Denver Nuggets licence plates to become available July 1

On Thursday, May 19, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill 11-1316, or “The Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets Signature License Plate Bill,” which will enable Kroenke Sports Charities to distribute specialized Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche-themed license plates to the citizens of Colorado.

The House Bill was passed by the State Legislature last week, and on May 19 at South High School in Denver, the process will be finalized with the signature of Governor Hickenlooper, who will be accompanied by Denver Nuggets mascot, Rocky, and Colorado Avalanche mascot, Bernie.

Kroenke Sports Charities received over 5,000 signatures from local fans in support of the idea, which was more than enough evidence to initialize the production process of the plates.

Each plate will cost $45 and will be available for purchase starting July 1, 2011. Proceeds will benefit education, health, recreation programs for children and families supported by Kroenke Sports Charities.

To view the Nuggets design, click here.

To view the Avalanche design, click here.

This is truly a great opportunity for Nuggets, and Avalanche fans alike, to give back to the community while supporting our favorites sports franchise in the process. Please give some thought to donating to this cause, and keep in mind how unique this privilege is, as it’s not everyday that your favorite sports franchise issues customizable license plates, so to be sure to capitalize on this great deal while it lasts!

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Eric

    These look great! Is there any way to preorder one?

    • Kalen

      Not sure Eric. But on the KSC Facebook page, they’re now saying these won’t be available until January, 2012. We’ll likely have more for you by then.

      Here’s a link to the Facebook page in case you’re interested:

  • Jeremy

    From the text of House Bill 11-1316:

    SECTION 1. Part 2 of article 3 of title 42, Colorado Revised
    Statutes, is amended BY THE ADDITION OF A NEW SECTION to read:
    42-3-239. Special plates – Colorado Avalanche or Denver

    Hopefully the DMV gets the plates out sooner rather than later.