Kenneth Faried enters Beast Mode at Jimmer All-Star Game

On Thursday night Jimmer Fredette hosted a casual exhibition game in Provo, Utah that mostly consisted of NBA rookies and a few collegiate ball players. Though Jimmer was unquestionably the main attraction, Kenneth Faried reportedly stole the show.

According to fellow TrueHoop blogger, Nick Smith, of Salt City Hoops, Faried was “the most active, athletic, and NBA-ready talent on the court.” Smith would later go on to say this regarding his up-close impressions of the “Manimal”:

Faried’s offensive game leaves a ton to be desired but he makes up for it in virtually every other aspect of the game. Faried seemed to be one of those players that somehow is always in the right place at the right time. He is relentless down low on both sides of the court and runs the floor as well as any PF in the league today. After watching tonight’s event, I’d say Denver should feel ok about Kenyon Martin’s departure to China.

Salt Lake City’s ABC 4 News recapped the night, showing a lot of love to Jimmer in the process, but did acknowledge Faried’s performance by airing a few of his best dunks. In addition, SportsCenter awarded Faried the prestigious honor of coming in at No. 5 on Top 10 Plays of the Night.

Though the highlight footage is delightful, it can’t really tell us much about Faried’s overall impact on the game. What can however, is Twitter.

In just the last day alone, since Faried’s skill-set was aired in Provo, Twitter has gone bananas. In an almost unprecedented circumstance, Utah fans across the state confessed their unbridled appreciation for the rival power forward. Here are some of the best tweets I’ve found:


Bucks’ Tobias Harris, Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried best two players thus far.


Not going to lie but based on what I saw from @JimmersAllStars last night Kenneth Faried aka the Manimal is going to deadly w/ Nene in Den.


Thoughts from @JimmersAllStars last night: Jackson still plays crazy D, Jimmer will be just fine in the NBA, and Kenneth Faried is awesome.


Lots of 2011 NBA draft picks playing. Kenneth Faried has looked like the best player on the floor at times.


@jimmersallstars was excellent tonight! Most impressive = kenneth faried. Truly unstoppable. What it would take to get a faried type at byu?


I’m a big Kenneth Faried fan now!


The Jimmers all star game at the marriott center. Kenneth Faried is a friggan beast.


Kenneth Faried put in his “usual” numbers in Jimmer’s All-Star Game; he was the best big man on the court…


Why didn’t the Jazz draft Kenneth Faried? #BeastMode


Can the Jazz trade for Kenneth Faried?


Kenneth Faried is absolutely my favorite player in this game. Some body/basketball control issues, but ferocious otherwise.


Kenneth Faried, man. I can’t wait to watch him for years in the league. Crowd loves him too.

It should also be noted that the teams participating in the Jimmer All-Star game were drafted by Jimmer Fredette and Kawhi Leonard. With his first overall selection, Fredette chose Faried.

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  • http://DenverStiffs Nate T

    Kalen, nice post man. My Twitter feed was stuffed with folks giving Faried shout-outs and Manimal re-Tweeting them.

    Glad to know we are both on the same page with this kid man. Can’t wait to see him in action with the Nuggets.


    • Kalen

      Nate my man, thanks for cruisin’ over here!

      I agree, Faried is looking like the biggest steal of the draft at this point. Every time he takes the floor he seems like the best one out there. As Spencer said above, he should make the transition of losing K-Mart a lot smoother.

  • Omar

    great article. probably the #1 reason i don’t want to see the season get canceled is to see faried play in a denver jersey.

  • james

    sounds awesome, but he was playing other rookies in a showcase, can he be that dominant against KG or the like? Although, this is coming from a guy who has only seen his youtube highlights and no actual game

    • Kalen

      Well, dominant against KG circa 2004 or dominant against KG in 2012? Big difference there. But, if you’re asking if he can dominate against the highest level of competition in the NBA (which I’m assuming you are), the answer is: eventually. I think like almost all rookies, Faried is going to experience a learning curve. He’ll have to adjust to certain aspects of the game (mostly speed, strength, etc), but once he gets it down we have absolutely no reason to believe we won’t take gigantic steps in his game and become the type of dominant force he was in college.

      That said, it’s my personal believe from seeing how we’ll he’s already played this summer, that he’ll have a very solid rookie campaign and maybe even content for Rookie of the Year — maybe. I just think Faried is too motivated and ready to get it, for him to struggle. He won’t score a lot of points, but his impact on the defensive side of the ball should be monumental for a Nugget’s team that has struggled with this aspect of the game in years past. I think eventually he’ll get more comfortable with himself and where he needs to be on the offensive side of the ball to make an impact, which will lead to a Tyson Chandler-like game that revolves around a lot of put-backs and ally oops.

      But, only time will tell!

      • james

        yeah after watching Coray’s link below there’s certainly an unending effort, which usually goes with a willingness to learn. If nothing else, he could be our new highlight reel darling

  • Coray