Nuggets News 4.0: The Wilson Chandler Edition

After many days where rumors regarding Wilson Chandler’s possible overseas excursion to Italy bubbled atop the NBA landscape, a decision by the 6-8 small forward to play overseas was finally made that sent shockwaves across the basketball universe. On Aug. 29, 2011, Wilson Chandler officially signed a one-year contract to play with the Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association, and with that, his future as a Denver Nugget has been put on hold until at least April of next year.

(In each episode of Nuggets News I’ve experimented with a few different types of layouts. Although I have previously written mostly paragraph form, going from one Web story to another, I’ll be tweaking that format this time around, and possibly more in the future in the attempt to make this series of updates more organized and easy to read. Bare with me until I figure out the best way to present this very urgent, and important news. Feel free to comment on what you think works best.)

Wilson Chandler was on the verge of signing with Olimpia Milano in Italy, as recent as Aug. 26. Though many reliable news organizations reported this to be a done deal at one point in time, it never quite made it to the final stage of the negotiation process, yet the consensus remained that Chandler would still reach an agreement with Milano sometime in the near future because of the advanced the conversations had progressed. Like all other established NBA players heading overseas, Chandler was in discussions with his foreign team to include an opt-out clause in the event the 2011-12 NBA season got underway sooner than anticipated.

Fast-forward to Aug. 29 and Chandler has singed to play in China — of all places. Rather than chose from a variety of different situations in Europe with much better competition, Chandler has agreed to play in the one place audacious enough to proclaim that no NBA player should even consider going to unless they plan on signing a contract with no opt-out clause, essentially guaranteeing their services to one residence outside the US for an entire year.

Chandler knew this. Why he continued on with negotiations, ultimately signing a contract under these circumstances is anybody’s guess. However, there are some intriguing aspects to this development.

Several days ago I began writing Nuggets News 4.0 when I came across a few storylines regarding Chandler’s interest in signing with Olimpia Milano that made me stop, and think for a moment, before I continued on with my research. This initially happened after I stumbled upon some Gallinari stories — right after I was finished reading countless articles on Chandler’s near-signing situation with Olimpia Milano keep in mind. Below is what I had posted for the first section of Gallinari’s segment in Nuggets News 4.0:

Danilo Gallinari has expressed interest in re-joining the aforementioned Olimpia Milano… but only for practice. Gallo will be playing for Italy in the upcoming Eurobasket tournament, and is apparently looking for somewhere to train, but clearly doesn’t understand the term “contract” just yet. Nevertheless, once Eurobasket concludes Gallo will be a free agent, and there’s a strong possibility that he re-signs with Olimpia Milano considering the many historic connections the two share from years past.

The last sentence was the kicker. You know when you hear a story from someone that just doesn’t add up, and you can start to feel your brain bouncing off the sides of your skull, almost as if it was running back and fourth, making commotion specifically to get your attention, just to open up a door, peer outside, look you in the face and say, “Hey dumbass, does this really make a lot of sense?!?!” That’s kind of how I felt after reading rumors that Gallinari would strongly consider re-signing with his old Italian team — the exact same one his teammate and backup in Denver would be signing with. So, continuing on with the “My Take” feature I implemented in the last version of Nuggets News, I had this to say about this issue:

My Take: It seems Wilson Chandler simply can’t escape Gallinari’s shadow. A starting small forward on roughly 70 percent of NBA rosters, Chandler unfortunately found himself victim to Gallinari’s high draft pick position while with the Knicks, then continued his second-fiddle role after being traded to the Nuggets just prior to the February trade deadline of last season. In most cases, traveling half way around the world would isolate you from anybody you wanted to create a distance from, but not Chandler. Maybe that’s why contract negotiations between him and Milano have stalled.

And stall they did. In fact, not only have negotiations stalled, they’ve completely deteriorated. That distance halfway around the world, has now turned into a near-circumnavigation of planet Earth. Not only is Wilson Chandler now thousands of miles away from the Denver Nuggets home base in Lower Downtown Denver, he’s basically that same distance from Milan, Italy, as well.

Coincidence? You be the judge. But my intuition tells me there was something more to Wilson Chanlder’s sudden change of heart than an insatiable urge for fried rice. Remember, Gallinari was liked to Milano only after the news broke about Wilson Chandler potentially signing there. Something tells me Chandler didn’t want to be teammates with Gallinari for a third time a row; in other words, something tells me Chandler didn’t want to backup Gallinari three times in a row.

But that’s just me.

Still, with the connection made above, I’m left to wonder: Why China? What triggered Chandler to feel compelled to forgo an entire season in the NBA? Yes, we all know the lockout appears ominous, but how can you abondon hope that easily? And more importantly, why was Chandler so willing to be the first one to venture this untraveled route?

While contemplating this idea I’m again met by that old familiar feeling — you know, the one described above where your brain takes on a life of it’s own, forces it’s way out of your cranial cavity, only to hang down below your eyes and ask (best if done done in a New York accent), “Hey! Don’t make me do this again! Capiche?! You know there’s more than what meets the eye here!”

So, although I’m certainly nobody’s conspiracy theorist, I do listen to my brain once again. Apprehensive about over analyzing the issue, I’m careful, but I simply can’t get past the idea that Chandler knowingly left his team while under contract without signing an opt-out clause, especially when nothing’s set in stone with how long the lockout is going to last. This just isn’t something you do on a whim — which is what appears to be the case — simply because you were feeling extra spunky that day. This is something you plan out, and take a lot of time evaluating so that you make the right decision. Yet, how is bailing on your NBA team for an entire season the right decision? I just don’t get it! This is the type of thing Stephon Marbury would do, not Wilson Chandler! Right?! Right!?!?

Then again… there’s a good chance my brain is just a little crazy, and as a result I might be overreacting.

Maybe Wilson Chandler really did just want a total change of pace. Maybe he really believes this lockout is gonna get uglier than anybody ever thought. Maybe he just wants to finally break away from Gallo’s shadow, and be the star for once! You can’t blame him for that right? And if this is the case, then I applaud Chandler — softly, but I still applaud, because as Mark Jackson would say, “That’s a grown man move!”

(Now on to the rest of Nuggets News 4.0, sticking with Wilson Chandler…)

Joining fellow teammates Ty Lawson and Al Harrington, Chandler has now been initiated into the club of “Nuggets Who Have Hosted a Nightclub Event During the Lockout,” by MCing at the 400 Club in Miami on Saturday, Aug. 27, alongside the one and only, “Blac Chyna.” If this trend continues, at some point in time Roundball will need to dive into an investigative journalism piece on whether the Nuggets will continue playing in the NBA post-lockout or instead take a full-time gig as an MC/nightclub host. If the lockout perpetuates, I fear the latter.

My Take: I genuinely wonder how many other NBA players from different teams are hosting events like this. One thing I do know is that Mozgov ain’t gonna be one of them. I ran into him at the Denver Aquarium last year and asked, as he stood by the stingray tank, if he has a lot of them (stingrays) in Russia. He didn’t blink, and just stared at me for about five seconds. Luckily, Gallo was standing next to him, laughed and whispered something in his ear, then he confidently turned back to me with a stone-cold stare and said, “Of course… I’m from Russia.” Needless to say, if you speak broken English and you’re only tagline is, “Of course, I’m from Russia,” you probably won’t get you too far as the host of an American nightclub alongside Blac Chyna.

Danilo Gallinari was named MVP of the Acropolis Tournament in Athens, Greece, after leading his team to the title.

My Take: This is obviously great news to hear. You can firmly count me in the camp of people who remain somewhat skeptic about all the hype surrounding the “Italian Stallion,” but with achievements like this, I’m slowly turning into a believer.

Al Harrington recently “knocked out” a reporter who interviewed him regarding his MMA endeavors. No, no, no — he didn’t get furiously angry at some inappropriate question, which in turn channeled all that newly-acquired testosterone swimming through his body that diving head first into MMA training usually conjures up; instead, the reporter willingly entered “the Octagon” with Big Al, only to crumble upon receiving the first blow thrown his way. It’s debatable whether the knockout was a result of pure brunt force, or instead merely an act; either way, I don’t think Al’s impressing the Mixed Martial Arts world by taking it to a 5-7 out-of-shape reporter.

You can also find Al hanging out with monkeys this off-season.

That said, according to Jonathan Givony of Roundball-favorite, Al looks much “leaner” and “quicker” than last season. Overall, Givony said he “looks good” right now.

My Take: Anybody remember the show “Shaq Vs.”? If you’re unfamiliar or have forgotten, here’s the link to the Wikipedia page. Essentially, during the off-season (I’m assuming, but knowing Shaq he probably did this stuff between games), the geniuses at ABC thought up another life-changing reality TV show that starred Shaq taking on some of the best athletes in the world in their specified professions. This is what I feel Al Harrington’s summer has turned into, minus the multi-million dollar TV contract. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he’s still failing, (Shaq’s all time record is 2-11-1) but he’s just not getting paid for it.

Timofey Mozgov was recently named the 306th best player in the NBA according to ESPN. I guess that’s what throwing a behind-the-back pass overseas will get you these days.

My Take: Mozgov is pretty much pure awesomeness and I don’t think that’s any secret. This lockout could actually be the best thing that ever happened to his NBA career, as he’ll likely be much more comfortable as a player after spending more time back home in an invoronment in which he’s actually one of the best guys around.

Jordan Hamilton was recently profiled in an aticle by Sam Amick of This is the Nuggets News “Read of the Week,” which is basically our way of saying, “If there’s one link you click on during this entire read, make sure it’s this one.” (Although the Blac Chyna link is tempting.) Amick goes more in-depth than any journalist has yet with the young wing, even including Youtube videos of J-Ham with his family.

My Take: Hamilton truly seems like a good kid at heart. From everything I’ve heard and read, all I can say is that his intentions appear to be pure. The article mentions that Hamilton will likely suite up at shooting guard (0r at least that’s where Ujiri and George have expressed they want him), which is what I’ve expected all along due to his extended range. Even with Chandler now overseas for a year, I still don’t see Hamilton playing small forward that much while Al and Gallo are still in Denver. If J.R. Smith re-signs, things could potentially get interesting as the Nuggets would have one hell of a logjam at the two wing positions going forward.

Gary Forbes is keeping a diary of his preparation for the FIBA Americas Championship for SLAM Magazine. Keep an eye out for future articles from Forbes as this is a series, and not just a one-time deal.

My Take: As always, Forbes keeps it classy. Of all the guys on the Nuggets roster, Forbes might be the smartest and most benevolent as well. I really feel that with a couple more years in the NBA under his belt Forbes could be an extremely solid backup shooting guard in the NBA, and I’d certainly like to see this come to fruition while with the Nuggets.

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Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Space Mutant

    I can’t say I think Wilson Chandler is all that great. Really. He’s not all that lousy, but I just don’t get excited about him as a Nugget. He’s failed to convince me that he likes being here. I don’t think he plays with much heart. Maybe it has to do with Dano, to some degree. Understandable. So I am happy for Wilson. Go on, explore options. Tu-da-loo! 获得他妈的离开这里!

    • Kalen

      I actually really like Chandler as a player, but I guess you and I are on the same page as far as being suspicious of how badly he really wants to be a Nugget. The good thing is that even after he comes back to the NBA (if that ever happens) we’ll still have his rights and can still get something for him in return if he wants to leave. By that time J-Ham might be better than him anyways.

  • Owen

    I liked when Chandler was hitting those little mid rangers during the reg season and slapping for about 2 blocks a game… He just looked like ughhh for the last 5 games of the season and playoffs.

  • Neal

    Anyone read Jeremy’s 5 on 5 answers for ESPN today? Question 1-3 I have no problem with, but 4 & 5 seem to be rubbing me the wrong way. I agree, Nene’s “consitency” drives me insane, his rebounding sucks and he has hurt us against the bigger teams in the West (ran away from Ibaka and Perkins like Melo runs away after sucker punching someone). However, Jeremy then states that the Nugs will go into “complete rebuilding mode” if Nene leaves? Where is the confidence in our young team? How many games has Nene truly been a dominant factor in for the WHOLE game? Al even had a bigger impact in the playoffs. Does everyone who has watched the Nugs regularly really think losing Nene would hurt that much?

    He then says “The Nuggets’ post-Melo, late-season we’ll-show-you blaze of glory, fueled by selfless play, fell short of producing any playoff success as they floundered down the stretch in close games. The worst outcome of the Melo trade was for Denver to be good enough not to rebuild, but bad enough not to contend.” Maybe I’m naive, but I have a hard time agreeing with this at all. After 7 years of watching our teams stand around and watch Melo all game long, watching the post-melo team gave me a high that can usually only be achieved by smoking real nuggets or catching NFL films “Great Seasons” of the Broncos championship years (am I the only one who gets a tear when I hear Bowlen say ‘This one’s for John’?”). Yeah they choked a little in the playoffs, but remember, they only had 25 games together, shouldn’t they get a little more time together, maybe even say, a training camp? Also remember that the hold-over Nuggets probably weren’t used to coaching of any kind from George Karl, they must have been suprised as hell when he first drew up a play in the huddle.

    All I’m trying to say is, I would rather watch this brand of basketball all year long and then see them battle their ass’s off in the playoffs, then sleepwalk through the regular season and then flip a coin to see if there “superstar” shows up in the playoffs (which happened exactly once when Melo was here).

    (Sorry that turned into a crazy ramble)

    • Kalen

      Great comment Neal. Remember, rants are always welcome at Roundball!

      I can definitely see where Jeremy’s coming from. Although Nene is still an enigma, having him on your team provides you with a security blanket down low. Nene is who he is — he’ll likely average about 15 and seven again next year, and that’s it. We should stop trying to keep these wild fantasies alive that someday he’ll morph into this post-up machine All-Star guy. But the fact is, having Nene is a lot better than NOT having him. However, I still don’t think we’re contenders for a title OR the top pick in the lottery either way.

      From my standpoint, the Nuggets are poised to be a strong 40-50 win team out West for the near future, with or without Nene. I think Faried is going to be way better than any power forward or center the Nuggets have had since McDyess, Ty Lawson will challenge for the All-Star team next season and Afflalo, Gallo and Mozgov should make giant steps in their production as well. Then when you throw in other free agent acquisitions, guys we already have (Miller, Koufos, Hamilton, Harrington), trades (we get still get a lot out of Chandler) and take into consideration how well Ujiri will likely draft, the bottom line is that we’ll simply have too much talent on this team locked down for the next 3-5 years to just flat-out stink and challenge for the top pick in the lottery.

      But I agree with you about Melo and the whole playoff thing. As much as I liked to have Melo on the team, I was never his biggest fan and hated how much of a ball hog he is. Who knows, maybe between Faried, Hamilton, Lawson, Afflalo, Gallo, etc. there’s enough talent to challenge for the title here in a few years. I wouldn’t doubt that crop of guys on bit.

      • Neal

        Thanks for responding Kalen, you guys do a great job here (although I wish there was more to write about). I definately see your points, as well as Jeremy’s. I guess I question whether the $ we will have to pay to keep that 15 & 7 will be worth it, especially after how the whole Melo not being able to appreciate assloads of $ we paid him (we certainly have paid Nene a significant amount as well) went down.

        I too would never doubt the crop of guys you mention. I’m gonna throw in Moz and Kuofus and make the point that I think I was trying to make earlier. After all Nuggets fans have been through, I think we have to get behind, and believe in, what is here right now. After watching all that is wrong with the NBA unfold before our eyes the last 2 years, I feel that this group represents what is good in basketball. They’re hungry, energetic, never give up, play as a team, move the basketball, don’t worry about stats, listen to coaches…etc. I feel that with as much joy as they provided us last season, we owe it to them to let them develop and see where they can go. Besides Timmy, I don’t feel like the Spurs became good because of a single “superstar.” They develop young players who want to learn, know their roles, play within a system and do anything for the team. As much as hate them (those early melo years playoff losses still sting), I think developing our young, hungry and talented players within a team system is the way to go. I can easily see a few players from the Ty, Gallo, Faried, Hamilton, Moz, Koufus group developing into a spurs type Big 2 or 3 (could be reaching a little bit on Moz and Koufus but I was very impressed with both).

        Point is, I think we need to believe in this team, and not be upset that we don’t have a lottery pick or that some don’t see us as title contenders (ok, maybe not next year, although I’m being an optimist and still holdiing out hope, but for sure were back the year after that if we have some development). Now if only we had a season for it to all play out!

        • Kalen

          Completely, entirely agree. That is a great point. So often, people get mesmerized by competing for a championship — and don’t get me wrong, that’s what sports are all about — but this notion causes fans to become ungrateful for simply HAVING a competitive team in the first place!

          It’s so black and white these days. You’re either competing for a title, or you’re tanking so that you can land the next Tom Brady, Tim Duncan or Albert Pujols. Just look at those names. Two of those guys weren’t even considered franchise-changers coming out of college, and yet look where they’re at now!

          The point is, tanking doesn’t get you anywhere; good management does. The great thing about the Nuggets is that we have the management needed to “rebuild” without losing 60 games. Just take our last draft for example. I guarantee that in three years from now the consensus will be that we had one of the best drafts next to Utah and Cleveland who both had to suffer absolutely miserable seasons to get back on track.

          I’m sorry, but just I can’t stand when people said, “Oh, we lost Melo, we should tank it so that we can get another high pick in the lottery.” Are you freaking kidding me!?!?! That’s not what sports are about! Granted, if a lot of other things didn’t go our way, like say, we didn’t get a good haul in return for Melo, then rebuilding would become more mandatory and we’d probably all understand. But either way, you can’t WANT for that to happen. You can’t think about it and dream about it. When it happens, it happens and everyone’s life will suck for a couple years, then if everything goes as planned you’ll be good again. But why take that step if you don’t have to! That’s my whole creed here.

          Anyways, the bottom line is that I’m glad you said what you did because I think it’s a great point. Honestly, I couldn’t STAND those strictly Melo-supporter Nuggets fans. You know, those people that acted like he was God and anytime you said anything bad about him you were automatically chastised. The truth is, Melo was and is a great individual offensive talent, but he’s far from complete as an basketball player. His attitude, selfishness, defense and overall understanding of the game STILL need serious work. Were we better with him on the team? Yes; I’m not going to deny that. But all I’ll say is this: It took exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, the right players to surround him before we ever accomplished anything in the Playoffs and even then one could argue that was largely due to Chauncey’s presence on the team, not Melo’s.

          So I guess for once, I’m just gonna be happy with having a team that plays together, as a unit, each man only as strong as the one beside him. I can’t wait. The Post-Melo Era has befallen on us and I couldn’t be more excited.

  • Omar

    please post more often there is nothing to read in this wasteland of nba news. So far from what i have seen this team is taking a step back.
    Pg- lawson/miller
    sg- afflalo/forbes
    sf- Gallinari/Hamilton

    compared to


    not too bad but we need to get rid of harrington. and since bringing back J.r and kenyon is not likely. we need to take a look at deandre jordan and marc gasol. offering them 10 mil might sound like alot but if we lose out on nene. we have a big hole on our frontlines.

    • Kalen

      Yeah we’ll certainly try. I’ve actually been unusually busy this summer, but I’m finally going to get some free time here soon and with that I’ll try and get some stuff up.

      As for the Nuggets, I think we took a step back even if Nene re-signs, but I don’t think it’s as big as it seems. I think Faried will be able to come right in and fill K-Mart’s production just fine, if not more; Lawson, Afflalo, Gallo, Mozgov and even Forbes I expect to take giant steps this year; and then we still got guys like Hamilton, Miller and Harrington who could surprise us all greatly.

      Again, we’re not quite as deep as we were last year, but that was a historically deep squad. We’re still gonna be one of the deepest teams in the league, and that should help win a lot of ballgames.

      As for Gasol, I agree; Jordan, not so much. I’d definitely need to see more out of him for me to throw 10 million at his feet considering how wildly inconsistant he was last year, plus, he’s a restricted free agent and I highly doubt the Clippers let him go with all that cap room they freed up this past year. But Gasol, I’d love to throw the kitchen sink at him, because if we could get Nene back with him at center, we’d be a top four team in the West for years.

  • Omar

    Thanks for the response. a gasol and nene frontcourt would be a dream but it is something that could possibly happen. denver has had some good luck with free agents(harrington probably being the worse one signed lately.) Afflalo has been a complete steal,forbes is looking to breakout next season and the trade assets we aquired from the knicks are almost all gone. Gallinari i’m hoping will have his breakout season. The talent is there and he will get his minutes and touches.Mozgov hopefully gets some minutes. anderson could be an interesting trading piece if he falls out of the rotation. as a denver fan i’m excited and nervous as to see what is in store for the future. hopefully we surprise everyone again. i never missed any of the games after the trade but when melo was still on the squad i was disappointed to see that team play to put it lightly.

  • AussieNuggsFan2

    this is gonna sound crazy but we should sign and trade nene for j smoove, trade gallo AND chander cousins for someone like demarcus cousins, and then re-sign jr and give him one more chance as a starter
    lineup would be:
    pg: lawson/miller
    sg: afflalo/ hamilton
    sf: jr smith/ forbes
    pf: josh smith/ kenny faried
    c: cousins/ mozgov/ bird

    i know this team seems like a bunch of headcases but it would be out of this world talented and would provide 5 legit potential go-to-guys with the right vet leadership

    • Neal

      Hmmm…Interesting. I think we would get killed by anyone with size, and after all the drama the nugs have been through, do we really need the head ache/cry baby that is Cousins? I really like J.R, just wish we had a coach he got a long with and listened to. Honestly, I think 5 go-to-guys could bring us back to the one-on-one days that went out the door not to long ago. Anyone know if it is for sure possible to sign and trade Nene (can’t keep track of all the crazy rules)? That could open up some options

      • Kalen

        It’s entirely possible, but not exactly plausible. Sign-and-trades are a mutual agreement between a player and team. Often times both parties receive something they want in return. I guess there’s a situation in which we could, in theory, sign-and-trade Nene to another team that has tons of cap space and is willing to give up assets to obtain him, but teams are only going to pay so much for a guy who’s career averages (after nearly a decade in the league mind you) are 12 and seven. It’s much more likely that Nene simply signs with another team.

  • finazz

    this might just be me thinking its easyer said then done. but if K-Mart was intrested in a championship wouldnt his best postion be a as a role player coming off the bench for nugs and getting around the 8mill makr (which i think is fair) would give us great depth and he would still see his fair share of minutes

    NENE/ martin
    MOZGOV/ birdman

    this is proving nene stays, but if he doesnt we will have enought room to go for gasol.

  • Omar

    paying kenyon 8 mil to come off the bench is ridiculous. i’d rather take my chances and see what faried could bring to the table. i think as long as we bring back nene and sign a free agent to give us some depth, we can become contenders. even while losing martin,smith,chandler who were all key pieces in the late season burst we had earlier this year. Now if gallo takes the reigns this year and lawson,afflalo,mozgov are able to improve their games then the sky is the limit. We know what we are gonna get from nene but everyone else are wildcards at this point. hamilton could be a spark plug,faried could be a monster,miller could be bad or be good. Hard to tell. but one thing going into this season is………we are a complete mystery, no one knows what the team will look like and play in november.

  • Karl4Prez

    You guys are selling Nene short on what he does on the defensive end of the court. I know he doesn’t block a lot of shots, but he does play some decent post defense and there are several teams around the league that would love to have a player of his caliber. He passes very well for a big man, gets his hands on loose balls and comes up with steals, and will take a charge. I agree with Jeremy, losing Nene would cause the Nuggets to take a step back.

    That being said, I also agree with Neal to a degree. How much is too much when it comes to the contract that would be required to bring him back? Harrington if in shape can play the 4 well enough on the offensive end and Faried should be able to defend well enough even though he is under-sized, and a 3 headed monster at center wouldn’t be terrible, all 3 guys are serviceable players (Moz, Kouf, and the Birdman).

    The question becomes is Nene worth the money he will command or should it be spent on another 4 that will command much less and keep the options/flexibility open for future moves? Personally, I can see the positives and negatives from both angles. Hopefully, Ujiri will make the right decision.

  • Andrew

    Ty Law/Miller Time
    Baby Nene/Faried
    Gashouse Gasol/Birdman/Mozilla/Koufos

    Dump K Mart and JR, throw the house at Gasol and let’s light this candle!!! I for one am confident that both Gasol and Koufos can be serviceable, if not downright good if Karl will just give them some minutes early in the season. Miller is a savvy vet and can keep the young second team in order.

  • Andrew

    P.S. Chandler blows. Not sure why everyone seems to think he is good. He was complete crapola when it counted last year. Dump him.