It’s over – Carmelo Anthony traded to the New York Knicks

Updated: Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post has broken the story. A trade involving the Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves has finally been completed.

It is a done deal in principle, with minor details to be worked out following a conference call with NBA offices tomorrow. Details are known, but minor parameters such as draft pick protections could be subject to change by then.

The Nuggets have traded Melo, Chauncey, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman, and Anthony Carter to New York. They will receive Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, and Timofey Mozgoz in exchange plus draft picks. Of the included picks are New Yorks 2014 first rounder, which pending lottery protections could go to Houston in multiple scenarios, which means this pick could turn into the “first available” number one pick that New York can send out if not conveyed to Houston by 2014. Via New York, Denver also receives second round picks in 2012 and 2013 from the Golden State Warriors. The Nuggets also receive $3 million in cash considerations from the Knicks.

As part of the trade, the Knicks and Timberwolves exchange Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph for Corey Brewer. Denver facilitates the transfer of Eddy Curry to Minnesota, allowing the Nuggets to shed some $17.7 million in salary. This is more than enough to bring them below the luxury tax threshold immediately.

The deal is done. Of note is the murky status of the 2014 first rounder Denver receives from New York, the details and protections of which will not be known until the trade is approved by league officials. Anthony Carter is also slated to be traded to the Knicks despite them having two point guards ahead of him – Chauncey Billups and Toney Douglas. Anthony Carter surrenders his bird rights due to being on a minimum one year salary and he can exercise veto power on any trade, similiar to Matt Geiger and Devean George in the past. If Carter indeed invokes his power to block a trade out of Denver, the deal will still be completed with minor changes. It’s likely Melvin Ely would be exchanged instead. For now, expect AC to go to New York.

It’s an incredibly sad ending to the second Chauncey Billups era in Denver. Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, and loyalty Chauncey.

Reaction, analysis and more to come from your RMC staff as the dust settles. Share your thoughts and memories here.

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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • Drew

    Chauncey Billups inbounding the ball off on Kobe’s back in the Western Conference Finals (2008) and getting an easy layup. He made Kobe look really stupid. Hopefully Chauncey can suit up for Denver one time and retire with the Nuggets. On another note, I really wonder who is going to step up and become the leader of the Nuggets now.

  • Andy

    Melo playing MVP-caliber ball at the beginning of last season on a deeper team than the one that reached the Western Conference Finals the year prior. How quickly things change.

  • Frontrange

    Well . . .Stan got his $$$$; trimmed 18mil off the cap, get’s under the tax, get’s a tax payment, and pockets an additional 3mil in the trade.

    Here hoping CB4 get another ECF run and then comes home to Denver. And second, go Thunder and take the Lakers down.

    And, on the good note, I can follow the Nuggets again with reset expectations. It hard to know your team should be good but has no hope . . .now, even if we are taking a step back at least we can build forward again.

  • Eddie

    What is Billup’s contract situation? Is it possible to see him finish his career in a Nugget’s uniform? Regardless, it’s too bad to see the hometown hero be dealt despite his wish to stay a Nugget.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of the 90 million dollar mistake.

    Are Jerome Lane and Paul Westhead available?

  • Basketball Bloke

    I love the fact that your first thought is to post a thank you to Chauncey for his time in Denver. Actually mentioned it on my blog, because it’s so telling. I’m not from Denver or a Nuggets fan, but I did live in Cherry Creek for a couple years. Chauncey was bigger than Carmelo in Denver while he was still with the Pistons. It almost seems like San Antonio trading away Duncan or something. Good for Ujiri getting Felton, but I too hope that Billups makes it back to Denver before his career is over.

  • Colby Hayes

    I was pissed that the Nuggets including Chauncey in the trade. He has done nothing but been loyal to this team, and made it clear that he wanted to stay a Nugget for the remainder of his career. I hope that they can get him back next season. If the Nets really want Mozgov and one of the others, then I think the Nuggets should send Mozgov and Galinari in exchange for Favors and one first-round draft pick. If Chauncey comes back next season, they could trade Felton back to his original team, the Bobcats, in exchange for Wallace. That would be a great way to start rebuilding if the Bobcats would take that trade. They reportedly said that they will listen to offers for him.

  • Evan

    I’m gonna miss this team so much. I’m so glad I got to witness such a fun group of thugs play ball together. I wish Chauncey didn’t have to go and hope he finds his way back if possible. Hopefully Melo is happy in NY; I can only thank him so much for what he’s done for this organization.

    It will certainly be interesting to see where we go from here. We really did get a good deal out of this – our FO seriously pulled through in the end. Let’s hope they keep it up.

  • Andrew

    I love the RBC, Jeremy and Charlie! I just have a few points and wanted to hear what the smart fans on this blog had to say:
    1) I’m sad to see both Melo and Chauncey go, but I know it had to be be done given Melo’s desires to play in NYC. Nuggets got as good a deal as could be expected, and Melo has to be given credit for how he didn’t Lebron or Bosh the Nuggets. I thought he handled it fairly and that and allowed for the Nuggets to get a better deal in the end.
    2) I really hope the Knicks buy out C Bill when they go after CP3 and he comes back to play for Denver for a year or two and then moves over to a bench and/or management position. He’s a winner. He’s OUR winner.
    3) The Knicks fans that are bellyaching about the Knicks giving up too much are exposing themselves as low b-ball IQ fans and their names should be written down so they can be ridiculed later. While the players they gave up were decent, they are completely replaceable. Melo is not. Every team needs two legit all-stars to compete for a title. NY has them now.
    4) I bear no grudge against Melo at all, and I actually hope he wins a championship in NY. He is the most underrated all-star in the game. He can play defense (see Western Conference Finals v Lakers), he is more clutch than any player in the game, and once the Knicks get a few more easily found, complimentary pieces, lookout. They will be vying for a title.
    5) I hope Le Nuggs keep Mozgov. Big, serviceable Centers are harder to come by…though not as hard as an all-star. Mozgov is relatively atheltic and young. I’m interested to see what a lineup of Mozzie, Nene (he’s a PF, not a Center), Chandler, Afflalo and Ty Law/Felton can do, with KMart, Birdman, JR and Harrington backing up. I think this team could do well and just need to add a top notch, all star scorer, and another tenacious defensive, shutdown forward to contend again. Easier said than done, but…

    I’m a kool-aid drinking fan, but anyone have thoughts on any of this?

  • Andrew

    6) One more thing. Could you imagine if the Nuggets had been able to pull of trades last off-season to bring Stoudemire and Mozgov to Denver? Or maybe had the ability to draft a Kevin Love and get Mozgov. We’d all be planning for a June parage right now. Seriously.

    • Charlie

      Thanks very much for your comment and your readership Andrew. Here are my knee-jerk reaction thoughts to the points you listed.

      1) Absolutely. Melo did not mix words or trick fans into believing that staying in Denver was still an option during All-Star weekend. Melo looks like the villain now, but at least he did not lie about his intentions to the same extent that Lebron did.
      2) Chauncey is on the decline, any way you slice it. I wish him luck in New York, but deep down I feel he won’t be happy there and will carry a fractured relationship with Melo the rest of his career. I don’t see the Knicks competing for a title with Chauncey, he is a pawn in their plan to add a third sidekick on the Knicks long term. As the Nuggets proved, Chauncey’s become a trade asset at this point in his career. It’s sad.
      3) NY has no legitimiate reason to complain about anything, period.
      4) I hold no ill will towards Melo especially after essentially admitting he never wanted to be here this year in the first place. Unfortunately, the Nuggets paid for his mistake in guaranteeing this season to Denver versus an opt-out clause like he should have. Denver wanted Melo and paid for him thinking they’d get a chance to keep him this year.
      5) I want to see Mozgov play too, but if for some reason he’s coveted by the Nets or someone else he should be traded asap. The guy has proven nothing. My guess is he’s staying.
      6) One thing is clear – Al Harrington was far and away, the wrong move no matter what. With Gallo and Wilson joining the Nuggets, Harrington has now become even more of a burden than he already was. Anything would have been better than signing Harrington last summer

  • Charlie

    Guys, the original post has been updated with as much details as I could gleam out of the official version of the trade that is happening tomorrow. Really, there’s only very minor details to work out now.

  • Truitt

    I gotta say this is about as much of a win as anyone could have thought, given our options… Who would have thought that Dolan would have blown up all of the leverage his team had?? I think nyk fans are pissed because they thought their owners had to balls to see this out till the end.. Guess not. I need to eat some crow on this too b/c I thought this was going to blow up in denver’s face, but I think this result is much betterthan expected.

    Mozgov has the tools to be a starter someday, but he is really raw and fouls.. Hopefully he can get some burn and become productive by next year.. Still don’t like the Felton/Lawson combo at point, but it doesn’t look like that is a long term solution. Glad the deal finally happened and I wish all players well.

  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    Yeah have to admit this deal is just about as good as we could have hoped. I really like the idea of flipping mozgov to nets for a pick. We should definitely try to keep gallo though surely he is the best player coming to denver in this deal, i don’t think he has reached his ceiling yet.

  • Jovan

    My name is Jovan and I’m a freshman at USC majoring in print journalism, NBA writing in particular. Please check out my analysis and grading of the Carmelo trade.