Final Big Board, Kalen on ESPN & Nuggets being agressive in shopping Felton [UPDATED]

With the 2011 NBA Draft only hours away, things are starting to heat up, as the Nuggets have reportedly increased its desire to trade Felton for a top 10 pick.

From John Canzano of the Oregonian via Twitter:

Source: Blazers still “looking at Andre and Felton as key parts” of a trade that would also try to move Portland up in the draft.

From Marc J. Spears via Twitter:

Nuggets & Blazers have had dialogue about a Raymond Felton-Andre Miller swamp, but source says “nothing hot.” Keep an eye on Felton tonight.

David Aldridge via

The Nuggets and Blazers have had discussions about Denver trading point guard Raymond Felton and the 22nd pick for Andre Miller and the No. 21 pick. The talks appear to be dormant for now, with Portland balking at including other assets in the deal.

My initial reaction to the Portland rumors: This move to me says one, and one thing only: We want Faried. For months Faried has been slated to go to the Blazers at 21 and there’s no reason to believe he would have made it past that pick since the Blazers have been very vocal in their desire to land him. Of course, this is all banking on the fact that he’s still there at 21, but with how many players have been moving up and down the boards lately, it seems likely. Think about it, why in the world would we swap point guards — both of whom only have one year left on their contracts — with a division rival to move up only one spot? It just makes too much sense. Stay tuned, as more updates should be on the way.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld says via Twitter:

The Denver Nuggets are shopping Raymond Felton. It sounds like they’re trying to package Felton with #22 to move into the top ten.

Also, Chris Broussard of ESPN said this:

Ray Felton to Sac for No. 7 a possibility….

In the ever-changing world of the digital media, rumors spread like wildfire. Though we at Roundball love to keep you as updated as we possibly can, Jeremy and I both have jobs (at the moment at least) and so it’s hard to break this news as soon as it becomes public. So please, if anybody hears, or reads, anything concerning the Draft and specifically how it relates to the Nuggets and Raymond Felton, post links in the comments section so that everybody can see them.

From the sounds of it, this is starting to get real. Even yesterday after I posted the Lakers, Kings showing California love? piece I almost had “bloggers remorse” (the Internet’s version of buyers remorse, and yes I totally just made that up), knowing that these types of “rumors” hardly ever come to fruition. But from the sounds of it, this might very well not be one of those instances as we’re starting to hear more lively chatter from credible reporters.

I’ll just say this: If we can manage to move into the top 10, I’d be shocked. As noted in the Lakers, Kings showing California love? post, anybody who trades for Felton must be extremely confident in their abilities to re-sign him, as there’s only one year left on his contract and after that he can sign wherever he wants. Though I absolutely love the aggression that our new management team is showing, I can’t help but think that if the Kings give up its No. 7 pick for Felton, this becomes more of a “What were they thinking?” than an incredibly shrewd move on our part (though it’s still impressive). But again, I can’t overstate enough how refreshing it is to finally (A) have a pick in the Draft, and (B) use the Draft to our advantage. For years it seemed, the Nuggets gave away first-round draft picks like candy to ephemerally patch-up what was only on the scratched on the surface without taking into account long term priorities. So this… this is nice. In Masai We Trust, until proven otherwise.

Next, if you get some free time here soon, be sure and check me out on ESPN’s 5-on-5 series where I dish out some of my opinions on the players in this year’s draft.

Finally, our last Big Board. Most of the guys here you’ve seen before, but if you need to refresh your memory be sure and check out our Big Board 2.0, as well as our Prospecting piece, which looks at some of the best point guards slated to be available at 22. We should obviously still be rooting for management to slide into the top 10, but in case they don’t, this should serve as a solid blueprint for who to pick at our current slot…

1. Kenneth Faried: You already know what it is.

2. Jeremy Tyler: Faried will likely be gone, so this guy should be our pick.

3. Iman Shumpert: Continues to amaze at workouts, gotta love the defense.

4. Charles Jenkins: Love this kid. I think he’s as solid of a choice as any.

5. Josh Selby: His “tweener” status worries me, but this might be the steal of the Draft when it’s all said and done.

6. Tobias Harris: Perfect replacement for Chandler, plus I love the upside.

7. Marshon Brooks: Drops a bit in our final mock because he likely won’t be available, and I trust Afflalo going forward.

8. Nikola Vucevic: Another fall on the Big Board, only because I am finally putting potential before size.

9. Jimmy Butler: If you haven’t already, make sure and read Chad Ford’s story on this kid. Shane Battier 2.0’s (as I like to call him) dedication should equal success in the NBA.

10. Reggie Jackson: His injury and “promise” from another team worries me, but other than that, this kid’s got it all.

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Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • AussieNuggsFan2

    if we get this trade, we should try and use pick 7 to move down and get another asset in return, eg trade pick 7 for houston’s pick 14 and 23. then we can still get faried plus jeremy tyler with pick 23

  • Another Aus Nugz Fan

    Maybe just us Aussies thinking alike, but that is the best idea I’ve heard yet. I see Faried as a must for us, but 90% chance he’s gone by the time we select. Maybe grab shumpert with the 23rd. Wouldn’t mind a pick in next years draft though. Saw an interview with Jeremy Tyler, and I think he could definitely be worth a shot with our 22nd if we weren’t to trade up. Suppose we’ll know soon enough

  • popex_17

    Maybe if we do a trade with Sacramento, we can get their 5th pick in the 2nd round too and draft a backup PG (according to most mock drafts, josh selby, charles jenkins, darius morris or shelvin mack will be available then) so that we can use the 7th overall pick on Alec Burks/Klay Thomson (SA is really interested in him = he’s good) if management knows that JR is not coming back or a big if they know he will come back (maybe Chris Singleton if Wilson Chandler won’t be matched – dude is a legit 6’9 and still growing + he’s a great defender).
    I’m not at all sold on Jonas Valanciunas, Jan Vesely or other soft Euros..
    Only a few hours left till we’ll know what Masai came up with…

  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    Would sacremento do Felton and our 22 for Demarcus Cousins? I would love that!

    I also agree with my fellow aussies that if we end up at 7 trading back down could be advantageous. I doubt houston does 14 and 23 but I wonder if somebody throwing in somebody like Birdman or Koufos could help?

    Still don’t mind felton and our 22 for Odom.

    And the other thing which wouldn’t be as fun but could be the best move of all would be to trade for a first rounder next year when the draft could be deeper, if the right guy isn’t available this year. Whether that is our 22 for a mid/late first rounder next year or Felton and the 22 for something like sacrementos first next year.

  • Slader

    This is fun! As Kalen knows, I love Jenkins too – but I’m definitely psyched about a FO that is dynamic, out there swinging.
    So I’m just rooting for Masai, ready for what he reels in.

  • Ernie

    I’m still confused as to why the Nugs don’t need to draft a point guard. If they want to deal Felton, and if JR is gone, then Ty is the only PG on the roster. It seems a position of need, more so than adding a big off the bench that may or may not play.

  • Kalen

    Wait, so are there three Aussie Nugs fans in on thread?! That has to be some kind of record, right?

    If we managed to land a top 10 pick for Felton I definitely like the idea of trading down with the Rockets. It’s realistic because they’ve reportedly been trying to move up, and I think at 14, there’s still gonna be some really good talent. Tristan Thompson, Singleton, Leonard, Burks, Faried — these are all guys who could be available at 14. If we could land any of them in unison with Tyler, Jenkins, Shumpert or Harris, that’d be one hell of a draft day.

    @ Ernie and Popex — I totally agree in trading down to get a point guard. Both Draft Express and Chad Ford are projecting a bounty of them to be available from the late first to early second round. We can always sign a backup via free agency, but why not take a chance on somebody who has a chance to be really good one day for only a fraction of the price?

    • Ernie


      The reason I would rather go PG is that I felt last year the Nugs big advantage was having two 1s that would push the pace, so the other team never got a rest on defense. That IMHO was why the Nugs seemed to get better in the 2nd half of games as the opponent wore out. The 1st half of last year Chauncey would walk it up most of the time, and in previous years AC was a turnover machine as the backup.

      I would be surprised to find a PG that can defend, will push the pace, move the ball and hit open jumpers in the 2nd round since this draft is supposed to be weak. Do you have a bounty of names that meet this criteria outside the top 10? Nolan Smith and Shane Mack were the only one’s I saw, and I didn’t think they would be around for the 2nd round pick.

  • GK4Prez

    The Nuggets could snag an undrafted/off the radar guy like: Jacob Pullen to groom behind Lawson if they can’t get a 2nd round pick. He is just one example, there are quite a few guys out there that could fill the role, a free agent, Dleaguer, undrafted player, etc… It isn’t like the player, whoever it is, is going to command major minutes.

    Unless of course Lawson gets injured for a significant amount of time, but GK usually likes to have a 3rd pg vet on the roster for such situations. I think he might make a push for the Nuggets to bring back AC.

  • Uptown Nuggz

    I like the idea of moving down to seven, but only if it’s to get singleton. Love his size, versatility, and dedication to defense. He led FSU to the best scoring defense in NCAA in a decade.
    Anyone else there would be a reach.
    I also like the idea of stockpiling for next year. It doesn’t make much sense to have a bunch of mid-round picks in what most people call a weak draft.
    Also if we can package together enough picks/assets to move to the top of the draft next year we could go after a sure thing like barnes or sullinger. Should be an exciting night. I just want to see some action from Denver. Go nuggz!

  • Uptown Nuggz

    If they bring back AC I’m selling my season tix. Period

  • Aurress

    Said it in the “California Love” post & I’ll say it again here, I think we should trade Felton for a future pick. This is a weak draft & we can get a backup PG in free agency for cheap.

    Hang on to Felton for now, someone will come knocking with a serviceable bench player & a draft pick or two just before training camp.

    And just use the 22nd pick tonight to get a youthful project player.

  • atrain

    AAAAA……..CCCCCCCCCC….He’s back!!

  • Kalen

    Just heard on the radio that Sac Town has privately agreed to trade the No.7 pick. Could it be the Nuggets?!

    • Jeremy

      The word in Twitter from @GeryWoelfel the deal is with Milwaukee. @WojYahooNBA says it is a three way deal including Charlotte. All three teams picking between 7 and 10.

  • tron

    How has nobody here even mentioned the name Kemba Walker? If we traded with the kings, he will be there at 7 to replace feltons horrible cocky attitude. If we don’t take him at 7; he is projected to fall to 17. So even in said trade up and back scenario we could possibly get Kemba.
    felton put up top 10- 15 PG numbers last season while playing from the bench for a quarter of the season. Sacramento is desperately seeking a veteran pg and is shopping their pick in the weakest draft in history. That being said i don’t understand how our 22 would be included in a trade with felton to SAC. if they demand the pick i would hope that Masai is smart enough to refuse. If we we get felton for 7, the trade scenario gives us the potential of having either the 7 and 22 or the 14, 22, and 23. From there the options are bountiful. Landing Kemba and Farried and getting rid of felton and harrington (somehow) would be ideal for Denver.

    My draft fantasy:
    felton and gallo to minnesota for the 2nd pick. DRAFT DWILL
    package 1 of (harrington/bird/koufus/mozgov) with our 22 to move up ahead of portland(pick 21) and Draft Farried. then go sign chalmers, ford, or some other backup pg to play the 7 minutes per game ty doesn’t play.

  • ryanvdonk

    one of the rumors is felton and the 22nd to portland for andre miller and the 21st. not sure how much i like it, but i think miller would be more willing to take the backup role and would be more willing than felton to play more of the 2 in the two PG lineup.

  • Seth

    draft a big and get Jacob Pullen as an undrafted free agent cause he well be there

  • Steve

    @ryanvdonk, even though it’s improving a division rival, I still like it. Would be nice to have Andre back in town to backup/mentor Ty and also to move up a spot in the draft to snag Faried before Portland can. Looking forward to tonight, last time we were active on draft night, we snagged Ty.

    • ryanvdonk

      we got farried! still sounds like the miller-felton trade is in discussion, maybe we snag a 2nd round pick, while this draft is not deep in star power, it does seem to be real deep in role type players…perhaps a corey higgins or a different combo guard? i also liked matthew bryan-amaning out of washington as a project big man, that guy has kemp type athleticism (maybe not quite, but he likes attacking the rim)

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