Dreams really do come true; Nuggets land Faried, Hamilton in 2011 NBA Draft

In Roundball’s recent Denver Nuggets’ Big Board 2.0 I stated, “If Faried does however manage to find his way past the Trailblazers, to put it simply: Nuggets fans should be ecstatic.” Little did I know however, that “ecstatic” wouldn’t even begin to cover the range of emotions I felt as David Stern announced Faried’s name as the Nuggets’ 22nd overall selection in the 2011 NBA Draft.

I distinctly remember when Ty Lawson was drafted. It was the 2009 NBA Draft, and the Nuggets had no selections in the first round. I wasn’t expecting much, although I knew from prior speculation that the Nuggets liked Ty Lawson and wanted to draft him in 2008 before he returned to North Carolina to win an NCAA Championship during his junior season. So when Ric Bucher got on camera and announced that the 18th overall pick wasn’t going to stay long in Minnesota, and would instead be sent Denver’s way, I became ecstatic. Jumping up and down, pumping my fists, I marinated in the moment of my favorite sports franchise making an excellent move on Draft Day.

That moment rendered me ecstatic. Tonight however, emotions from every corner of my mind and body engulfed me until I could barely move. Until Faried was drafted, my plan was to keep a running draft log throughout the evening, but after our selection, I couldn’t even type. Hell, I could barely see straight for that matter. I was so overcome with pure bliss and excitement that for a moment, I actually thought I might permanently suffer some sort of brain-damaged due to the sudden rushing overflow of  dopamine in my brain. Eventually, I managed to cling on to real life again, but my draft log was totally halted after that. Here’s what I got leading up to that moment:

— As if anybody still doesn’t’ know every work to Adele’s hit-single, “Rolling In The Deep,” ESPN has chosen to use it for each intro and outro for the draft.

— I still think it would be smart of Cleveland to take Williams first, then whichever they feel is the best point guard with the 4th pick.

— To recap: The world would be a better place if nobody listened to Doug Gottlieb… ever. I’ve been tuning into ESPN Radio for the last several days and got to listen to him continuously bash Kemba Walker while comparing him to Mateen Cleaves and Corey Brewer. Then when he actually had Kemba on the air, he gave one of the worst interviews I’ve ever heard. You could totally tell he was skating around everything he’d been saying for the last few days, and instead of telling Kemba straight-up how he felt, asked him trivial questions like (paraphrasing here), “You gotta a nice suit, right? What color is it?” and “Are you gonna wear a top hat?” Turrible, just turrible.

— Finally the draft is underway. Here we go, pick by pick.

1. No surprise with Irving, but like I said, they should have taken Williams.

2. Another shocker. Though he says he’s a three, Williams will likely be a better power forward. He’s tall enough to rebound and defend other power forwards, yet quick enough to take them off the dribble. Guys like Lebron and Melo would smoke him if he played small forward. Either way, nice solid pick. I think he’s got a chance to be an All-Star one day.

3. I suspected Kanter would be the pick here. O’Connor knows what he’s doing, and with Favors, this could be one hell of a front court going forward. Utah has a HUGE team now. Does this set up the Jimmer pick?!?

4. GREAT pick by the Cavs! Totally unexpected. I just have to ask, where was this type of aggression when Lebron was there?

5. Are you kidding me? You’re really gonna pass on Knight when you already have Ed Davis, Amir Johnson and Bargnani? This isn’t the worst pick in the history of the draft (Nuggets probably still own that title for Tskitishvili or LaFrentz), but I just don’t understand how you pass on a guy with the potential of Knight. Makes no sense whatsoever. (Side note: What an epic fail of an interview by Valanciunas. He just flat out gave up because his English was so bad. At least he smiled at the end though; Darko was too cool for that even.)

6. What a hot kiss by Vesely and his girlfriend (wife?). I was kind of expecting some tongue after a while. Good thing he kept it PG-rated. Gotta laugh at Stuart Scott: “Not everybody can be that lucky.”

7. Biyombo to Charlotte seems perfect. If he’s a bust, it won’t be a big deal because, remember, it’s Charlotte we’re talking about here. (Side note: What the hell happened to Charlotte? Wasn’t it only a few years ago that they finally made the Playoffs, had an All-Star and seemed on the rise? Oh yea, that’s right, trading away the best player in franchise history for Joel “The Vanilla Gorilla” Przybilla will do that to you. I got Charlotte as the worst team in the league next year by a country mile. Who wants to take that bet?)

— How can you pass on Knight if your the Pistons? Please, somebody take Knight before I lose my mind!!!

8. THANK THE LORD! The Pistons just turned their franchise around, you heard it here first. In the interview Knight looks like he already has it out for the seven teams that passed on him. When it’s all said and done, he might go down as the best player in this draft.

9. Charlotte got a steal with Walker. Should make Biymbo’s life a lot easier.

10. The Kings shot themselves in the foot this draft. Knight would have still been available if they hadn’t traded back. I don’t know how to feel about the Jimmer pick. I like the kid more than most, but I don’t know if Sac-Town is the best place for him to thrive. What I do know: A nucleus of Knight, Evans and Cousins would have been deadly. This was definitely an owners pick. The Maloofs love Jimmer and were pushing hard to land him. It’s too bad really, ownership dictating who to select. This is the type of bad decision-making that can set a franchise back for years. The Kings could have had something special. Jazz gotta be breathing a sigh of relief now.

11. Saw this one coming from a mile away. Warriors should have taken Singleton though. You can’t win without defense.

12. GREAT PICK again by Utah. A the moment the Williams trade has already turned into Kanter, Burks and Favors, plus a first-rounder next year. I’d take that any day over Williams alone. Really, this could not have worked out better for Utah.

13. Markieff before Marcus, interesting… Gotta love the reaction from Marcus though: “It ain’t the end of the world,” as tears run down from his face. Certainly sounds like it.

14. Good storyline, twins going back-to-back. I like this pick a lot for the Rockets.

— OK, Indiana’s up. Who’s the whitest player available? How is Kawhi still hanging around?

15. Ahhh, that’s more like it. Steal for Indy, but they’ve got a lot of small forwards, similar to the Nuggets.

16. First member of the Roundball Big Board gets drafted. Vucevic is a guy I’ve been high on all along. He’ll be a good, solid pro.

17. Second member of the Roundball’s Big Board gets drafted. Nuggets fans dodged a freakin’ bullet here. How painful would it have been if the Knicks got Faried? I know I wouldn’t be happy.

18. Excellent pick by the Wizards. I was kind of hoping Singleton would fall to the Nuggets, assuming Faried would be off the board.

19. Uh oh, another member of the Big Board gets drafted and this time, it’s our guy: Tobias Harris. They have to trade with Portland now.

— Alright, for the first time all night, I’m starting to sweat bullets. If Faried is off the table we have to take Tyler.

20. Should have seen this one coming (Motiejunas). I thought they’d take Brooks. Pretty bad pick in my opinion, but hey, what would the Wolves be without bad picks?


This is about the moment when everything became blurry. I knew that if Faried didn’t get drafted here, he was all ours. Anxiety began to fill my body, and naturally I took to Twitter to see if any deals were starting to emerge. All I could muster up  in terms of how I felt was, “AAAhhhh, this is killing me!!! Faried is soooo close!!!”

When I noticed that the Nuggets and Trailblazers were on the verge of a deal that would send Felton to Portland in exchange for Miller, I looked towards the TV screen with an endless gaze of optimism. Something was up. I heard earlier that the two teams were having discussions about swapping picks, but until this point in time, nothing was imminent. As David Stern walked to the podium I froze, placed my hands to my face and stood there as the floodgates of my mind opened up, allowing images of Faried in a Nuggets jersey to cascade throughout my brain. Then… it happened. These next two quotes came directly from my notes, and were the last things I managed to write the entire night:

21. Nolan Smith, what is going on?!?!

22. Best moment of my life.

What I wrote for No. 22 was a bit of a stretch, but that’s how I felt at the time. Readers of this blog know how much I’ve wanted Faried since, well, the first time I even came on this blog to join up with Jeremy. No matter how many names fluctuated regularly on the Big Board, Faried was always our top guy, but with the Blazers slated to take him in nearly every mock draft by the most trusted draft “experts,” I figured he’d remain nothing more than ethereal dream. I tried to compare this feeling I was having to the one fans of a team like Cleveland must have felt when they drafted Lebron in 2003, but it wasn’t anything like that. Cleveland knew they were getting Lebron all along. They knew their franchise would forever be changed. For the Nuggets to land Faried this year, everything had to fall in place. He had to go through 21 teams to find his way to our roster, with the team right before us looking like a perpetual dead-end. Yet, it was happening. With the Stevie Wonder song, “For Once In My Life,” steadily growing louder in the back of my mind, I saw the long history of Denver Nuggets of draft failures flash before my eyes, and then vanish to the glowing sight of Faried in a Nuggets hat. For once on Draft Day, it seemed things were finally going our way… for once.

By the time Stern walked out from behind the shiny Denver Nuggets logos floating across the mega-screen above his diminutive frame, I was in an altered state of mind. This may sounds melodramatic, but I’m not even kidding you, I was out of it. Even when Stern said, “New Jeresey’s own,” and I knew that Faried hailed form Jersey, I still couldn’t come to grips with what was happening. The emotions running through my body naturally took over, and I began to jump up and down similar to the way I had two years ago when I heard Lawson was a soon-to-be Nugget. But this time was different. Unlike with Ty, I couldn’t stop jumping. I jumped, and jumped, and jumped, until I couldn’t jump any longer; and then I collapsed to the floor and lay there, mindless, staring up at the ceiling.

I had completely spazed out. There was no more gas left in me to move, no more voice left in me to cheer, no more thought left in me to think. I was numb.

After a while I realized how incredibly stupid I must have looked to my family, so I peeled my flimsy body up off the floor and sat down casually on the couch as if nothing had happened. Of course, the look on my mother’s face said it all. If she hadn’t felt I was crazy before now, this definitely did it. I’m not quite sure what I said as I glanced at her bewildered face, but I think it was something along the lines of, “I’m cool. No worries. Just got a little excited there. But I’m cool.”

Yeah… right.

For the next two hours of my life, my computer became a caravan of information as I journeyed through all the details of the rumored Felton-Miller trade. At first, the picks had reportedly been swapped, and upon hearing this, I was devastated. After soaring above Could Nine, I now found myself in the dark depths resentment. How stupid could I possibly be, overreacting the way I did, when I knew all along we’d been talking about trading the picks. I scolded myself for investing so much life, so much faith into this “dream,” when I should have stayed grounded all along. But then, more rumors, ones that said Faried was actually staying, and that as part of the deal we’d get the 26th pick in the draft. This breathed the life back into my soul, but I promised myself that before I would rejoice in anything from this draft, I would be absoutely certain it was true. And after hours of scanning the Internet for confirmation, it was finally provided by Benjamin Hochman in the form of a Tweet, of all things. Messy, fragmented and scattered, it read:

any report saying that denver traded faried for nolan smith is Wrong, according to a source. denver has faried, hamilton, andre miller.

And that was that. The savvy Masai Ujiri had led the Denver Nuggets to one of the most successful drafts in franchise history by trusting the nuances of his scouting and making the most of disgruntled players with one year left on their contracts, just as he had done with a spoiled superstar only a few months earlier.

In the upcoming days Roundball will be bringing you detailed analysis on all of the Nuggets draft picks, as well what this historic draft means for current and future Nuggets. But for now, here are the basics:

  • The Denver Nuggets traded Raymond Felton to the Portland Trailblazers for Andre Miller, the 26th pick in Thursday’s draft (via Dallas for Rudy Fernandez) and a future second-rounder.
  • The Nuggets also acquired Chukwudiebere “Chu Chu” Maduabum from the L.A. Lakers for a future second-round draft pick. Chu Chu is a 6-foot-9 power forward from Nigeria who played for the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA D-League most recently.
  • With the No. 22 pick in the draft, the Denver Nuggets selected Kenneth Faried from Morehead State. His rebounding, defense and hard-working attitude will patch-up areas of need that have haunted the Nuggets for years. It now seems even more crucial that Nene re-signs, as a contrasting combination of he and Faried will make one hell of a dynamic duo going forward.
  • With the No. 26 pick in the draft (acquired from Portland via Dallas), the Nuggets selected Jordan Hamilton, a 6-foot-8 sophomore out of Texas who averaged 18.6 points and 7.7 rebounds per game last season. Hamilton had been slated to go somewhere in the early to mid-first round by most mock drafts, but slipped the late first-round for unknown reasons. This creates even more of a log-jam at the small forward position for the Nuggets, but it would be unwise to let anybody go for nothing, especially Wilson Chandler.

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  • Danno

    I love your writing! I’m more of a casual nba fan, and don’t have a good reason to like the Nuggets (they’re my favorite team), but I keep coming here for more.

  • Michael (anotheraussienuggzfan)

    Let me be the first to say “HELL YEAH!”….You got it right, definitely the best draft day in Nuggets recent history.
    I must say I felt similar watching the picks coming up to number 22, I was looking at the players still available and thinking, if we don’t get Faried maybe Brooks or Hamilton.
    Then when Portland selected Nolan Smith, I was thinking WTF! How did Faried just land in our laps….WOOOHOOOO! However, I was keeping this all inside due to being at work (although being very unproductive as I was checking the espn site every 5 mins for updates).
    I really like the trade of Felton, not that I didn’t like the guy, but I knew he wasn’t happy being a reserve and we needed to get something in return.
    A lot of people on these forums and other places are saying how bad Miller is and he’s over the hill. Do these people forget how solid he was for Denver coming out of the terrible pre Melo era? He’s not a scoring machine, or a super fancy player, but he is a no nonsense guy that has hardly ever missed a game and used to be regarded as one of the best “lob passers” in the NBA.
    I personally have great memories of Miller throwing lobs to Camby, Martin and Melo and would love to see him lobbing some up for Nene, Hamilton, Faried and others. He was the starting point guard for the Blazers and carried a huge load for the team when Brandon Roy was out.
    Last season he averaged 12.7ppg, 7 assists, 3.7rpg and shot 85% from foul line. In the playoffs he averaged 14.8ppg, 5.5 assists, 3.2rpg and shot 79% from the foul line. These numbers are not stellar, but are still very solid.
    He has always been a solid defender has also been great at posting up smaller guards which gives us something that Felton and Ty couldn’t due to their size. He also provides some veteran leadership and a mentor for Ty.
    I’ve been going through a few YouTube clips of Hamilton and he looks like a real scoring threat. There are comments that he takes a few “bad” shots, but a lot of young scorers that can create their own shot do (rather than just camping out waiting for the ball to come them for an open jumper).
    He has good athleticism and looked like he can finish around the rim with both hands, although some say he needs more work on his left, but I’ve seen NBA vets that may as well play missing their left arm for all the ball control they have with it, so as long as he continues to work and develop he should fine. I am concerned that we have too many shooting guard/small forward type guys, AA and JR are more natural 2’s. Chandler, Forbes and even Hamilton can and have played the 2 spot but are more natural 3’s behind Gallo.
    I think we are solid all across the board and would be more than happy to re-sign the three we made offers to, along with Nene and then stand pat. JR would be a nice to have as I like seeing him light it up, but I don’t think he will return after so many “issues” with Coach Karl. K-mart was a solid contributor last season, however became expendable with the pick of Faried, and is looking for a championship contender.
    My idea of the starters and rotation:
    Starters Backed up by
    C – Mozgov – Koufos/Andersen
    PF – Nene – Faried/Harrington/Andersen
    SF – Gallo – Chandler/Hamilton/Forbes
    SG – Afflalo – Forbes/Chandler/Hamilton
    PG – Lawson – Miller/possible FA signing
    With two legit 7 footers that can get up and down the court and seem to have a genuine love of the game, we should be developing them. Bump Nene to the 5 now and then with Faried at the 4 and you’ve got a nice front line.
    Only thing now is, I hope the NBAPA and the owners sort out a deal to get next season starting on time so we can enjoy watching our Nuggets!

    • Ernie

      Only thing that scares me there is that your backup 3’s are the same as the backup 2’s. I thought Chandler and Forbes, and Hamilton will likely fit the bill as well, were excellent 3’s but out of place when they filled in as 2’s or 4’s. Perhaps there will be someone to sign when JR leaves.

  • scotsreality

    Set aside all the mellow drama and nonsense and get to the facts. Christ. I can’t believe I just read this entire, well, more like half of this blog. I selected the link under Nuggets news to learn about who they drafted and got in trade. Not to read a little boy’s orgasmic replay of the NBA draft. I really wish they would separate this nonsense with the real sports news. justsayin

    • Ernie

      It’s a free blog. I’m sure you can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. But most of us are happy they spend the time.

      • Lil Rik

        If you are a Nuggets fan you have the DP – Hochman and Dempsey, and Roundball – that’s it…

    • Bennett

      Dude. Last night this was the only place on the web that was reporting the whole “we landed Hamilton news.” Don’t hate. This kids style of writing is awesome. He’s obviously a fan and not a paid sports columnist. Don’t hate!

    • Kalen

      This isn’t a hard news website; it’s a blog. If you want hard news, you’re best off going to the Denver Post or ESPN, although you’ll probably find as much opinion there as you do here.

      Like the post mentions, we’ll have a ton of analysis on these players soon. But if you’ve been following this blog (which is seems you haven’t) you’d know leading up to the Draft, Roundball offered detailed player-breakdowns, Big Boards, up-to-date news regarding anything Nuggets related and possible trade scenarios involving Felton — which what do you know, actually came true.

      If you’d like more information about Faried, please read both of our Big Board posts, as you’ll find he’s been ranked out No. 1 player for weeks. Hamilton and “Chu Chu” came out of the blue, so unfortunately we don’t have anything on them currently, but I do know Hamilton slipped big time in this draft and Chu Chu worked out for us recently.

      Look, this was a crazy night. I wanted Faried maybe more than any other Nuggets fan out there. I studied him so much leading up to the draft and consistently had him as the only player Nuggets fans should be dying to get. When he finally made it past the Blazers I was overcome with joy. I’ve been a sports fan for a while now, and I’ve never felt this way. In fact, journalism school has rendered me quite objective if you want to know the truth. But for me, this signified a lot, both with this blog and the Nuggets in general. I invest so much of my own free time into this team, and feel so blessed that Masai has come along to continue to keep us competitive. We easily could be the Bobcats, Timerwolves or Raptors, but instead we’re not going to be, and for that I am so thankful in so many ways.

      Should I have simply brushed this off as just another draft night, reported the news and moved on? Maybe, but where’s the fun in that? I’m not under contract to report a certain way, so there’s no reason I should to conform to some kind of standards. Although like I said, we do take pride in our content.

      If you want to stick around, we’ll have some more stuff along the lines of hard news that I’m sure you’ll appreciate, but if not, thanks for stopping by anyways, and as always, Go Nuggets!

    • diehardnr1

      I think the kid does a fine job…he obviously loves his team and makes very astute observations for a novice in his field. Give him time to get jaded by the “real news” employers he will have to endure. His style reminds me of a young Woody Paige…nice mix of humor and relevant points!

      Hey scotsreality…here’s an idea…write Faux News and see if they can start covering the NBA

    • Lil Rik

      It’s comical to me that you took the time to read the whole (long and detailed) blog, and then took more time to write and bitch about what a waste of your time it was. Maybe you should take up knitting. Just sayin…

  • FaceIt

    Take it easy kid. Farried sucks anyway. Won’t even be a decent role player.

    • Ernie

      Stat geeks have found that rebounding is the area that most translates from college to the pros, and Faried has more rebounds than anyone in the history of college. Are you just trying to anger the locals or do you have something more to offer than “sucks”.

      • Drew

        Probably a Blazers fan

        • Josh

          You Nugget fans are all excited about average players. The Blazers roster is so much deeper and more talented than yours. It’s not even close!

          PG: Felton, Patty Mills, Armon Johnson
          SG: Roy, Wes Matthews, Elliot Williams
          SF: Gerald Wallace, Nicholas Batum, Luke Babbit
          PF: LaMarcus Aldridge, Earl Baron
          C: Marcus Camby, Greg Oden, Chris Johnson.

          That is depth at it’s finest.

          • diehardnr1

            What? You guys have two DEN cast-offs and one of the most fragile teams in the league…Oh yeah…Thanks for delivering Faried and Hamilton to us

            • Lil Rik


              Felton is serviceable

              Roy is DONE bro, DONE. His knees are shot – a shot in the arm off the bench AT BEST for the rest of his career.

              Camby is WAY past his prime, still decent defensively, but will kill you with his 10 17-foot bricks a game.

              Oden – do I really need to say anything? Kevin Durant – enough said. Oh wait, Sam Bowie too…

              Aldridge and Wallace are studs, but that hardly constitutes “so much deeper and more talented than yours. It’s not even close!”

              you’re entitled to your opinion, but please – if you think that the Blazers are that much better, you’re dreaming

          • Drew

            Was that a serious statement? The Nuggets are the deeper team and you just proved that by listing the Blazers’ depth chart. Patty Mills? Earl Baron?? Chris Johnson??? Oden will never play a full season and your franchise player, Brandon Roy, doesn’t have any knees. By the way, what’s it like not getting out of the first round since 2000?

          • Neal

            HAHAHA, that was a joke right? Aldridge, Batum one day maybe, Wallace is close due to his hustle but you saw what happened when he tried to be a scorer in the playoffs, and that’s all you got bro! The rest is basically a D-league team and a guy who can only play once a week

  • Bennett

    I’ve been a Nuggets fan my whole life. 6 years ago I moved to Austin to get a graduate degree. I had no Idea this blog existed until looking for draft news last night. What a gem you guys have going here. This post is epic. I laughed. I cried (mostly from laughter). Well done! Here’s to a great draft (for once) by the Nuggets, and here’s to my new favorite blog!

  • Bennett

    As a UT alum, I’ve seen a whole lot of Hamilton. His only downside is decision making. He was undoubtedly the go-to guy at UT, and often had trouble letting the game come to him. When Texas won he had a great game, when they lost he didn’t play well. Hopefully George can get him to understand the flow of a game and teach him how to facilitate and play team offense. If he can do that, this may end up being the steal of the 2011 draft. The kid can score in buckets, he has a long reach, plays hard on the defensive end and loves to rebound. Also he can play (and defend) the 2 or 3 in the NBA which will help with the log jam at the 3 spot.

    • Marmatard

      Sounds like JR Smith v2.0

      • diehardnr1

        I’m hoping the updated version is more mature. Hamilton gained a lot of maturity during his time at Texas …something JR could have used a little of

    • Kalen

      Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s interesting because I know virtually nothing on Hamilton at the moment, other than that he’s a really good shooter, so its great to hear he’s a good defender and rebounder — two things that are always much needed in Denver. Please feel free to give as much insight into Hamilton as possible, since you clearly know the most about him.

  • Jeff

    I have a question. Not following all the ins and outs as well, what happened with the 52nd pick? It was the Nuggets and then it was the Pistons. All I can find is that it “may be conveyed” to Detroit or Portland. Why did we owe it to Detroit and who decides to convey it, Denver or Detroit?

    • GK4Prez

      It went to Detroit via of the Afflalo trade.

  • Slader

    Great draft. Viva Masai!
    However, even if Kmart and JR walk, the Nuggs are going to have the kind of problems you want – too many good players – but a problem nonetheless.
    If they re-sign everyone, Hamilton in particular is gonna have trouble getting minutes, with Gallo, Chandler and Harrington in front of him. From the videos I’ve seen, he looks very much like a 3 – couldn’t possibly cover the faster NBA SG’s.
    We should have a very competitive training camp.

    • ryanvdonk

      i think hamilton make chandler expendable and they’ll let him walk if the offer he gets is not a complete lowball. seems like a similar player, but could be better if he stays focused (which if you remembered, chandler seemed completely disinterested at the end of the season and even playoffs). hopefully he attacks the basket aggressively cause i remember being annoyed when chandler would go up soft instead of dunking, which sometimes led to blocks and misses.

      faried seems like a great pick, at best he’s a bigger rodman who will get all sorts of rebounds and dirty work putbacks all while playing great defense. worse case senario is a more athletic reggie evans, which doesn’t seem too bad to me.

      as for JR i think he’s harder to replace than the nuggets would like us to believe, (unless they’re interested in jamal crawford). just is not a lot of options out there who are instant offense at the 2 for a reasonable price. personally i’d rather see him start over afflalo cause we all know what he has the potential to be, but unless something happens this summer with him and karl i just dont see that type of trust happening.

  • Ricardo Octavio

    I have a feeling that the nuggets’ line-up may look a follows for next season:

    C-Timofey Mosgov/Kosta Koufos/Chris Anderson
    PF-Nene/Kenneth Faried/Harrington/Chris Anderson
    SF-Danilo Gallinari/Jordan Hamilton/Wilson Chandler/Gary Forbes
    SG-Aaron Afflalo/Wilson Chandler/Gary Forbes
    PG-Ty Lawson/Andre Miller(may be waived or traded)

  • Seth

    Watching Hamilton highlights. He actually reminds me alot of Wilson Chandler in the way he can score in bunches can play the 2 or the 3 and takes pride in his defense!! Love the Pick of Faried by the way! He might be the most underrated player in the draft. He is a definite steal for us

  • Uptown Nuggz

    Love the blog. Don’t mind the new York fans following their cast-offs.
    The way you feel about faried is how I felt about singleton. That said, think faried will be great. Andy Katz just said that in five years he will be the best player from this draft. Hamilton was a nice surprise though I don’t know why he slipped so far. I did see some of his Texas games and was impressed. He was the best player on a great defensive team. He should fit well not having to be The primary scorer.
    Another thing from last night… Philly didn’t move iguadala. Hmm…
    Gallo packaged with Harrington or miller or picks?
    That has the makings of a defensive powerhouse that could be epic.
    Only four more months… I hope

  • DHinNYC

    Hahah your writing has gone full gonzo! I hope you’re right about all this.

    I’m not so bullish, myself. I’m excited to see Faried but is he really such a game changer? He doesn’t really have much of an offensive game from what I read. I’m worried he’s just a rich man’s Renaldo Balkman. Not that we could have done better at 22. I’m just sayin…

    What really concerns me is that we gave away Raymond Felton. The speculation that Portland had to pass on Faried as part of the deal is probably true, but if not rushed away a huge bargaining chip for an untested prospect and Andre Miller, who offers little scoring value to the second unit, and wont want to come off the bench anyway.

    Should have kept Felton in my opinion. Would have liked to see him traded for a Lamar Odom-caliber big, or used to get rid of a shitty contract.

    • Kalen

      Interesting perspective. I thought we made out like bandits. It really all hinges on whether Hamilton pans out or not. But to be honest, I’d prefer Miller over Felton for one year anyways. He’s older, wiser and a much better mentor. Ty will learn a lot from him (and Chauncey), where as Felton was just in the way.

      • Lil Rik

        Felton was gone after this year anyway – he’d sign a multi-year FA contract to start somewhere. Andre gives us exactly what we need off the bench for the same price as Felton, and we may end up with him for a year or two more at a reasonable price. This is all speculation, on all of our parts, but I like the hand the Nuggets have to play right now…..

  • Joey

    Good blog. I was also excited to land Faried, he should be able to rebound against the 3s, not sure if he has enough muscle right now against the 4s. But I have to agree that Masai and Josh are doing very well managing this organization, lots to grow with.

  • Jakethedestroyer

    Nuggets picked up gerald wallace 2.0.

    I’m pissed that we didn’t get a sniff at that guy when he was being shopped last year. Pissed. Still.

    But looks like we picked up a real similar, younger dude. I don’t see him as the steal of the draft yet, but I see him acting a lot like a dajuan blair in his rookie season. Let’s win 50 games next year!!!! (Assuming 60 or more are played)

  • Zack

    DHinNYC: Faried will be a rebounding machine. Rebounding is the stat that translates the best from college to the NBA and Faried had the most rebounds in college history. He will rebound really well and be a very good defensive and rebound player for us. As for Andre Miller, if we do keep him, we won’t need him to score with the second unit. He can run and be the distributor. We have plenty of scorers and added another one with Hamilton. Faried will do the Birdman like dirty work and Miller will distribute.

    Also, how crazy would it be to see Birdman and Faried play together at the 5 and 4, respectively. Wow, that’s a tagteam in terms of hustle and rebounding that I want to see!

    I hope the NBA works out a deal for the CBA. There may be no basketball or football coming up :(

    • Kalen

      Talk about a tag-team. Bird and Faried look like one straight outta the WWF! I think their energy is gonna be unrivaled, but their offense is another story.

  • Sylvan

    Prediction: Chris Anderson and Nene’s rebounds are going to take a major statistical dive and they’ll all go to Faried.

  • Drew

    Completely shocked that Portland took Nolan Smith. I was convinced that they wanted Faried because it fills one of their most important needs, a backup for LaMarcus, and they loved his energy and rebounding. And then I heard Portland and Denver might be trading picks and I think my heart stopped. So happy that was not the case. I am a little weary on picking up Andre Miller. He will be a great player and the Nuggets need his veteran leadership. The problem is that George Karl loves him like he loved Anthony Carter, meaning that Karl will have him in when Ty would be much more useful during certain points of the game.

    • DHinNYC

      I agree. Karl loves pass first point guards. And while I was looking forward to seeing Ty Lawson become a more aggressive scorer, I worry Andre Miller’s style and Karl’s schizophrenic coaching may stunt that growth.

      • Kalen

        I think Ty will be too good for Karl to do that, but I agree, it worries me. I just think Ty is gonna take a HUGE stride this year, meanwhile Miller is getting pretty old in terms of NBA years. I think out of all the point guard combinations we’ve seen over the years with Karl, a Miller-Lawson one might be the best because of contrasting styles.

        • Lil Rik

          I think Ty will be fine. He’s not (in my view) a score first point guard, but a point guard who can score…

  • Lil Rik

    In all reality I don’t see how you could have asked for a better daft. Throw in Marshon Brooks and I’m happy – nuggets will need a 2 off the bench to knock down shots if JR leaves (which wouldn’t hurt my feelings). I think Faried will bring it – 4 year senior draft (Tim Duncan) who averaged double-doubles ALL 4 YEARS (Including his freashman year at 10.5 & 8) – and my #1 choice considering the Nuggets position in the draft. Hamilton has nothing but upside – even if he were a bust you’re really playing with house money anyway. Miller will be under contract for at least as long as Felton would have, and even if all the get out of him is Hamilton, it’s still worth it. Andre will backup Ty and do a damn fine job the guy is still very solid.

    And the play-by-play was great! hah -hilarious!

    • Lil Rik

      Hamilton – 6’9″ 228lbs, Sophomore out of Texas – 18.6 & 7.7 per game, 78%ft. if you get even half of what you would dream about from both of these guys you would have a DEEP and BIG frontcourt that can score ad defend. Really – Nene needs to come back, he’s in his prime. If JR or Chandler goesm you can absorb it, but Nene is just a beast. They will pony up the dough – Kroenke and Majiri get it, and they will bring him back. Also – Melo/Chauncey trade = Gallo, Mozgov, Chandler, Andre Miller, and Hamilton. Really? Can’t wait to see what Mozgov brings.

  • Lil Rik

    And….. If Faried Went to Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, Uconn, and puts up the same numbers, he comes out as a sophomore or junior and goes top 5 – guaranteed. Nope, Morehead State.

    • Uptown Nuggz

      My worry is that he didn’t go to any of those schools. He racked up those numbers in the Ohio valley conference.
      He’s been beating up on kids that would play intramural league in power conferences.
      That said I’m hoping for the best and I’m taking the”wait and see” approach on him
      Love the upside of Hamilton. Barnes gave him the Pete carrol-mark Sanchez treatment cuz he knew they had nobody to replace him.
      He could wind up as one The best players from this draft and he fills a glaring need if will and jr leave.

      • Kalen

        Remember, Rodman went to Southeastern Oklahoma State, and was also only 6-foot-6. Rebounding, defense and hustle are things that work at any level, that’s why I think Faried will pan out.

        • Lil Rik

          Steve McNair – Alcorn State
          Scottie Pippen – Central Arkansas
          Shannon Sharpe – SE Savannah St.

      • diehardnr1

        He also played well vs “superior” teams in the NCAA Tourny…just ask Louisville…

        I don’t care where you play…you put up all-time NCAA rebound numbers I’m gonna give you a shot…

        Faried comes from a small shool, yes…but so did his idol…Dennis Rodman

  • Michael (anotheraussienuggzfan)

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, Miller is one of the best lob passers in the league, seems Chris Dempsey over at the DenverPost aggrees.

    In Andre Miller the Nuggets got a new point guard. But do they still have the same issue?

    By Chris Dempsey

    “Andre wants to win,” Ujiri said. “That’s what he wants to do. That’s what he said. He wants to come in here and he wants to win. He’s going to help us mentor these kids and teach these guys how to play. One of the best lob throwers in the league. That’s what he said to me, he wants to win.”

  • Neal

    My girlfriend is a Trail-gays fan so I had to watch a bunch of Blazers games last year. I think Andre still has a bunch of game left in him. He can still push the pace, get everyone else good looks, throws a great lob, and started reminding me of Chuancey, in that when you really need a bucket, he knows how to either get to the rim or get fouled. I think that as long as he is ok coming off the bench (which ESPN says he is) I think he’s perfect to run the second unit, mentor Ty and give us some veteran leadership (my GF wass pissed they traded him over Roy).

    At the bginning of the year Hamilton was going off at Texas, I remember people comparing him to T-Mac. That may be a little ambitious, but he was certainly very highly thought of for a long time and could be a steal, assuming he see’s the court. Unless he becomes a nasty 6’9″ 2 guard, I say we try and move Chandler for something. I’m worried that if JR leaves that we won’t have that 2 to knock down shots when Afflao is out.

  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    Yeah great draft for the nuggets. Over the moon to get faried, I think worst case is he can be a better version of Balkman (more athletic, more rebounds, won’t think he can shoot), and I never minded balkman but he just wasnt quite good enough. Best case Rodman? I think drafting faried and hamilton makes Harrington entirely redundant that’s for sure.

    I am undecided about the Hamilton pickup, I suppose because we really didn’t need another 3.
    However, every mock draft had him going in the teens which is encouraging. Looks like nuggets did what every team says they will do but usually don’t – draft the best player available.

    I feel like we really have too many players at this point which will be a problem if we start the season like this as there won’t be enough minutes. But its not a bad problem because maybe we can use the assets we have to make one or two more trades.

    I know this is a bit different to what others have said but think our core should be;

    Nene, Mozgov,
    Gallo, Faried,
    Chandler, Hamilton,
    AAA, JR
    Ty, JR

    Then you can package a variety of Koufos, Anderson, Harrington, Forbes, and Miller, to maybe bring in a young backup PG and one more front court contributor.

    I hope trading for Hamilton doesn’t mean we are letting Wilson walk. Then again if the nuggets believe Gallo is a SF, we really cant have Wilson, Gallo and Hamilton all on the same team.

    I’m fantasizing about a PF/SF combo of gallo and faried. Gallo plays SF on offense, drills threes and gets to the ft line, while faried just crashes the offensive glass and gets putback dunks, then depending on matchups, the shorter more athletic fairied guards the opponent’s SF while taller gallo plays their PF.

    Really exciting future for nugs. My final point, do not fall into the Houston trap of acquiring TOO MANY good pieces and not deciding who your best guys are.

    Its great to be deep, but it could cause more harm than good if our young players can’t get enough consistent minutes to develop properly and/or older players get disgruntled about not enough PT.

    But we have to trust Masai, and I do.

  • dylan

    This is awesome. Faried and hamilton…not to mention we have for a veteran leader on the floor in andre miller. I think Hamilton is going to make the transition to a star playerwith his size and shooting ability..Nene needs to stay and should play at power forward…starting line up: MOZGOV NENE GALINARI AFFLALO MILLER…I cannot wait for the season to start.

  • Brian

    The worst pick in draft history does belong to the Nuggets, but it isn’t LaFrentz or Tskitishvilli. It was Efthimios Rentzias.

    • Lil Rik

      Really, can’t disagree – Horrible picks…

      Worst ever? Don’t know about that, but it is possible. I still cringe over that Rentzias pick…

  • Steven

    I so wish I were a Nuggets fan right now. I’ve got draft envy.

    I made the following comment on the Truehoop Network’s Blazers’ blog, and I thought I’d repost it here:

    “No offense to Nolan Smith (whom I think will have a good career in the NBA), but I can already see visions of Faried in a Nuggets uniform slamming a monster put-back over a surprised Blazer.

    The thing is, a moment like that is the best case scenario in terms of how embarrassed Portland will end up being for not taking Faried.”

    Hamilton is a great player too. All round great draft for the Nuggets.

  • Shareef

    “When it’s all said and done, he might go down as the best player in this draft” Funny, I think no one will be a bigger bust than knight. The NBA is not the AAU (where knight has built his paper legend.) Kentucky had to shelve large parts of their dribble drive offense because the kid was shoot first! If Farid is to get an impactfull # of minutes his presence along with Kenyon/Nene/Birdman, his lack of a jumper seriously congests floor spacing. Hopefully he will make up the lost offensive efficiency with second shots and fast break points.

  • Naren

    I was confused by the denver front office last season, with how much the milked the Carmelo situation. They were even willing to part with billups, for felton, which i thought was a bit strange. But now they flipped felton for two additional assets. So lets look at the final tally:

    NY gets: Carmelo Anthony and Chauncy Billups
    Denver gets: G/F Wilson Chandler, F Danillo Gallinari, C Timofy Mosgov, PG Andre Miller, SF Jordan Hailton!!! and a draft pick in 2012.

    That is insane value!!! I mean insane value for a disgruntled no defense playing non-big man superstar!!!

    Now the nuggets have the following players already for next season

    PG Lawton, Miller
    SG Afflalo, Chandler
    SF Gallinari, Hamilton
    PF Fareed, Harrington
    C Nene, Birdman, Mosgov

    This is a balanced team with great versatility and limited duplication of skills. Great work denver front office!!!

  • Jakethedestroyer

    Trade al harrington, please!!!!!!
    He looked like eric dampier in the late seaon and playoffs. No D. And a liability on offense. Past his prime!!!!

  • Colby

    I thought the Nuggets had a great draft! Faried will do whatever it takes to be the best that he can be. I hope that he ends up like Rodman! I also think Hamilton will be a stud as well! He reminds me a lot of Stephen Jackson.

    Now that the draft is done, I would like to see the Nuggets make a run at Andre Iguodala! Give them Harrington and Chandler for him. Maybe throw a pick in there too.

    As much as I like JR, I don’t think he will be brought back. I do think that they will bring back Nene. If they got Iguodala, their rotation could be:
    First team:
    PG- Lawson
    SG- Afflalo
    SF- Iguodala
    PF- Nene
    C- Mozgov
    Second team:
    PG- Miller
    SG- Hamilton/Forbes
    SF- Gallinari
    PF- Faried
    C- Birdman/Koufus

    They could even move Iguodala to SG when Afflalo is out and play Iguodala with Gallinari. They also need a young backup PG. I wish they would’ve found a way to get Charles Jenkins. He would’ve fit perfect cause he could play PG and SG, but I’m more than happy with the draft that they had.

  • Isaac G

    Love this blog and also loved what we did in the draft. Masai is turning this franchise from decent to superior in less than 1 season! Can’t wait to see if we go after Iggy. Content so far though. Go Nuggets!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Krishna105 Shelia Pratcher

    When you were writing this post, you must have been thinking, “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes..”.