Odds & Ends – Game 71 and Knicks Podcast Appearence

First off, my apologies for no recap last night as my internet service is currently being difficult. As many of you guys already saw last night, the Nuggets demolished Toronto in such a way that 90% of the game was extended garbage time (no joke). It was a solid business-like win Denver needed after dropping two straight on the road against good teams. I will say that Toronto looked tired from the get-go and didn’t stand a chance of matching the Nuggets energy from the start. Nevertheless the Nuggets didn’t mess around and put them away minutes after the game started, so in lieu of writing about that snoozer here’s a look at the advanced stats:

Pace Factor: 108.6 – Second fastest game of the season, the previous was a loss in New York with the Melo team. Toronto was pretty much helpless to keep up and they stopped trying to pretty early
Offensive Efficiency: 113.3 – Denver didn’t shoot well but scored 60 in the paint. Because of how bad it got lots of shots were taken by guys who don’t normally shoot. Nice confidence-building exercise for guys like Harrington and Forbes
Defensive Efficiency: 82.9 – I’m not sure if the Nuggets were great or Toronto was that inept but it’s solid considering the second and third string guys played a lot

With that out of the way, I was recently invited to appear on the New York Knicks Podcast where we discussed the Melo trade and outlooks for both teams going forward. Jay and Marc asked a lot of great questions and towards the end you can hear some solid perspective from the New York side on Carmelo. The audio is fairly bad thanks to my phone troubles but it’s worth a listen as Jay and Marc make a really good show. They did a great interview with Ben Hochman of the post a few days ago as well and you can listen to that one here.

Other than that, the latest news on the Nuggets is that Raymond Felton practiced and will be back in the lineup against San Antonio. After missing the Toronto game with another hamstring issue, Arron Afflalo may not play back-to-backs when he does come back. Chris Dempsey has the story up at the Denver Post.

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