Someone is a Genius

I do not know who made the call, but I am supremely impressed with someone.  Whoever came up with the idea of trading Timofey Mozgov along with another Knick teammate, according to it would be Danilo Gallinari, from Denver to New Jersey may have ensured a deal will be completed and will be responsible for putting an end to all this Melo hysteria.

I have contended the Nuggets need the Nets to keep their offer on the table to ensure there is competition for Carmelo’s services and thus the Knicks cannot low ball Denver as they did before New Jersey reentered the picture. By linking the completion of the trade with the Knicks to a second trade with the Nets has ensured all three teams will get something.

With the Nets receiving Mozgov and a second quality small forward in exchange for two first round picks, they now need to keep their deal on the table so that New York is not in a position to reduce their offer for Carmelo.  The Knicks now know that Denver must have Mozgov in order to send on to the Nets and if they choose not to include him, the Nuggets can tell Carmelo he can either go to New Jersey or stay in Denver.

As I said, I do not know who to praise for this stroke of genius, but Al Iannazzone suggests it was the Nets who chose to force the Knicks to add one more piece and actually benefit from it.  If the Knicks ultimately decide Mozgov is too much to sacrifice, New Jersey may actually end up with Carmelo after all.

The Nuggets would also be big winners as they would now receive three first round picks (of varying value) two players from the threesome of Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari, Corey Brewer and some immediate significant salary relief.  That is a pretty good haul for a team who was thought at times to be in over their head and without any leverage.

I only wish I knew who I should be impressed with.

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  • Colby Hayes

    I like the idea of trading Mozgov and Gallinari to the Nets for two first-round draft picks, but do you think that there is any way that the Nuggets could instead get Derrick Favors and one first-round pick. I would like that much more.