p.m. ET and look to continue their baffling streak of actually winning on the road against teams we should beat. If we can take four of the five games on this East Coast swing, color me bad… or impressed, either way.

Notes from the bar!:

– I love, and I mean LOVE, this team when we’re playing with a lot of ball-movement, not making the preliminary stop at the Carmelo Anthony “Chuckwagon” Station. We’re so much more deadly on offense, it’s as if nobody can keep up with us. I really hope George keeps this up, and I really hope Melo realizes that he can still get his numbers either way.

– Wow, Cleveland has no identity whatsoever. They’re playing hard, but it’s almost like watching the kindergartners go up against the elementary school kids at recess: they’re sure as hell gonna give it all they got, but winning is simply out of the question.

– JR is once again playing very good basketball. The Dog House must be deprived of food and water these days…

– 70 points at halftime for the third game in a row, I believe. This offense truly is a juggernaut. Again, I’m baffled that Carmelo Anthony wants to go from this, to the Knicks. If we finished this season out with him, that would be what, the fourth or fifth consecutive season with at least 50 wins? Umm… yeah, I’m pretty sure we know what his “motives” are now.

– It it me, or is halftime entertainment vastly underrated? Unless you’re lucky enough to get Biz Markie singing “You…. you’ve got what I neeeeeeeed. But you say I’m just a friend, but you say I’m just a friend,” over, and over, and over again for at least five minutes straight, I think the halftime shows are pretty cool.

– Cleveland is just not a threat. I don’t know how else to say it, but when I watch them I don’t see a team that I look at and say “Damn, I’m really scared to play these guys.” It’s almost as if they know, you know and the whole world knows that they aren’t going to win. What a shame.

– Dan Gilbert’s “threat” to the “so-called King” about Cleveland winning a title before he does, is embarrassing, it really is. I can understand his frustration, but going out and promising your entire fan-base that you will win a title before Lebron freakin’ James is just asinine.

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