Nene forces Nuggets to take option of insecurity

Thursday, the deadline for Nene to re-sign with the Denver Nuggets officially expired and no deal was reached. Though Masai Ujiri and the rest of Nuggets’ management feverishly attempted to cajole Nene into guaranteeing his services to the Nuggets organization for another handful of years similar to the deal he struck back in 2006, apparently Nene was not moved. Many believe this places the Nuggets in a somewhat precarious trench sandwiched between the grounds of stability and a total rebuilding of the franchise — at least until a new collective bargaining agreement is realized — but is it possible that this maxim is nothing more than an ostensible notion? Could the Nuggets be just fine without Nene’s services? Or will losing Nene force the Nuggets to officially re-build? Most importantly, by forgoing the opportunity to extend his career with the Nuggets, what exactly did Nene say?

First and foremost, lets answer the final question of the previous paragraph so that we may go forward with a better understanding of where the Nuggets stand in the Nene debacle.

As things stand (or stood up until Thursday), Nene had the choice to accept an $11.6 million player option for the 2011-12 season in addition to structuring a contract extension that likely would have seen him receive about the same amount of money he had been (roughly $11 million). For whatever reason, Nene decided not only to decline the enticing $11.6 player option, but also to reach a reasonable deal with the Nuggets that would allow him to continue his career in Denver. This likely means two scenarios played out when leading up to Thursday morning: Either Nene wanted more money, in which the Nuggets simply would not budge in giving up, or he wanted to play in another location for a different NBA franchise.

It’s reasonable to believe that Nuggets’ management, seeing the importance of the role Nene plays with the team, would have been willing to award Nene  a fairly decent pay check similar to the six-year $60 million he received in 2006. Taking into account age, production, position and all the other elements that factor into a multi-million dollar decision, $10 million per year is roughly the price a player like Nene should be inked for. However, according to ESPN, Nene was demanding upwards of $13 million per season, which is just flat-out steep. Nene knows this, Nene’s agent knows this and clearly Masai Ujiri and the rest of Nuggets management know this as well. One other crucial factor of the negotiating process that all parties vehemently understand, is likelihood that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is almost guaranteed to drastically slash player salaries, thus rendering Nene’s chance to sign for more than $13 million per season almost nonexistent. Knowing this, why would Nene and his agent continue to rebuff the Nuggets organization whilst strictly demanding an asking price nearly laughable for someone who has career averages of 12.3 points and 6.9 rebounds per game? The obvious answer: It’s a clever and polite way to disguise the fact that you no longer wish to carry out your career with your current employer.

Whether this is truly the case has yet to be determined. Of course there’s always the  possibility that Nene simply would like to explore his options, or that he really does believe he’s worth $13 million per year and won’t settle for less; regardless, it’s imperative that the Nuggets concoct a back-up plan as we speak so that in the event Nene does jettison himself to another location, we’re fully prepared.

If the Nuggets really still are on Nene’s radar, what he probably hasn’t realized yet, is how advantageous he’s inadvertently made them by opting out of his contract. You see, by the Nuggets not shelling out a cumbersome contract prior to this year’s free agency period, they now have some of the deepest pockets in which to spend on this year’s crops of free agents as any tea in the NBA. Unfortunately this is not exactly the historic class of 2010, but like any summer, there is talent to be had.

No. 1 on the Nugget’s list of players to court, should be Marc Gasol. At only 26 years of age and standing 7-foot-1, Gasol is younger and taller than Nene. Though both players have similar career averages, Gasol already averages more points, rebounds, blocks and assists per game in just three seasons in the league than Nene has over his nine-year career. Furthermore, when talking career playoff averages, Gasol has Nene beat in every category except field goal percentage, and in both players’ best single postseason run (Nene in 2009 and Gasol in 2011) Gasol thoroughly outperformed Nene to the tune of 15 points, 11.2 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 1.1 steals and 2.2 blocks per game to Nene’s measly 11.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.2 steals and .6 blocks per game. The point being: Gasol is already better than Nene in nearly every aspect of the game, and with Nene seemingly unwilling to budge on his demand for a near max-contract which would force the Nuggets to drastically overpay for a big man, why not overpay for the better player in Gasol?

If the Nuggets were able to obtain “Baby Gasol” it would then allow them to shell out a few extra dollars to keep K-Mart (who’s been entirely undervalued, and in my opinion is more important to the Nuggets’ success than Nene), and if that plan fell through, some guy named “Faried” (you might have heard of him) would likely serve as a near perfectly fit at the power forward spot next to the 7-foot center. The only caveat of this master plan is the fact that Gasol is a restricted free agent, but with Zach Randolph, Mike Conley and Rudy Gay on the books for a combined $199 million over the next five years (about $40 million per year) and Grizzlies owner Mike Heisley already admitting he won’t pay a ridiculous amount to keep Gasol, it seems somewhat realistic.

The bottom line is this: The Nuggets want Nene and are likely more than willing to work with him if he wants to continue his career in Denver. If Nene did however chose to move on, I don’t think it would be near as bad as many might perceive. In no way am I advocating for Nene to leave, but people need to realize that $13 million per season is a lot of dough to spend on one player alone. If we were able to distribute five of this to K-Mart and seven to an impact player like Samuel Dalmbert, Jamal Crawford or Jason Richardson — or just the entire sum to someone like Marc Gasol — I don’t see how that could be viewed as spending in vain. But even if we don’t manage to re-sign Nene, J.R. or K-Mart, fans should remain optimistic as there is no better time to have a down season considering the lockout would eliminate many painful games and in the process put us in line to get an early draft pick in the already historic 2012 NBA Draft.

Nevertheless, the prospect of Nene possibly ending his tenure with the Nuggets presents a poignant nostalgia as a shadow creeps over the Golden Era of basketball in Denver. Yes, J.R. could theoretically return — but it’s not likely. Yes, K-Mart could return — but it’s not likely. With Melo catching a severe (and deplorable) case of homesickness this past year, and Chauncey the victim of this unfortunate plight, Nene seemed to be the only long-term carryover of a sublime period that looked so promising just 14 months ago. Even with the brilliant job that rookie general manager, Masai Ujiri, has done, it’s difficult to see the Nuggets success being carried on perpetually without a solid cornerstone like Nene.

So… I wonder: Why is it that in the dead heat of such a glorious generation of Nuggets basketball, every member of this team suddenly seems so urgent to become an NBA vagabond? I’m intrigued by this dilemma, yet naturally, I have my suspicions.

Though Colorado is certainly not for everyone, by no means does it scare people away. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, evident by the large number of former athletes who have taken up permanent residence in Denver after ater their playing days have concluded. No matter where you’re from, general consensus is that Colorado is one of the most beautiful, fun, down-to-earth places in the world. So even if an inner city kid like Melo didn’t love the place, I still don’t see how it alone could possibly run them off, especially if the basketball was excellent.

But Melo was Melo. He was more bright lights, commercials, the occasional Stop Snitchin’ video (sorry, I had to) — where as Nene is quite the contrast. He’s from Brazil, he’s never been flashy, he’s seemed content and more than anything, his wife and her family are from Colorado! So what gives? Why would Nene even consider playing elsewhere?

The truth is, nobody knows at this point, but there is one other common denominator between this former championship caliber team and its desire to break up at the drop of a dime: George Karl. We know the current Nuggets’ coach has had a history of chippy relationships with his players which has led to his firing before, but is it fair to point to him as the main reason the most successful Nuggets team of all time is so eager to disband? We all know fan-favorite, J.R. Smith, is more than likely on his way out primarily because of this awkward player-coach relationship, but is it possible that others have simply grown tired of the George Karl schtick as well?

I don’t know the answer to this, and there’s a good chance nobody ever will. All I’m doing is trying to figure out why Denver is such an undesirable location for basketball players all of a sudden. The good thing is that nothing is written in stone, especially with the lockout now underway, but an ominous cloud has certainly flickered in the distance with the Nuggets’ inability to re-sign Nene. Whether this cloud simply disintegrates into the sky blue horizon, or snowballs into a dark nebulous billow of static instability is yet to be seen.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Kevin

    Sign and trade with the Warriors for Monta Ellis and Jeremy Tyler.

    I’ll throw in a Harrington as well.

    We’d get a good starting SG who would just need to score (which all Ellis does anyway) and what I believe is a diamond in the rough in Tyler.

    This would help us develop one of the three young centers and see which one has NBA chops while tossing Faried right into the mix. We wouldn’t have to sign Chandler, and Hamilton would serve as the immediate backup to Gallo, and thus playing his more natural position.

    Also, with Ellis on the team, we would have that go to guy who can hit the tough shots late in games and score consistently, which the Nuggets lacked when they lost Melo.

    Food for though.

    • Colby

      I like that. I think if the Nuggets did that, they should find a way to get Charles Jenkins too. I think he will be a good combo guard in the NBA!

    • Kalen

      I absolutely love that idea. For those unaware, the Warriors have long shown interest in Nene and are likely going to throw as much money at him as we would ever consider once free agency resumes. Here’s a very informative blog post by Tim Kawakami of the San Joze Mercury News on the issue:

      I’m not sure if the Warriors would give up Ellis for Nene, but if we threw in Harrington I bet they’d certainly consider it given they just drafted Thompson who is naturally more of a shooting guard than a small forward. If we could manage to pry Ellis from them I’d be ecstatic, but I think Tyler should be just as big of a priority and maybe even Jenkins too.

      • Kevin

        They probably won’t take on Harrington due to the fact they are only 7 million under the old cap – I just looked it up. Then again, apparently Harrington’s injury has been healing.

        I would be willing to part with Koufos and Nene for Monta alone. If I were the Nuggets, I would try to swing for Tyler as well, and I think we all know that Ujiri could get that done.

    • TheGuyNextDoor

      That would be awesome, but there is no way Aaron Affalo is going anywhere. He’s one of if not the best defenders at the guard position. He plays guys like Kobe and Wade straight up and usually keeps them under 20 points.

      He is also one of the best 3pt shooters in the game, and if he gets his chance he can put up 15-20 points every night no problem.

      Affalo is Coach Carls favorite player hands down with Nene a close second. Carl will put up a flight like you have never seen to make sure Affalo stays in town and with him on the roster he’s not going to bench his favorite player, and best perimiter defender.

  • nuggets down under

    does anyone know what memphis offered to marc gasol as a starting offer????

  • 1ArmedEconomist

    I hope some team gives Nene a five year, $13 million dollar a year deal. I also hope that the minute the deal is signed, Nene’s knees buckle and his remaining nut rots off. A demand of this sort from a player who has never won a Championship, who fades in big games, who might play a quarter at his potential, who has modest numbers compared to anyone paid that well, is exactly what wrong with the NBA. We, the fans, paid him for nine seasons and he showed up for, what, six?

    I, for one, an not buying into ‘overpaying’ anybody. I’m tired of being ripped off by the KMarts, who my son nicknamed The TROSS, or the mini-TROSS that is Wark’s Revenge.

    I’d rather watch the Nuggets lose with young players who have some respect for the game and the fans.

    May David Stern and the Owners break this Union’s back and send the LeBrons and the Nene (you’ve got to be kidding me) Hilariouses to China to play exhibition games!

    Needless to say, I’ve had it!!!

    • Donna

      That was so well-said I might make a t-shirt featuring that comment. That is almost word-for-word how I feel! I don’t want owners getting away with felonious greed, but this season the arrogance, egomania, whining and complete disregard for the fans who bought the mansions and fancy cars was sickening. And Nene…$13 mil? Really?? Dirk Nowitzki only makes $17 mil/yr and is the MVP of the championship team. Nene’s never even been an All-Star.

    • Lil Rik

      LOL on the nut rolls off comment. Agreed on everything else. P.S. why does everyone talk like Marc Gasol is a free agent or that Memphis would just hand him away for Gallo and a free draft pics. Delusional, people are…

  • Ernie

    From a strategic standpoint this could be a big mistake if it was about paying Nene $13M a year vs $10M. There is a lot of talk about changing the rules for just this year to allow teams to take their worst contract and not have it count against the new hard cap. This would allow the Gilbert Arenas teams a break against their stupidity since those contracts were done without a hard cap.

    I am firmly against this potential rule because using sound cap judgement should be an advantage. But if it does come in than overpaying Nene by $3M would hurt Kroenke’s wallet but not affect the Nuggets cap since that would be the contract to use it on. My understanding is that the rule would not apply to contracts done after a potential new CBA so overpaying Gasol or Nene now would not offer this advantage.

    Of course if Nene just wanted to leave my point is moot.

    • Douglas

      We have to pray that this rule is part of the new agreement. This is our only chance to get rid of the Harrington contract. If this rule doesn’t exist, we are stuck with one of the worst contracts in the league for another 4 years…

      • Ernie

        Again the rule doesn’t violate the contract, the player still gets paid but the salary just wouldn’t count against the cap. Harrington is making just under $5.765M a year for the next 4 years, which is a bad deal for the Nugs given his productivity but not a killer if the cap is $60M or so (less than 10% on a roster of 12). Nene is looking to make $13M a year, so the ability to not count that would be much more impactful.

        Also our current highest paid player on the roster: Andre Miller at $7.3M.

    • Jeremy

      Keep in mind if you use the amnesty clause, the player is released so you could not remove Nene’s contract from the cap and have him still play for the Nuggets. Dallas used the amnesty clause on Michael Finley during the last CBA and he ended up playing for the Spurs and I believe they won a title with him. So the Mavs were paying him in the high teens, but he won with their rival.

      • Ernie

        I thought this rule would be different than past rules, in that the point was in going from a “soft” cap with exceptions we were going to a “hard” cap that all teams had to spend under. This version, of having one contract that won’t count agains the cap, would be a way of bridging the gap since those contracts were signed under the soft cap rules. Is this not the case so the rule would be new and different?

  • Ricardo

    If Nene want to be paid more money than he’s worth, they should let him go; they should spend the money on getting efficient free agents. I also think they should let go of Smith and Martin and just keep Chandler, Afflalo, and Forbes and get some free agents (whenever free agency starts) like Marc Gasol, Jamal Crawford, or J Rich to fill the holes that are left. Even if the nuggets don’t end up in the playoffs next year, they could always get into the lottery to get a great player and start rebuilding like the Thunder did.

  • Kalen

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I just wanted to apologize for all the editing mistakes I’ve had recently. The computer I’m working with is pretty old, so when I type there’s about one-second delay, which leads to a lot of corrections and many I just miss. Even though I edited this three times last night, there were still slips. I’ll have a new computer here soon though.

    • Lil Rik

      THAT’S IT! I’m taking my business elsewhere…

  • Dre

    I’ll be honest, I’d love a better Center than Nene. However, name one team with such a player that we have a shot at?

    If this team was willing to offer Melo max for 3 then Nene at 13 a year should not even be a question. His initial contract was bad. We spent 60 mill on a young injured player. He’s been healthy for the last several years and the best player on our team. I have no problem with him testing free agency as Denver spent all it’s time on Melo when it should have been focusing on Nene.

  • Neal

    We already lose Nene for 3/4 of the game anyway, whats the harm in letting him walk if he wants that much $?

    I like the Gasol idea but I too am very worried about why everyone wants to leave. Has to be that crazy guy who calls himself a head coach (coach’s are suppossed to coach George, not just sit there with your arms crossed looking like you hate everything when things are going wrong. And do you know what a time out is?) I think it’s Hastings time! Anybody?

  • Lt

    One thing to be clear here, if we should NOT overpay for Charmin (aka Nene). Period end of story. If he wants to leave, let him leave.

    Also, JR is nota fan favorite, at elast not to me. Tired of JR’s act. He will never be consistent enough. Not in Denver , not with Karl coaching him.

    Also, we do NOT to resign Kmart. he’s already ripped us off once. Second time would be SHAME on the Nuggets.

    I like your idea of going after Gasol. That would be a graet pickup. We would have such a big team and I lvoe that. You could start both Moz and Gasol with Gallo at the three.

    Or if you get Baby Gasol, how would Big Brother look in a Nuggets uniform? Sign & Trade with Lakers (can’t believe I just said that) for Pau. You could have the Gasol brothers with Gallo, AAA and Lawson…not bad of a lineup, with Moz, Bird, Miller, Faried and Hamilton off the bench. Faried and Bird are both 15-20 minutes a night guys at this point.

    See if you can sign Chandler and keep him til 12/15 (if there is a season) and trade him for some assets if it doesnt work out.

  • B1134

    George Karl. Bye!!!!!! Thats the only way. Why is it the sports writers get it but the fans can only talk about the players they hate and the ones they want. Get rid of Karl……Please!!!! You guys can talk about all the players you want but look at the coach. Whats his playoff record? Look at all the good teams he has had.

    • ryanvdonk

      karl actually did have success in seattle (1 finals, 1 WCF, 3 2nd Rnds and those 2 years of 1st round exits), but he also had TWO ultra-talented stars (not to mention detlef was an all-star third option) who could play alongside his personality.

      as for little gasol in powder blues, i have one reservation that i dont see many people taking in to account, the nuggets love to run and get out in transition, this is why nene has so much value to the team as he is able to catch and slam it before the other team gets back into a set defense. gasol is a traditional lumbering center who is not going to get back and join in on many of these opportunities.

    • Lil Rik

      What a wonderfully half-baked idea!! I love how you also produced a viable alternative to replace one of the all-time winningest coaches in the NBA. Since, you know, it’s SO easy to win a championship, and SO MANY professional coaches have won championships.

      I have a great idea for a replacement coach – Josh McDaniels

  • bill

    Time for a rant.

    I don’t understand why fans are so protective of money that doesn’t belong to them. I can assure you that the owners are making money off of their NBA franchises either directly or indirectly. Players are more important to the sport.

    Nene is certainly worth 13 mil a year. However, there is some concern regarding whether signing Nene to a long term deal would hamper the Nuggets in the future. I don’t think 13 mil for a starting center in the NBA would financially cripple the Nuggets. But at the same time, the idea of going after a younger guy like Marc Gasol is intriguing. My hesitation with that strategy is that I don’t think Memphis will let him go.

    If the Nuggets do not sign Nene or Gasol or any other quality center then the Nuggets will be put in a position where they must rely on our unproven young centers Moz and KK. But this makes me very nervous because knowing George Karl, he will most likely give the minutes to Al Harrington rather than developing the youth.

    Rant over

    • Ernie

      I think the posters are being protective of the cap room and not the actual money. If there is a hard cap of $60M, and Nene takes 22% of it, than that is a serious committment to a non-all star.

    • http://TullipMania 1ArmedEconomist

      At the peak of tulip mania, in February 1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman

      I contend than the nothing-extrodinary Nene can be replaced by a pretty good and pretty cheap Power Forward who can be bought for a lot less than $13 million, so the argument is economic and not protective of somebody elses money. Furthermore, if you want to bring this Lockout to a quick end, vow not to watch an NBA game ever again, in person or on TV. Should enough fans take a boycott pledge, both the players and the owners will fold. So, who’s money is it anyway? It’s yours!

      • Lil Rik

        Nicely, nicely put…

    • Lil Rik

      “I can assure you that the owners are making money off of their NBA franchises either directly or indirectly”

      You can?? So I take it you’ve seen the audited financials of all of the tems in the league?


      “But at the same time, the idea of going after a younger guy like Marc Gasol is intriguing. My hesitation with that strategy is that I don’t think Memphis will let him go.”


  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    Yeah I am also for offering Marc Gasol 13mil over nene. I see the griz, getting back rudy gay, as a potential top 4 team in the west, as I believe the nuggets should be. That makes the griz big rivals. As you say marc gasol is restricted, so at the very least we make them pay top dollar for him.

    You didn’t mention Oden but I think he is another guy who should be in the conversation.

    I wonder if nene is keen to head to the nets (going to brooklyn, billionare owner, deron williams), could we offer a sign and trade for brook lopez?

    Finally want to make this point, I really agree that Monta Ellis is a stud, and that he may be picked up at great value at the moment since the warriors are shopping him,

    BUT we just have to be wary that if the warriors don’t think a curry and ellis back court can work, why ar we so sure a lawson and ellis back court work.

    I still don’t really think ellis is a true shooting guard, he needs the ball in his hands and doesn’t shoot that well from distance.

    We already have two very good shooting guards. I would personally argue, factoring in defense and attitude, that a backcourt of lawson and AAA is better than lawson and ellis.

    Then again some would argue that a three guard rotation of lawson, ellis (splitting time at the 1 and 2), and AAA could be pretty sick, maybe I have just talked myself into it…

    • Thomas


    • Lil Rik

      What is up with everyone wet-dreaming about getting Marc Gasol? yes, DREAMING. Why would Memphis ever trade this guy, especially to a Western conference foe? And for who? Gallo?

  • Kmack

    What is with all the Karl hate? Did you see how the nuggets played two seasons ago without Karl? They fell apart.

    • Lil Rik

      Amen, in stereo

  • jc3

    here is your solution
    sign david west sign mark gasol maybye sign jamal crawford
    let go of jr smith nene and kenyon

    trade wilson chandler( if he does not do well) and al harrington for a quality player thad young jeff green type

    develope talent gallo ty lawson (all star talent gallo ty) kenneth faried and mozgov and jordan ham maybye chu chu

    Then if the nuggets go out in the first round again fire coach karl

    GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CCH

    To Bill;
    Give Karl some credit, he took Al Harringtons minutes away at the end of the season/ playoffs when he wasn’t contributing and gave the minutes to the young guys.

    • CCH

      Throw the blame at Warkentein for signing Harrington. Just think a solid two way player making the league minimum (Gary Forbes) could of had every one of Al’s minutes.

      • Lil Rik

        It wasn’t Warkentien’s idea to sign Harrington – he was on his way out and got overruled…..

  • bill

    I think GK is one of the better coaches in the league. I just don’t understand his rotations, allocation of playing time, and the way he develops players. Over Karl’s tenure the Nuggets have had sufficient talent, however they never seemed to improve beyond a marginal spurt here or a miraculous performance there.

    Out of Nene, JR, Kmart, Billups, Iverson, and even Melo, it seems as though none of them played to their potential under Karl. Iverson and Billups were older when they came, so we can dismiss those two cases. But what about Melo, Nene, JR, and some of the other young talent? Melo never progressed to be a strong MVP candidate. JR and Nene never made an all-star team when they clearly had the talent. Perhaps my standards are too high, but I want the Nuggets to win a championship in my lifetime!

    • Lil Rik

      Melo was never an MVP candidate because he’s not an MVP caliber player. He is an elite SCORER (most of the time, but not in the playoffs 😉 ) MVPs play defense, and usually on an elite level – melo couldn’t guard a 50yr old Todd Lichti 1-on-1

  • Andrew

    I agree with the perception that some of the players (including Nene) may not want to play for Karl anymore. Since Karl isn’t going anywhere, I really hope he hires a defensive minded assistant to replace Dantley. Also, while I too would love to have gasol over nene, I think people are being a little harsh on nene. The guy has been playing out of position at center, and I think that is the overriding reason he wants to leave. While he may not be the best ever, he’s a valuable big and if the nuggets don’t get a quality big to replace him, you’re dam* right the nuggets will miss him.

    • Lil Rik

      with Mozgov, Koufos, and Andersen to play center, Nene could have started at PF and THRIVED for the Nugs, getting paid more $$ than he’ll get after the new CBA.

  • Thomas

    I agree Nene is asking for way too much, but I think overpaying him wouldn’t hurt Denver a bit. Unless Nene just wants to walk out on Denver. Perhaps a sign and trade deal with Golden State? We need a scorer in Monta Ellis. Throw in Al Harrington who is probably the most overpayed player in the entire league, and get him off our back. But, don’t waste your money on signing Marc Gasol. So he has been averaging better numbers than Nene in just three seasons in but who cares? Have the Memphis Grizzlies done anything those past three sesons? My point is, Nene had not been the “Go To Guy” as much as Marc had to be in Memphis. And his numbers are not much higher anyway! I say Denver should bust a nut to get Nene to stay. Or simply (that’s if the NBA does not rule the sign and trade deals out) Sign and trade Nene. Also look to let go/trade Harrington, who has been very disappointing for the amount he is being payed. Re-sign either Chandler or Smith, If Nene decides to stay let go of Kenyon Martin (who is soon to be replaced by Faried anyway.) Like I said before sign and trade, go strait to available free agents, or simply keep Kenyon Martin.

  • Rob

    Well we all know that Superman is looking, Agent Zero, or Turkey-glu contracts are looking, what about a NENE, Chandler future picks to orlando for Superman and one other?

    • Jon L.

      I really don’t think that Orlando will want to trade for those two. I think they want superstar quality in return and neither of those are.

    • nuggets down under

      i doubt weather orlando will ever trade superman. he will be in the same boat as melo, LBJ and Bosh. no team will trade for him (exept maybe NJ) if there is not a contract in place. and for him to sign it would have to be a big city, whch is a chance to win a ring in a year and who has assits to give orlando. the only team to fit that is LA lakers. but after offering up bynum or gasol they full thin in trade options. and orlando will run the risk of losing him for a straight player swap.

    • Rob

      I agree but as this is pure speculation, it would be nice to think about having Dwight Heezy in the blue and gold. The only problem is Orlando is not going to get superstars back. The only team that will offer a “superstar” is Miami, and will they really want to go throw this again?

      If Orlando decide to take a trade (unless from Miami) It will be for a few good peices and draft picks I cant see it being a superstar.

      Obviously Milwalkee are looking at a slight reshuffle what about getting one of the most underrated defenders in the game, former #1 pick Andrew Bogut. The weakest link in AB’s game is he’s offence, but I do not think that the Nuggets need a big who can score they need D inside. With that being said Nene and Kmart did just fine but Bogut would do great, why not bring an Aussie, mile high to run pick and rolls all day with Lawson?

  • GK4Prez

    I think turning this deal down will come back around to bite Nene in the butt, and if I were the Nuggets, I would offer less when it does.

    They are talking about doing away with S&T’s in the next CBA and reducing the amount of years that a team can sign a free agent to. All of the signs are there indicating that this was the best deal that Nene was going to get and he still turned it down. Let him walk.

  • Travis

    The Monta Ellis trade might make sense but that would clog up our backcourt, especially at SG. I tried ESPN trade machine and the following trade works salary wise and makes our team so much deeper:

    Denver Gets: Monta Ellis, Jeremy Tyler, Marc Gasol
    Golden State gets: Nene, Harrington, OJ Mayo and Shane Battier
    Memphis gets: Andris Biedrins, JR Smith, Al Thornton

    Denver gets a scoring punch from Monta Ellis who will run the floor great with Lawson and Miller. Aflalo could play the 2 or the 3, which doesn’t clog the back court. Also, Denver gets a true 7-footer who plays like a center and with faried or galo at the 4, it would be awesome.

    GS gets the agile big man they wanted, and a replacement SG in mayo. Shane Battier has expiring contract, which GS could absorb and let him go in FA the year after.

    Memphis gets the an actual SG in JR who can help space the floor (something memphis needed bad in theplayoffs). In order to get JR, they would have to absorb Biedrins 27 million contract.

    • Lil Rik

      smoke crack much? Why would memphis trade Gasol, Mayo, and Battier for Andris Biedrins, JR Smith, Al Thornton?

      An up and coming, young, legit NBA center for J.R. Smith.


    • Lil Rik

      If Al Harrington were a baseball player his trade value would be 12 maple bats

  • AussieNuggsFan2

    sign and trade nene for josh smith
    -denver get a quality starting pf who needs a fresh start
    -atlanta can move horford to pf and finally get a center that isn’t named jason collins or zaza

    • Travis

      Good idea. But why do the nuggets need a PF?? We lack true size and Jsmooth plays like a small forward and is a weakside defender. Nuggets have NO ONE that can play center effectively. (Hoping mozgov can be that guy…, HOPING)

  • Ricardo Octavio

    The nuggets should let go of Nene, Kenyon Martin, and J.R Smith, maybe trade Harrington for second-round draft picks. Then they should try getting Marc Gasol, David West or Carl Landry, and Jamal Crawford in free agency so they could go farther in the playoffs.

  • Shock

    Nene is worth every penny of a 13 million dollar a year contract. Look at the center position in this league, and nene is right at the top. Nene is a star already and if he lands in the right spot then the world will get to see how great he is. Nene can shoot the ball, has actual post moves, and can take other centers off the dribble. What Nene needs to do is not resign with the nuggets and follow his good friend Carmelo to New York where he would be a perfect fit alongside Amare. Nene and Amare can shoot the ball and both can score with their backs to the basket. Nene would bring the Knicks the defense they need and more importantly Nene will become a household name. With the attention he would get from being on the Knicks and the success that the team would have, Nene would get his recognition as one of the best centers in the league. So Nene, follow Melo and Chauncey and go to New York. They need a center and I have the feeling that is where you will end up!

    • Lil Rik

      Nene – defense? you mean his 6 rebounds and .9 blocks a game?

    • Lil Rik

      Stoudemire – $20mil/yr
      Melo – $22mil/yr
      Nene – $13mil/yr
      Chauncey – $13mil

      equals – $68mil/yr

      New CBA salary cap = $60mil a year

      leaves you with a whopping $-8mil/yr to round out the roster

  • Lil Rik

    nene is a freaking crybaby. they signed him for 6 years and 60 mil after he could barely spend half of any season healthy. They paid for him to repair his ACL, the organization AND this whole community supported him through testicular cancer, as well as countless other injuries (such as broken fingernails). When all is said and done his annual average salary is probably closer to $20 mil prorated on games he’s actually played. And he wants to whine about “not feeling appreciated” Really you fucking crybaby? The organization and community has supported this pampered athlete to the extreme, and he has made a poor financial decision (IMHO) by not signing an extension BEFORE a lockout that will cost a whole season (similar to the NHL) and SEVERE player cost reducxtions in the long run. At least Carmelo was smrt enough to realize how much that extension was REALLY worth…. Golden State may overpay for him, but it will still be less that what the Nuggets would have overpaid for him a week ago.