Nuggets select Faried, my life is now complete [UPDATED]

Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. I’ll have a more detailed post up later tonight but for now Nuggets fans, just appriciate Masai. He’s… ugh… he’s brilliant. This is so gratifying, knowing Faried has been Roundball’s guy since Day 1, and for this moment to finally come to fruition — it’s unbelievable. By the way, we traded Felton to the Blazers for Andre Miller and in the process we got the 26th pick in the Draft from Dallas. This is heaven.

Andy Katz has just reported that the 26th pick, which ended up being Jordan Hamilton, will actually go to the Blazers for Rudy Fernandez. If this is true, then what exactly did Denver get by trading Felton? The only thing I can think of is maybe part  of the deal was the Blazers had to pass on Faried so that we could have him.

[SUPER UPDATE] This via Benjamin Hochman via Twitter:

from what i’ve been told – dal trades hamilton to por for rudy f. then, por includes hamilton, with andre miller, to den for felton

This makes much more sense when you think about it. Felton carries way more value than Miller, so it only seems right that we get something back in return.


Again, Hochman via Twitter:

two sources have now confirmed to me that YES, the #Nuggets get Hamilton.

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  • ryanvdonk

    how did we get a pick from dallas in a deal with portland?

  • Seth

    Yes!!!!!!!! that means they got Faried, Hamilton, and Miller!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  • Drew

    The Nuggets get two steals late in the first round. Ujiri is starting to look like a brilliant GM. I hope he receives credit where it is due and I hope ESPN recognizes the awesome draft the Nuggets had. Hopefully Faried and Hamilton can turn into quality players in the NBA. So excited with these draft results

  • Mike

    Another undersized Power Forward, just what the Nuggets needed.

  • Dakota

    Wait can anyone confirm that we got pick #26? I can’t find it anywhere, its definitely not on espn (website or tv)

  • Eric

    No one has mentioned Denver acquiring the 26th pick from Dallas on ESPN, where are you guys getting this?

  • Dakota

    The only thing that I’ve seen is that Dallas traded #26 for Rudy Fernandez, so did we orchestrate a 3 team deal to get Miller from Portland and #26 from Dallas? What the heck happened!?

    • Norris

      Rudy Fernandez to Dallas, Miller & #26 to Denver, and Felton to Portland is the beans of the deal.

      • Dakota

        Huh. Sounds pretty great to me. I love Miller. And now we have Jordan Hamilton. Sounds like we got the best of that deal (considering Felton wouldn’t be happy if he played off the bench next year)

        • Ricardo

          I think the nuggets should trade Andre Miller for a younger point guard.

  • murph

    denver got snubbed from the deal, they were not involved at all

  • Clive

    Andre miller won’t like coming off the bench either ..
    I keep hearing that Masai’s a great GM. But we really should be thanking a certain russian billionaire for making the knicks throw in bunch of extra assets to the melo trade and make them nervous enough to pull the trigger. Brilliant move on his part, screwing his divisional rival without spending a dime. (well I guess he did have to but melo dinner) Not that masai’s done a bad job; but let’s just give credit where credit is due.

    • Kalen

      True, but Masai was still the GM who pulled it off at the end of the day. In essence, we traded Melo and Chauncey for Gallo, Hamilton, Chandler, Mozgov and Koufos. I’d take that any day over letting Melo walk for nothing.

      • Steve

        Couldn’t agree more. Even if NONE of those guys pan out, it’s still a hell of a lot better than what the Cavs got for Lebron

  • Sports-Glory

    Great move by the Nuggets to get Faried and Hamilton.

  • Andy

    Hamilton + Faried = No more K-Mart and JR

    • Steve

      Still need to find a backup for Afflalo to replace JR, but other than that, all is looking well right now

  • eo

    absolutely fantastic. needed a rebounder/defender. added another scorer. and a great backup pg in miller who can play big minutes for us. excited for the season. might lose j.r. and kmart, so this is exactly what we needed!

  • Ricardo

    I’m glad the nuggets got Faried (a rebounding machine), and Hamilton (scorer) in the draft. They really needed a rebounder and another score. Now they could let go of Martin and Smith.

  • Ernie

    They still need a 3rd PG for injuries and a backup shooting guard for AAA. I’m kind of confused why they didn’t get Fernandez if Portland was dealing, he’s the same player as JR but Karl doesn’t hate him yet.

  • Isaac G

    Wow all around great job. I take my hat off to the Messiah! We got exactly what we needed while cutting some of our issues! Hamilton a legit scorer Miller a great backup PG and Faried the hustle/rebounding machine we’ve been waiting for! Great job Nuggets! Can’t wait to see if we can resign JR! Then I would consider this a near perfect off-season!

  • Josh

    3rd PG for injury? Do you know who Andre Miller is? I am thrilled with this draft, it is nice to see a GM care about role players rather than “pure” scorers.

    • Ernie

      Unnecessary to try to slam me. Yes I know Andre Miller is a PG. Who is the third PG if he or Ty gets hurt during a 82 game season? Or is Andre at 35 actually 2 people now?

      • Drew

        What he is saying is that Andre Miller has had a very healthy career in the NBA. He has never had a sub-80 game season and during his 3 seasons with Denver, he played every single game. With that being the case, the priority for a third string point guard is minimal.

  • Steve

    So we trade a backup PG (Felton) for another backup PG (Miller), a potential stud in Jordan Hamilton, and a 2nd-round pick? Atta boy Masai!!

  • Another Aus Nugz Fan

    Masai you’re a genius! Totally comfortable with letting KMart walk, i think we wait an see who has the greater asking price out of JR an WC, JR can be that 3rd PG, but if he has used up all of Karls trust then i suppose it will be him whos not brought back. I would love nothing more than to keep him, but he deserves to be treated better. can deffinately see a bit of JR in Hamilton, all those spot 3’s, GK is gonna shit! best Nuggets draft day in recent memory.
    -was shocked to hear Kyrie Irving holds an Australian passport!

    • Aussie Nugs Fan

      Yeah really want to keep JR. If he goes somewhere like chicago I think they will win the Championship.

      Yeah Aussie Kyrie hasn’t officially declared which country he will chose, but the latest interview with him he admitted he walks on to the aussie olympics team whereas he is way down the pecking order for USA. They asked him how many times he has been “home since he was born in Oz” his answer “I haven’t been back, 16hrs is a long flight” haha who cares we will take him!

  • heath

    im okay ith that denver used their draft pick for a rebounder and maybe that we got hamilton but andre miller we dont need im sure denver could have got more value andre miller is really old and most likely be retiring soon and he will hate coming off the bench for ty they need to try to move him see what they can get

  •!/Luci329 Thad Gormally

    You inspire me, just like the quotation, “The little foolery that wise men have makes a great show..”.