Post-Playoffs Nuggets News

With the Playoffs still far from concluding and the Nuggets already on vacation, it’s going to be a while before anything significant reverberates out of Denver. In the meantime, the Denver Post as well as other media outlets, will keep us updated on the subtle developments, if any, taking place regarding the team and players. Look for Roundball Mining Company to link you to these occurrences, as well as provide commentary in the upcoming weeks. Nuggets General Manager, Masai Ujiri, hope to keep the team intact.

Mozgov and Koufos hope to be key parts of the rotation next year.Sounds great. Problem is: They could have been this year.

Kenyon Martin claims winning is more important than starting. I’ll believe it when I see it, as Kenyon seems to be the type of guy who takes pride in starting.

A very somber series of photos, that feature the Nuggets clearing out their respective lockers after losing to the Thunder.

Please post any comments of the season, links featured above, or just thoughts in general below. It will be a while before Nuggets basketball resumes, especially given the potential of a lockout, so we had better make ourselves busy in the meantime! Opinions, ramblings, speculation; maybe even trades, draft targets and free agent signings are all welcome!

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Sam

    Our number 1 prority should be signing Nene and Afflalo this off-season. Nene is a rare big man that NBA teams don’t have these days. He can score in pick and roll situations, can get to the line & is a pretty good defender IMO. Kinda dissapointing he hasn’t improved his offensive game. Nene never pump fakes and his post moves are too predictable. He gets most of his points through dunks and layups. He never attempts any hook shots & doesn’t use his size against smaller defenders. But saying all that, we need his size..Nene is a true center.

    I absolutely love Arron Afflalo. He has improved his game every year & is probably the best defender in our team. Look at what he said on twitter after losing game 5:

    “only once ive i felt so much pain from losing ….. but ill die working to better myself b4 i give in …”

    Gotta love how he’s so passionate and cares about winning more than anything. Im afraid a team like Chicago will steal him but hopefully he’ll re-sign with us. He loves his role & the city of Denver.

    Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler have to go. Wilson Chandler never wanted to be in Denver in the first place and there were rumors of him wanting to go back to NYK BEFORE game 5. How pathetic is that? Our team was fighting for their lives to stay alive & he was already thinking about changing teams? I don’t want him back.

    Raymond Felton excelled in D’antoni’s run and gun system. He played so well that some thought he was an all-star snub. But once he joined Denver, he became the Raymond Felton of Charlotte. His FT% dropped from 86 to 77% & i just didn’t like his decision making. I think Ty Lawson is way better than him. I want Ty to be our starting PG.

    I was dissapointed by Kenyon’s play in this series. He never really showed any leadership. When things went wrong we never controlled our composure and that goes on the leader. It’s like what does Kenyon have to prove? He has enourmous amount of money, has been to the finals and at this point of his career i just think he doesn’t really care. I’d like him back if we can get him at a reasonable price but if he asks for too much money, the door’s that way —–>

    JR Smith: I’m interested to see what the Nuggets will do with him. The GM who brought him is gone, he has always had problems with George Karl so the Nuggets might finally part ways with him. Sad if we do because JR plays with so much emotion, is a fan favorite and i just think he was never really used correctly by us. Karl always treated him like shit and threw him under the bus in the playoffs. JR was really focused after the Melo trade. He deleted his twitter account and was scoring 20+ points constantly. Karl just wasn’t really patient with him i think. I’d like him back but i don’t think JR will come back after the way he was treated in the playoffs. JR will excell if he goes somewhere else..maybe Toronto or Chicago.. who knows. Wish him all the best.

    I read this in the other thread and if we can get a player like Josh Smith, we’d be a force to reckon with next year. With Kenyon likely gone, we need a post player. Josh Smith is a true PF and is incredibly athletic. I’d love to have him on this team. Nuggets should shop Felton and Chandler and try to get a PF like Josh Smith.

    Our team should be built around Lawson, Afflalo, Nene and Gallinari. If we can get a decent PF in the off-season that’d be awesome. Go Nuggets!

    • Kalen

      Yeah, one thing I will say is that re-signing either Nene or K-Mart is paramount (preferably Nene), because if we lose both, who’s gonna be our starting PF and C? I could do with Mozgov starting, but Mozgov and Koufos or Birdman just won’t cut it.

      As for Afflalo, he’s a restricted free agent, so I feel pretty confident we’ll be able to re-sign him no matter what.

      I tend to agree about Felton and Chandler. Loved both of those guys while they were here, but I just don’t see much room for them in the future.

  • FytinIrish

    Honestly, I like the Nuggets going after David West in place of Kenyon Martin. He’s unrestricteded (unless he takes the player option, which I doubt he will), he provides almost a double-double per night, PLUS pretty good defense. He is on the tail end of his career, but he’s made the Hornets what they are this year. I don’t think they lose to the Lakers if he’s there. Either way, the Nuggets definitely need to look at a PF if they are going to keep Nene at center. Speaking of which, I disagree, I think Nene is better fit @ PF than center. Yeah, he has the size for a center, but his offensive game, and lack of rebounding is more fit for a power forward.

    I just hope that they do use Mozgov and Koufos a lot more than they did after the trade, I think they would have helped A LOT in the first round of the playoffs against the Thunder.

    Also, I LOVE George Karl, I think he’s a great coach… BUT, I don’t think he’s a Playoff coach as he’s shown year after year (and not just with Denver, but over the course of his entire career). But, we’re stuck with him, and in the future I hope he proves me wrong and shows that he can win in the Playoffs.

    • Kalen

      David West should definitely be on our radar, but I think the level of our pursuit will depend on what happens with K-Mart. If K-Mart chooses to stay, I can’t see us going after West, but if he leaves, then he’ll be ripe for the pickins.

    • LT

      David West is coming off of ACL surgery. Having torn both ACLs in my playing days, it will take at least 18 months from the date of the surgery before we get anything from him. Might be better to shop elsewhere

  • Warner

    Wow guys I have to say after watching the first Memphis game against the Thunder I think a lot of our criticism was legitimate. I felt throughout the series the Thunder would hit us in the mouth and we’d respond by trying to duck their next punch. We never countered with anything. Memphis took charge this game and took it to the Thunder. The Nuggets had a lineup with similar capabilities but we decided to play small ball. Would have loved to see a Koufos, Nene, Gallinari lineup but it never appeared. Soo so sad. I’m still not totally sold on Josh Smith I think its a lot of money for a guy who’s been very inconsistent in Atlanta. I wouldn’t mind being patient for one year and going all out for Kevin Love. He’d be a pretty cool fit I think. Anyway, I think moves are going to be made certainly with Chandler and Felton

  • Andrew

    Warner, I would have loved to see the Koufos, Nene, Gallo lineup, as well.

    Kalen, I just posted this on the old string but I still think C Bill would be willing to come back to Denver as the 1B guy that Felton was this year if they gave him a dual role as an assistant coach. I think he is already planning for his life after a player and really wants either a front office or a coaching job. More likely front office, but what better way to get him exposure in management than to have him dip his toes in a coachin role? I think the Knicks would bite, as well, to get rid of C Bill’s $14M contract, especially if they are going to go for CP3. Could you imagine Ty Law, Afflalo, Gallo, Nene, and a developed Mozgov, mixing and matching with C Bill, JR, Birdman, Chandler, K mart and a developed Koufos off the bench? And who better to get these young guys playing right than C Bill?!

  • Jon L.

    I think it’s time for Kenyon Martin to hit the road. He has stayed long enough and has not been all that impressive. He is injured too often and I suggest that the Nuggets go after a power forward in free agency.

  • JBByrd

    How about a contrarian point-of-view — everyone is talking up Nene as an “elite” NBA center, and there are times that he can dominate, but did anyone else get tired of seeing him appear overmatched against OKC, and then to make matters worse spend all of his energy begging for the sort of calls that do not get made during the playoffs? To make matters worse, when he did get a call, he failed to convert key free throws…how many elite max contract players in the league shoot 27 for 48 on free throws during the playoffs!!! Nene may just be one of those players who never becomes a dominant guy, always teasing the fans with his potential…he may want the love and the big contract, but big guy, until you show that you are willing to load the team up on your broad Brazilian shoulders, and carry the team through the playoffs with your heart, will and determination, you will never be one of the stars you want to be seen as.

  • ryanvdonk

    JBByrd: i dont think anyone is saying nene is an elite center…there is only one elite center in the NBA right now, that is dwight. nene is that second tier type center, and one of the better ones, he’s athletic, he’s strong, he runs the court, and his offensive game goes beyond 5 feet from the basket, unlike most centers. he’s not looking for a max contract and i don’t think any team is looking to give him one, but in the 10 million a year range he most definitely is because of the rarity of athletic centers who can do more than dunk. to say he was outclassed against OKC is a huge overstatement. frustrated? definitely, but that was more cause of his troubles from the FT line and his occasional foul trouble, not anything perkins was doing…chewbacca is a great help defender who caused all sorts of problems, but part of that is on kenyon, not boxing out or crashing behind the slide to get the easy dump pass for a dunk. what other player on the nuggets requires instant double teams or gets hacked?