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Welcome to the first of a new series on RMC covering news and rumors surrounding the Nuggets and NBA. Many thanks to new collaborator Victor Williams for contributing his most of the tweets and links you’ll see mentioned here. Click through to get a look at the latest tweets from NBA players and journalists plus an assortment of links on all things Nuggets and NBA. Victor is the man to ask when tracking down a new rumor and story so be sure to follow him on twitter here.

Tweets // NBA Players

Born in Brooklyn, Manufactured in Bmore. Point blank period

Thanks to everyone who voted for me to be a starter in the all star game. Much love

– Carmelo Anthony

Narcissus Anthony thanks fans after becoming an All-Star starter and clarifies his place of birth and manufacturing origin.

Great Game Nuggets

– Renaldo Balkman

Will he ever play?

Hey what’s up everybody I am doing another contest tonight for tixs to tomorrow’s game! The contest will start at 7 tonight denver time!

– Shelden Williams

Really cool of Shelden. I suggest fans to follow him on twitter as he gives away free tickets frequently.

In the LAB gettn ready… #Legggooo

– Gary Forbes

Forbes never tweets about anything other than working out and stays ready despite no current spot in GK’s rotation.

Tweets // NBA Writers

Don’t expect a Carmelo Anthony trade this week. Nuggets are honing in on key five-game trip and executive Masai Ujiri to go college scouting

– Chris Tomasson

Nothing seems imminent as Nuggets execs reveal they have duties beyond trading Melo.

If Carmelo Anthony is traded to East before Feb. 20 All-Star Game, it could cost him All-Star starting spot.

– Chris Tomasson

If Melo ends up on his preferred coast before the All-Star break, it could cost him a reduced role in the festivities.

Sleeper team in ‘Melo pursuit: Houston. Picks, young players and most of all, sources say, a willingness to do trade w/o Anthony extension.

– Adrian Wojnarowski

Rumors of extensionless Melo trades continue to lurk, but does Houston make a decent offer?

Seen in the cafeteria: Nets GM Billy King. Two tables away from Nugs execs Josh Kroenke and Masai Ujiri.

– Chris Dempsey

Talk about awkward – could they be talking again soon?

Nets rout Nuggets, but now the real game begins as the crowd waits out Melo

– Chris Mannix

The Melo circus overshadows yet another routine Nuggets game (and road loss)

Carmelo: “The CBA is in the back of my mind but as far as being afraid to play this [season] out, I’m not”

– Chris Mannix

Melo reiterated a lot of the same stuff he aid the last two days, but his most telling comments were about the CBA.

(Melo quotes)”If that’s what it’s going to take, then so be it. I’m with that. I know in the back of my mind what we’re up for with the CBA,.”

“If I’d sit here and tell you I’d be willing to lose $15-to-20 million, I’d be lying to you.”

“But at the same time this has never been about the money. In my career so far I think I’ve made enough money.”

– Stefan Bondy

More Melospeak: he’s not afraid to become a free agent but remains unwilling to lose any money, even though it’s “never been about the money”

Link Section

  • Rashad Mobley interviews Ty Lawson and Al Harrington
  • Adrian Wojnarowski writes that the Nuggets east coast road trip is emotional for Melo.
  • Ken Berger – Are the Nuggets coming around to dealing with the Knicks?
  • Ken Berger – What’s next for the Nuggets? New York, Houston, and Chicago might be where talks go next
  • Benjamin Hochman talks to Melo about his future
  • Official Melo in New Jersey drinking game would have killed you by halftime
  • Denver Post – George Karl thinks Melo could be a Nugget the whole year
  • Stefan Bondy – Carmelo is convinced the Nets are out of the picture for good
  • Truehoop – Henry Abbot debunks Kobe’s clutch factor and shows stats that make Melo the best Clutch performer in the league
  • Weekend Dime – In Box 3 Marc Stein reveals the Nuggets don’t want to wait till the deadline to trade Melo.
  • Yahoo Sports – Knicks are set to hire Mark Warkentein, who deservedly finds another NBA job. Next step – Melo?
  • Ken Berger – Knicks hiring Warkentein could mean bad news for the Nuggets
  • NY Times – A look into Melo’s past showing he isn’t afraid to make a move

Other News Around the NBA:

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    Also, that luncheon in Jersey must have been super akward. What do you say, “Hey, how’s the sandwich?”

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