Nuggets Draft Tweets

Ryan Feldman of The Hoops Report: “Source at Nuggets draft workout on Wednesday told me Iman Shumpert showed off his crazy athleticism and nice mid-range jumper.”

Also from Feldman: “Source at Nuggets draft workout on Wednesday also said Vucevic was more impressive than Jordan Williams, and Malcolm Thomas did really well.”

Vic Lombardi : “why the Nuggets have no interest in The Jimmer. None…still waiting on reason—->a certain coach doesn’t like his game”

My take: Shumpert is gaining some momentum with Nuggets fans as a popular J.R. replacement, and this showing should benefit his case. He tested out as basically the most athletic guy at the Combine and will likely rely on his supreme physical talent to up his draft stock. At a little over 6-foot-4 with a giant 6-foot-10 wingspan and incredible leaping ability, Shumpert will likely play the role of a combo guard his first few years in the league until he firmly establishes a position he feels comfortable with.

Vucevic, if you remember, was a guy I recently ranked 5th on the Nuggets Big Board but because of the similar traits to a Nugget already under contract — Timofey Mozgov — I stated that we should probably consider other prospects instead. Well, maybe I was wrong, as it appears he has continued his hot streak of performances under the watchful eye of NBA talent evaluators. It’s nice to know our front office is examining big men, as its a need we certainly should address in some form over the off season, whether it be through the Draft or free agency. The fact that Vucevic outperformed Williams is not a surprise, because keep in mind, this is the same guy who some scouts felt outperformed projected top-five pick, Enes Kanter, recently at the Combine.

The Jimmer quote just makes my head hurt to be honest. I’m not a fan of coaches interfering with the job general managers and scouts do. I think coaches often times have motives behind their evaluations where as scouts and general managers simply evaluate talent. Though I’d agree that Jimmer wouldn’t be the ideal pick at 22 (he’ll be gone before then anyways so it doesn’t really matter), I also don’t think we should bend our considerations based on what coach Karl thinks of him. Last I checked, this was the same coach Karl that vetoed a Linas Kleiza for David Lee trade a few years back. Just sayin’.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Andrew

    OK, so now it’s deal Felton for another first round pick plus whatever else we can get and then draft Shumpert/Brooks and Faried/Vucevic/other big?

    • Kalen

      Well, that’s certainly an option. But if we were to deal Felton solo, most likely it would be for a second round pick since he only has one more year left on his contract and he’s not restricted, thus making his value somewhat diminutive. If we packaged someone else with him (Harrington, Bird, maybe even Chandler), then that’s a scenario where we could probably land a first rounder. Like I said in the previous post, I think I’m warming up to the idea of simply trying to deal him solo to avoid any locker room tension about him not starting, and since there appears to be good value at the point guard slot in the early second round, why not just target that area?

      The Heat at No. 1, Kings at 5, Lakers at 12, 16, 26 and 28, and Hawks at 18 are all teams that could potentially be willing to part with their picks for Felton. Just looking at that list, I’d definitely see if we could target either the Heat, because they have the first pick in the second round; or the Lakers, because they have FOUR picks in the second round. Both of those teams are in desperate need of a good point guard and would likely be able to retain Felton after his contract expires (would Felton even think about leaving once he goes to either of those locations?). The intriguing aspect about the Lakers is that we could probably ask for three of those four second round picks and I think they’d consider it since they’re so late in the round, plus, it’s not like the Lakers actually use its draft picks anyways.

      One thing to keep in mind throughout all of this is that we’re likely going to have to chose between one of the top five picks I have ranked on my Nuggets Big Board, so the chances of landing any combination of Faried, Brooks, Vucevic, Nogueira and Tyler are very slim. The Miami Heat trade would give us the best opportunity to increase this chance as one of those guys should still be around by the first pick in the second round.

      • Andrew

        Nothing like an upcoming draft to get your hope’s up. Let’s do this thing! Do you need me to call Kroenke?

        • Kalen

          Yeah I know. Watch us trade our only first rounder for an over-the-hill big like Jeff Foster or something.

          • Andrew

            Ha ha, you probably won’t get this late reply, Kalen, but I had to laugh at your Jeff Foster comment. That’s why they are our loveable Nuggets…

      • Ricardo

        I think the nuggets should deal Felton and Harrington if possible on draft day for a first round pick. With the two picks the nuggets could get a point guard or shooting guard with one of them and a power forward with the other and this should fill up the nuggets’ needs.

  • Seth

    I say trade Felton to miami and get their 2nd round pick and with our 22nd pick draft vucevic and 2nd round draft Shelvin Mack or Marshon Brooks?

    • Kalen

      I don’t think Brooks get past Chicago, who has two of the last three picks in the first round. They desperately need a shooting guard and would be ecstatic if Brooks was still around, so I think if we wanted him we’d have to take him with the 22nd pick.

      I really like Vucevic though. Admittedly, I haven’t actually seen much of him, but everything I’ve heard is impressive. In fact, just yesterday I was reading something (can’t remember where) where someone said Vucevic might be the most skilled big man in the draft, and who’s game could translate perfectly to the NBA. I know is sounds crazy, but we might be looking at the next Vlade Divac with this kid.

      That said, I still think Faried and Tyler should probably be atop our list. I’d be perfectly fine with us taking Vuvevic, but not as much if either of those guys are still on the board.

  • Jon L.

    Felton is definitely gone because this is Lawson’s team now.

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