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After a fairly lengthy hiatus, Nuggets News is back. In our most recent installment, Kenneth Faried continues to operate in Beast Mode, Kenyon Martin wants “haters” to contract sexually transmitted diseases and Danilo Gallinari shows why he’ll never be invited to participate on Dancing with the Stars

(Note: We, at Roundball,  just wanted to apologize for the lack of material published in the last few weeks. Jeremy is extremely busy with a monumental business endeavor at the moment and my brand new computer, which I bought specifically because my other computer wouldn’t work (and now won’t even turn on), had problems within the first few weeks of its arrival. After shipping it away to be repaired I’ve essentially been “computerless” for the last two weeks, and thus, haven’t had the opportunity to write. I should be getting it back soon, and when that happens, I hope to dive deep into some good old fashioned Roundball analysis! And now for Nuggets News 7.0…)

You’ve probably heard by now, but if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you that Kenneth Faried isn’t slowing down on his 2011 Summer (and now, Fall) Beast Mode Tour. His most recent stop: Kentucky, for a down-home series of exhibition All Star games that include the likes of DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo, Jodie Meeks, Brandon Knight, Josh Harrellson, DeAndre Liggins and Shelvin Mack.

Basically, the NBA players named above are teaming up to take on various collegiate and high school teams bold enough to accept the challenge. Faried’s squad is going by the name “Big Blue All Stars” in honor of the shades of blue often present in Kentucky uniforms. Not surprisingly, Faried continues to shine and the consensus among those watching any number of the competitions seems to be that Faried is certainly one of the best, if not the best player on the entire court — DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo included.

There have been all kinds of insane dunks, blocks, ally-oops and nearly every other kind of spectacular play imaginable taking place during the games, but perhaps the most jaw-dropping yet was this no-look, behind-the-back hurl from Rajon Rondo to “The Manimal” which prompted one of the announcers to proclaim, “Kenneth Faried is something special.” (Be sure and check out the other video too, which features Faried throwing down a self-assisted alley oop off the glass.) For a strictly Kenneth Faried-compiled highlight reel from the last several days of competition in Kentucky, be sure and check out this YouTube video.

Naturally, as is the case whenever Faried takes the floor these days, Twitter blew up with all kinds of 140-character praise for the Nuggets’ first-round draft choice. Here are some of the best tweets I’ve found:


Kenneth Faried is a BEAST!!! my gosh!

@rexchapman (yes, as in former vice president of player personnel for the Nuggets, Rex Chapman)

Remember where u heard it. Kenneth Faried has the tools/make-up 2 be an NBA All-Star. #thekidisunique


Kenneth Faried is a future NBA all-star


Kenneth faried is hands down the most exciting player on the floor tonight. Dude is crazy good and athletic. Wow

Kenyon Martin, whom Faried will almost certainly replace in the Nuggets’ lineup next season, is traveling in the opposite direction of the Manimal these days. Having recently signed in China, Martin received several heckling tweets this past week that suggested he still would have gone overseas had the lockout been avoided due to the decadent state of his body and overall game. Well, K-Mart — as often was the case in Denver — didn’t take too kindly to the criticism and in turn attacked his detractors with a series of vulgar and vicious responses that suggested they contract AIDS, die or commit suicide if the first two didn’t do the job fast enough.

Obviously this was one of the lowest points of Martin’s career, if not the lowest. He’s certainly had his fair share of run-ins with hecklers in the past that haven’t ended well, but his reaction to this most recent encounter was almost beyond comprehension. Threatening somebody by saying you’re “going to put [your] hands on whoever did it” is one thing; wishing death on people and their mothers through the tribulations of two of the ugliest forms of suffering possible — suicide and sexually transmitted disease — is a totally different ball game. Granted, some of the comments directed towards Martin may have been just as nasty, but as a professional athlete — and one with a Twitter account, nonetheless — part of your job description is being able to deflect those types of derogatory statements. If you can’t, which is clearly the case under Martin’s circumstance, then don’t use Twitter and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable situation to begin with. Unfortunately, it’s probably too little too late for Kenyon Martin, as the ugly side of the “Thuggets” movement has now firmly made its stamp in the collective minds of fans forever.

(For an excellent take on how Martin’s rant epitomizes the modern day NBA player and how this, in turn, is what’s perpetuating the lockout, I highly suggest this Dave Krieger piece from the Denver Post.)

Finally, on the Kenyon Martin front, as if things could get any worse, in a  recent interview with Marc J. Spears he had this to say regarding the Nuggets current free-agent exodus overseas: “That’s their problem. They made that bed. Guess what? Let them lie in it. I had some good times. I enjoyed my seven years. I enjoyed the Denver fans. But they made the decision.”

Moving on…

In an interview with HoopsWorld, Wilson Chandler stated that he was “upset” about being traded last February. No shocker there, as nobody likes to be traded (keep in mind, even Stephen Jackson was upset about leaving Charlotte); however, I’ve yet to find an interview where Chandler admits how the trade motivated him to play better, or how he’s appreciative of the opportunity in Denver, or how he’s happy to prove New York wrong by playing at an extremely high level in the Mile High City. I don’t know, maybe that’s wishful thinking, but they say actions speak louder than words and abandoning Denver for China, of all places, certainly doesn’t scream, “I love Denver and want to be here for the rest of my career!!!”

Sticking to the theme of the blockbuster trade that took place last February, in an interview with Newday, former Nugget, Carmelo Anthony, continues to stand by his decision to leave Denver for New York, saying, “I think I did the right thing.” Yes, by forcing the Knicks to gut half of its roster (and virtually every talented player outside Amare Stoudemire) to make room for you and your $20 million per year salary that you would only accept by being traded to New York, which nearly wrecked an entire year of basketball for your former organization and resulted in a hometown hero (who by the way, was solely responsible for your one successful playoff run) being dragged away from the city he loved just so that you could get every last dime you felt you deserved, you definitely made the right decision, Melo. Congratulations, but unfortunately, money can’t buy you dignity.

And people wonder why we’re still in a lockout and currently losing games by the week? I hate to break it to you, especially those big Carmelo Anthony supporters out there, but it’s players like Anthony who are the exact reason we’re still even talking about the lockout right now. This is why the system isn’t working! Because guys like Melo hold entire fan bases and franchises hostage, while they abandon them and in the process demand AS MUCH MONEY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!

In the same article, Anthony later goes on to state, “For the average person out there who really thought I was just trying to get up and just leave for no reason, [the new collective bargaining agreement] really was a big key in my decision.” What Anthony doesn’t acknowledge, however, is the fact that the Nuggets had laid that exact same contract offer he was looking for on the table and kept it there for months, which at any time he easily could have signed without having to force a trade to New York. You see, Melo could have been a free agent right now too — just like a lot of guys are — and signed in New York after the lockout concluded; instead, he chose to take the deplorable path of “teamwrecking,” and keep in mind, was the ONLY upcoming free agent to do so. That says a lot about his character, if you ask me.

To conclude the article, Melo takes no prisoners, saying, “I don’t think I did anything wrong to the Denver fans… I think I’ve been loyal to them for seven years, so for me to go back — of course you’re going to have some boos and people weeping and whining about it — but for the most part I can say I did a hell of a job out there in Denver.”

Leave it to Melo to give himself one last tip-of-the-hat before signing off. He’s certainly better at that than he is playing defense, that’s for sure.

Moving on… again…

Danilo Gallinari recently made a cameo appearance in a music video for the band (if you even want to call them that) “The Big Shots.” In it, Gallo receives limited action, where against an all white background he simply repeats the same “Thriller meets the motorcycle thrust” dance move, over and over, until the last scene of the video where he poses with the rest of the band in true, Backstreet Boy-like fashion, as the scene fades out. Overall, this is a colossal failure for a player most view as “stylish.” I guess we’ll just have to reconsider this whole “stylish” notion.

Ty Lawson also had a sort of “style failure” of his own not long ago when he was awarded this brown, European automobile with his very own signature and club emblem on the side. Hey, if somebody hands me a free car, not only am I driving it, but I’m driving it with a smile on my face, because compared to a ’93 Honda Accord wagon, a brown Eurocar with my signature on the side is nothing short of pure luxury. However, this didn’t change the fact that Lawson has struggled on the court thus far in Lithuania.

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  • RGon

    Those comments about Melo made me feel better that someone else still feels resentment for what he did to our team. Living in NY now, I see his jersey everywhere and it makes me sick. But he made his own grave, the Knicks will never be able to afford a supporting cast after Amare and Melo get theirs.

    When will these younger players learn that to have a good team you gotta be willing to give… There’s a reason the Spurs were successful for so long and it wasn’t because their stars demanded every penny they could.

  • Eddie

    My thoughts…

    – Having never been a fan of Martin, and have referred to him as the 90 million dollar mistake, I am glad to see his career end with a fizzle.

    – The “Thuggets” moniker is history. I was trying to come up with a witty new nickname for my favorite team had nothing. Although “vanilla”, “middle of the pack” and “yawn” come to mind.

    – My hope for the new collective bargaining agreement is the owners get everything they want. My most pressing argument for this position is 100% Nuggets fan selfishness. If Nene goes, this team is going to stink for a long time.

    – Faried is the only real bright spot on this, or next year’s team. Although, as we have seen before, a rookie of the year or an all-star appearance or two and he’ll be bound for one of the coasts.

    – Melo is a dick.

    – Chauncy, poor Chauncy. When the trade went down, I felt really bad for him. He seemed to want to end his playing career and possibly starting a coaching career in his hometown. Great story. Jerk store Anthony ruined that with his selfishness.

    – Danny is really, really white.

    – Renault makes some really, really shitty cars.

    And finally,

    – Kalen, you only have one computer? Come on, man! This is America. Even the hippies downtown have a few each. And they don’t have jobs!


    (I shore do miss the basketball.)

  • GK4Prez

    I think the team will take a step back if/when Nene leaves, but I also think that they will still have a nice nucleus of young talent to build off of.

    Lawsome = young pg
    Afflalo = young sg
    Gallo = young sf
    Faried = young pf
    Moz and Koufos = young C’s

    Plus, you have some quality vets and a few other young players (Hamilton and Forbes) to surround that core with.

    I am a Nene fan, but losing him might not be so bad when considering the pay slot that he will take up could be used to sign a couple of younger players and still allow the Nuggets to have some cap space to play around with for future moves/trades.

    The current team is no lock to make the playoffs, which might be a blessing because they will have to bring it every night compared to the Melo era where they coasted through many games.

  • Owen

    our team is going to be good… we lost in the playoffs because the matchup was bad… and we had idiots playing… i dont care that they won the ship- we would have done better against the mavs

  • Neal

    Very well worded about Melo. Where were you when I was trying to make those exact same points on the ESPN message board when they ran the article?