attempting to ruin Nuggets’ dream offseason

Two reports filed in the last 24 hours by are undoubtedly heartbreaking for Nuggets Nation. First, Royce Young published this article claiming — contrary to owner, Michael Heisley’s earlier statements last season — that the Grizzlies will match any contract offer presented to Marc Gasol, according to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. Today, Ken Berger is reporting that, “One of the surest bets of the soon-to-begin 2011 NBA free-agent period is that Nene wants out of Denver.” Berger later goes on to state how Dallas and Miami are on top of Nene’s wishlist, but due to neither team having enough cap room to sign the 29-year-old free agent, a sign-and-trade would have to be completed in order to finalize the deal.

I think I speak for most Nuggets fans when I say this is a scenario we were all very well aware of, but didn’t necessarily want to acknowledge. When Nene opted out of his previous contract back in July, surrendering $12 million, it was pretty obvious that the possibility of him returning to the Denver Nuggets was virtually non-existent. After all, you don’t give up that kind of money just to test the free-agent waters so that you can eventually re-sign with the same team in the end.

If this is truly the end of the Nene’s tenure in Denver, the Nuggets should be extremely proud. Always a model citizen and great teammate, Nene was one of the few players during the “Thuggets” era who never complained, always did his job, played defense and was never concerned with his individual numbers. In fact, Nene was almost unselfish to fault. With Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups’ departure in February of last season, many believed Nene would take over as the go-to offensive threat down low. This expectation was never fully realize though, and Nene continued his quest to share the ball in the typical unselfish manner we’d come to know for so long.

Although I desperately still want Nene to re-sign with the Nuggets, should he manage to land on a title-contending team such as the Mavericks or Heat, I couldn’t be any happier for him. He’s been extremely loyal to the Nuggets, and Colorado in general, for the first near-decade of his career and at this point in time if he wants to peruse a championship, I certainly won’t be the one holding it against him. In fact, that very notion is a testament to his desire to win above all else.

From the Nuggets points view, although it absolutely sucks losing Nene, it would be wise to hope that he lands on a team with no cap room as this would force that team to perform a sign-and-trade with the Nuggets who would then be able to receive assets in return for Nene’s services. Although in this scenario, Nene would have to take less money than if he signed outright with a team who’s salary is under the cap.

As for Marc Gasol, I still believe the Nuggets should throw a max-contract offer his way just to see what happens, but unfortunately (in this circumstance) the way the new CBA is structured, the Grizzlies will be able to offer him much more than we can, and logically, there’s no reason Gasol should turn it down to come to a worse team like the Nuggets.

All I have to say is: The frightful dream of Timofey Mozgov and Kosta Koufos holding down the center position for the Nuggets during the entire 2011-12 campaign is starting to look more like a reality with each passing day.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • danuggz4ever

    Kalen do you believe he would leave of we sat down and talked to him and tried to get someone like Marc Gasol for starting C. I mean we xould use another PF if we do use the clause on big Al. I would love ro see alot of Manimal starting but Nene would be a beast at PF if we had some one like Gasol. I really thin Moz would do aleight but he still needs time to be ready for starter.

    What about players like T. Young from the 76ers or anyone else we could use to start as a hold over till next offseason.

    • Kalen

      Sadly, Nene seems to have already made up his mind. It’s almost as if he was offended by not receiving a contract offer earlier on and appears to be out for vengeance in the form of signing with another team. Even if we did sit down and talk to him what could we possibly say to convince him to come back? Marc Gasol is basically out of the question so that leaves Tyson Chandler as the only legit center left. Even if we did somehow land Chandler — which isn’t very likely considering he just came off a championship and likely won’t want to come to a worse team — I still don’t think that would be enough to convince Nene to come back. Just check out this series of quotes Nene recently made regarding his status as a free agent:

      “I learned last season that this was a business… It was very stressful for me and I don’t want to go through this in my career anymore… When the season was over they didn’t offer me nothing good… They did what was best for them, and now I need to do what is best for me… God put me in this opportunity to be one of the top players in free agency, and I’m going to take advantage of it… It’s not about the money… I need help. I need good players around.”

      That doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to come back to the Nuggets. Since it’s not totally set in stone there’s obviously still a chance, but I can’t even begin to tell you how slim it probably is.

      Also, I’ll have a free agent post up either tomorrow or the next day that discusses all the possible players the Nuggets should be interested in.

      • danuggz4ever

        I can see what your saying about Glen Davis and AK47 and do think that gallo and faried need to start. And I didn’t see them getting Chandler but I am glad to know that is how Nene feels well hope he gets what he wants then. And Gasol maybe maybe not then. Who knows what we see in who gets the amesty clause used on. And I will look forward to your post I have been following this page for a while and I constantly look here for info. Thank you Kalen

  • Omar

    its gonna happen but i feel comfortable in giving mozzy more minutes. but were left with a deep hole in our pf position. is faried really ready to get starter minutes. either way nuggets need to stock up on some picks for the 2012 draft because it is going to be extremely deep. i think if we have a good 2012 draft than we will come back alot sooner than later as a team to be reckoned with.

  • Haig

    Mozgov is an adequate center and this is a great oppty for him to get PT and see what he’s got on both ends of the floor. We all wanted to pair him up with Nene at PF. But now it looks like Faried will get that chance instead.

    We at least have 2 other guys who can play C so I’m not too worried there. Given the need to spend 85% of the cap, we now need to pick up some depth at PF and SG. If Mozzy turns out to be a bust, there will be other options down the road.

    I’m actually excited that Faried is going to get the oppty to show his stuff and get meaningful minutes as a rookie. Karl’s just going to have to accept that.

    The biggest problem the Nugs face now is scoring options without Nene in the post. Gallo will need to step up his scoring as will Mozzy. We won’t have JR’s explosiveness off the bench so unless Hamilton can step up, we’re going to have problems keeping up with run and gun teams.

  • danuggz4ever

    I think mozzy will be fine and yes we do need better depth in PF and SG. I agree with Karl will need to let faried take his skills to the floor and show what he can do which I think will be nothing but greatness. For a back up I like the idea of trying and getting Crawford for SG and anyone think bout ak47 for a PF depth. Any other ideas please let me know but we should be mainly worry about keeping NeNe

  • Aaron

    I Think The Nuggets Will Be Better Than All Of You Guys Say. Out PG Depth Is Looking Really Good With Ty Lawson And Andre Miller…Then With The SG Position Might Be Underrated With Arron Afflalo And Jordan Hamilton, The 3rd String SG Is Gary Forbes Who Can Also Play SF As Well…Forbes I Thought look Exremely Underratted. Then With The SF Denver’s Got: (Who I Think Can Be A Star) Danilo Gallinari Who Should Get Tonz Of Minutes Then backing Him Up Is Either Hamilton Or Forbes..Maybe We Need To Pick Up A Decent 15-20 Minute SF. Then At PF Is Is Al Harrington And Faried An ChooChoo, U May Not Know Him But We Got Him In THe 2011 Draft Last Year For A 2nd Round Pick. (Nuggets Should Probably Think About Getting A Starting PF Tho) An At Center Mozgov, Koufus And Maybe Nene Or Gasol Idk..But If We Get Either Of Those Or Maybe Chandler (Who I Think Would Fit The Fast Pace Nuggets) Then Denver Should Be In a Good Spot..An Dont Forget Denver Has Salary Cap Room…Even Tho Its Not The Greatest Free Agency Class, Theres Still Some Great Role Players Out There That Would Fit Wonders With Denver.

    • Kalen

      Wow, that must take a lot of time capitalizing each and every word… Good post by the way.

      • Aaron

        Nah Just Use To It Lol.

      • Aaron

        I Mean Sign And Trade J.R. Smith And A 2nd Round Pick Then Trade Him To Houston For Kevin Martin.

  • danuggz4ever

    I never said we would be bad we have been talking about who else we could add to be better and i would love to see T Chandler but i dont think he will come here i would love to have both Nene and Gasol and it is achievable but it will take alot of work. and i agree with having J Hamilton playing Sg Back up and i did forget about CHooChoo. i dont know alot about him though.i agree with just having Ty and miller at PG. Aaron do you have any suggestions to the great role players you have in mind

    • Aaron

      Well If Ya Mean In The Free Agency, I Think Denver Should Maybe Pick Uo T.J. Ford Or J.J. Berea An Trade Miller For A First-Round-Pick An Use That Pick To Get A Fast Pace PF Or Center Like A Brook Lopez, Samuel Dalembert Or A Roy Hibbert Maybe Even Troy Murpghy…Or Just Pick Up Some Of These Players That I Think Would Fit Nice With Denver, Here Are Some Names: Carl Landry, Jamaal Crawford, Caron Butler, Deshawn Stevenson, Chris Douglas-Roberts, David West, Or Maybe Marcus Thorton Who Is A Restricted Free Agent But I Doubt Sacremento Will Match Any Great Deal With Denver..So Ya Man Theres Ur Wish Haha

      • danuggz4ever

        I like these guys – Marcus Thorton, Carl Landry, Jamaal Crawford, Caron Butler, or Chris Douglas-Roberts i think any of these guys like Marcus Thorton would be a great pick up with Carl Landry. With the Trade Miller For A First-Round-Pick An Use That Pick To Get A Fast Pace PF Or Center Could be a good move for the future but hold off closer to the Deadline or try right away? What are your Thoughts on Greg Oden risky maybe but could be worth the risk for the right price. But I think That Marcus Thorton could be a good pick up the most especially if we get Affalo back those two would be ridiculous SG set up. Even Caron Butler since he can score and play a little D. wouldnt be too bad.

      • danuggz4ever

        Did you see the post by omar about the trade idea with minni I think It could possibly work

        • Aaron

          Yeah Id Most Want Marcus Thornton Our Of All Those Guys..An Yeah I Saw Omars Trade.
          Idk Bout That..Personally I Dont See Patterson Being All That Great..I’d Love To Have Oden Because He Would Be Extremely Cheap Maybe Even As Cheap As $5 Million Dollars A Year But The Catch Is, Denver Is A Really Fast Moving Team An Knowing Odens Injury’s It May Just Be Worse For Oden Cuz He’d Have To Run And Run And Run An That May Not Be The Greatest Fit For Either Team Or Player. And In The New CBA Rules Denver Has To Either Spend 85% Or $49.3 Million Dollars Every Year…Denvers Still Short Over $20 Million Dollars So Look For Denver To Be Almost Desperate To Get That Cap Room Filled Up…It Should Be Crazy In The Next Few Weeks For Nuggets Nation.

          • danuggz4ever

            I agree Marcus would be the best pickup on that list of guys and i see ehat your sayin about Oden. I was talking about the one at the bottom area with tiberwolves for nene and affalo for johnson and beasley

            • Aaron

              Nah Man..Nene’s Better Then Beasley And Afflalo Is Better Then Johnson..Maybe Nene For Kevin Love And Then Maybe Afflalo For Johnson.

              • danuggz4ever

                Yeahbut they wouldn’t give up love I really dont

              • danuggz4ever

                I know its going to be crazy I just don’t know there is so many ways it could go with a combonation of player plus if any teams use their amesties

            • Aaron

              Im Scared About Trading Our Young Players Tho
              Seems Like We Have Like 5-6 Players That Could Turn Out To Be Stars Or Really Great Role Players.

              • danuggz4ever

                Aaron I am too I really like the core to build off with lawson at point, Affalo(if we keep him) starting SG, Gallo at starting SF with J Ham and Forbes backing up for SF or SG since I believe they are capible, then with Faried starting at PF with depending on ChooChoo performance backing him up, and Mozzy at starting C with Bird and Kofous backing him up its a good start towards rebuilding I don’t know what or who else we will get from free agency but could still be ok I am starting to think less on trading for draft picks but we could use them it might help in a long term planning. But I have faith in Masai he will get us some good people to work with I am sure of it. And Kalen is coming out with another post with what he thinks today or tomorrow I am very much looking forward to reading.

              • Aaron

                Yeah It Should Be Ghud.

  • Omar

    we either get gasol or nene. i don’t think we need to sign anyone else. just sign someone like carl landry to be our short term answer at the pf position or maybe take a shot at thaddeus young if you can get him for cheap.

  • DenverNick

    Nene loyal to the Nuggs?!? If you mean showing up overweight and out of shape to training camp year in and year out, underperforming in the biggest games and being one of the softest players in the league, sure, he is loyal. Denver will be better off without Nene. A starting front court of Mozgov, Gallinari and Faried (I think he’s proven his worth in the off season) should be sufficient to get us through the season and fully evaluate Mozgov’s value, which, imo, is very high. In addition, we will save a boat load of money that can be spent elsewhere. I think the bigger concern lies in recent reports indicating that Afflalo has softened on his stance that he wants to remain a Nugget. I think we would then be forced into going after replacement for him or starting J Ham, just think it would be tough starting two rookies. I think that it may even be worth going after Greg Oden, while he has never really played in the league, I think everyone would agree that he has the potential and would come at a much lower cost. Just imagine if we signed him, he stayed healthy and then he lived up to his potential. He is still young, would have a familiar teammate in Dre and could be something to really springboard the Nuggets back to the top.

    • Sanokumo

      I have to agree I do not understand the desperation to keep this guy he was a good role player for us, NOT a cornerstone. Just as I felt for Kmart and J.R. Good luck with your next teem it was fun wile it lasted.
      I am also more concerned with triple A resigning. The nuggets are in a position to really capitalize on the future if they can avoid big mistakes, we have a young up and coming PG in Ty, SG in both Afflalo and Hamilton, PF in Faried and center in Mozgov. And we have trade assets in Gallinari (yea, I don’t believe in his hype).
      One thing ti think about though the 2012 draft class might not be as “stocked” as predicted if the age limit changes, as it supposedly will under the new CBA.

  • danuggz4ever

    I dont think we could get thaddeus young thay cheap maybe landry but we would be better off doing something long term eith nene andor gasol because nene wants to play pf

  • Omar

    i think the nuggets should do a S&t with the rockets. trade nene for patrick patterson and their 2012 first. denver should try to stack up on draft picks. chris anderson might be able to net you a late one and if nene really is not retuning i would consider trading gallo for the minny pick. also once wilson chandler is released, we could trade him for a pick. overall i think we need picks to get better fast because this upcoming draft is going to be extremely deep. while we would have a bad season, we would quickly recover with some extremely young talent.

  • danuggz4ever

    DenverNick i like you idea pof Faried, Mozgov and Gallinari but if Affalo is thinking of straying away what about Crawford as some one to help for a year or two while bringing up J Ham, or finding another later on. i agree it would be hard for them to start two rookies in this season. If we could get Greg Oden at a low price i think it would be worth it to give him a chance and hope that he would get and stay healthy

    what are your thoughts on Big Al should the Nuggets keep him?

    what about trying to lure Andrei Kirilenko he has a shot and can play both SF and PF?

    Then there is someone with size like Glen Davis from Boston that could be a temporary fix any thoughts on that?

    • Kalen

      As mentioned in my CBA post, it would probably be wise for the Nuggets to hold on to Big Al. If for some reason we got overloaded with contracts in the future, he’d be the first candidate to get amnestied but as of now we need his salary to meet the minimum 85 percent rule.

      As for AK47 and Glen Davis. I like both of those guys, but I don’t think they’d be a great fit for the Nuggets as both of those guys play the same positions as Faried and Gallo who need to be starters.

    • DenverNick


      I agree with Kalen, it is probably best to keep Big Al around for the time being, especially since he is familiar with the team and could be valuable in a trade during the season or next summer. There is not enough talent out there to replace him at a lower cost and he does a sufficient job (most of the time) backing up the F position.

      As for bringing in Crawford if Afflalo were to leave. First, I didn’t realize when I posted yesterday, but it is my understanding that Afflalo is a restricted free agent, so we could potentially keep him no matter what. However, if others go after him and drive the cost up, I have to question whether he is someone that could improve enough to make him worth top dollar. Of course, this also leaves the door open for Denver to get involved in a 3 team trade to ship Afflalo off somewhere else and bring another SG back in return from a 3rd team. If we had to replace him without a trade, I may go with J-Rich instead, he is younger than Crawford and is a better scorer.

      As for AK and Big Baby, I think that even though AK looked better last year, he is getting too old and will never be himself again. I think that Big Baby would come at too high of a cost, so I don’t like that either.

      I really believe that the Nuggets will not make a big splash this off season unless it involves either Nene or Afflalo going somewhere else in a sign and trade. In that situation, I could see a bigger name coming in. Otherwise, they will spend enough to get to the minimum and see what they can get next year when the ocean is a little bigger.

      For now, I don’t think this looks bad:


      However, if my idea of getting Greg Oden could pan out, we could be a team to reckon with. Imagine if Oden lived up to his potential finally under Karl, and stayed healthy. We would have two beasts on the boards in Faried and Oden, and then a surrounding cast of players that are not me-first. Sometimes you have to take a risk and I believe Oden is that risk. Portland has extended an 8.8M qualifying offer, and has sad that they want to resign him, but with Camby accounting for more than 9M against the cap, I am not sure how much they are willing to spend beyond that.

      • danuggz4ever


        I really am seeing the upside of keeping Big Al around and hopefully he does a great job and plays well as well as teaches the young talent we have until we trade him or use the clause on him.

        I can see J Rich being a better pick up than J Crawford as well both are decent but the plus as you stated would be a better choice for the Nuggets I will have to agree with you is the age J Rich would be good for fitting in with the high pace of the Nuggets…that is if we can’t Keep Afflalo. But I really would want Afflalo more.

        I am seeing Kalen’s point that Baby Davis and AK wouldn’t fit in as well as I was thinking of originally with them both more than likely wanting starting jobs over Gallo and Faried and I think that they need more minutes so that the Nuggets can get a better knowing on the potenial of them for the future.

        It would be nice to get something out of Nene with a Sign and Trade but i dont know if it is possible and with who for what?

        But I agree that doesn’t look bad with people on the roster we have and with Afflalo and some things I can working this way.




        Kalen also made another point about Oden with the pace the Nuggets run how long would he stay healthy or would they slow down for him. I agree if he stayed healthy he would be great in the low post and we could afford him. And I think that Oden, Faried and Gallo down low it would be a decent front court for us and would give Mozzy some more time to get better if the split the time on court with him enough.

        I am really looking forward to seeing Kalen’s post on his thoughts of who they should pickup on free agents and everything that he told me he was doing today or tomorrow it is really going to start some good discussions and it will make some ideas that some of us aren’t thinking of. If you want let me know any other thoughts.

        • danuggz4ever

          Oops Aaron said something about Oden and running in our conversation on this post

  • danuggz4ever

    Omar I like the s&t with huston and wilson chandler a little but don’t agree with galinari he is young and has loads of talent we should use lawson, gallo, faried, j hamilton, mozzy to build around they are all young and talented and yeah it would be nice to have more picks but you don’t really want to give up our whole team not to mention we still have to spend money yet so letting everyone go in trades for picks I don’t know about all of them

  • seth

    Let nene go he is soft and definitely not worth 12 mil. I like the fact that of mozzy starting at center but I agree get someone like a carl landry to start at pf till faried has developed more and move big al to the backup sf position because he has a great shot when he’s on. And have hamilton backing up afflalo (if he re-signs) that’s a pretty dangerous team if you think about it.

  • danuggz4ever

    I like that idea except we still have to spend money other than carl landry and affalo (if he resigns) I really think mozzy will prosper alot with the reigns in his hands at center with koufas as a back up and with bird there as well. I really think if we did get some other wing man we would be good too

  • Ernie

    What could the Nugs possibly get for Nene in a sign and trade?

    • Nugzie

      Don’t be surprised to see Koufus start ahead of Mosgov.

      • blueskygriller

        I doubt it. Mozgov certainly appears to be the most talented, albeit not by a lot.

  • blueskygriller

    The real need here for the Nugs is help at forward and center. Although I really like Mozgov, is he really someone we can trust to go up against even average centers in this league, nevermind the elite centers? I think you would have to use him in a timeshare with Birdman.

    As others have said, Nene is soft, overrated, and overpaid. He did some good things for the Nugs in his time here, but ultimately never warranted anywhere near the Max contract that is being talked about now. My hope is Afflalo stays here, because he is truly one of the most underrated players in the NBA. Assuming that he does stay, I remain hopeful that we can add at least one piece to this puzzle – others mentioned Thaddeus Young which would be a great addition. Hopefully, as Kalen said, the team makes keeping Al Harrington a priority, because among other reasons, the free agent market is looking especially sparse when Nene is the standalone free agent favorite.

  • Omar

    depends for what team and if nene will allow it. i personally am a fan of this trade and alot of minnesota fans have told me they would do it
    nuggets do a sign and trade of nene and afflalo for wesley johnson and michael beasley and the utah pick that minnesota has. overall i think this would help us long term because by the time we are ready to compete afflalo will be in his 30s.

    wes johnson/forbes

    • danuggz4ever

      The Nugs would have to get Affalo to agree as well but i do think that would be a decent trade

      Wes Johnson/ Forbes
      Gallinari/ J Hamilton/ Chandler(when he gets back from china)

      Maybe add J Crawford or T Young or some other swingman of sort just a great bench man

      What you think

    • Zach

      I’d just do a trade of Nene for Wesley Johnson. I don’t want Beasley in Colorado, but thats just me. Too many drug related problems with him.

  • Nugzie

    Oops. My previous post was meant as a general post, not a reply. Regarding a sign and trade, there has been some talk that the Heat would part with Bosh in exchange for Nene and another piece.

  • blueskygriller

    Also, I really like Kenneth Faried to come in and play big minutes right out of the gate at the PF position, but you probably don’t want him playing much more than 25 minutes (in a timeshare with Harrington).

    When you’re talking about what the Nugs could get from a sign and trade, you’re apparently talking about Dallas and Miami. Dallas obviously has the most to offer, though they are coming off a Championship season and will likely not want to change their recipe much. Though it’s pure speculation, you could imagine Dallas possibly offering Tyson Chandler in a sign and trade. I doubt Miami would be willing to offer Bosh, but you could imagine Joel Anthony being a possibility for that team. As I noted earlier, depth at center – and preferably a center that will provide a tough interior presence – is the holy grail for the Nugs in this short time before the snow is falling atop the Pepsi Center Christmas Day.

    • danuggz4ever

      I think it would be the Best thing that could happen for the Dallas trade to happen like that but doubtful i could see the Joel Anthony one working first. I agree i dont think that they would give up Bosh just yet.

    • Nugzie

      Miami might deal Bosh. There have been rumblings. It makes a bit of sense from their perspective. Both Bosh and Nene have reputations for being soft. So the Heat could trade big men and save a couple bucks against the cap. A trade of Nene for Anthony wouldn’t work, asper the 125% salary match.

      • danuggz4ever

        Maybe it would then

  • danuggz4ever

    I agree that Mozgov is the most Talented C we have on roster right now over Koufas but i think Koufas is not too far behind him

  • monkiboy777

    I like what we have without Nene if Mozgov can keep growing. The only thing that worries me is Karls lack of rookie play time which will keep “manimal” and hamilton limited. With lawson gaining skills and leadership overseas and hopefully resigning AA the only thing we need is a little help with depth at C. Itd be nice to get a Marc Gasol but i personally am hoping for Bynum to be released with the lakers trying to cut budget. Regardless of what happens the Nuggs will byfar outperform any expectations from the bias ESPN analyst.

  • Omar

    dallas has some good assets to give they have beaubois, corey brewer and draft picks. its ok but not as much as we could get from teams like minnesota, golden state and houston

  • Omar

    also once the season in china ends we could possibly re-sign chandler and trade him to a team that needs a sf. like the jazz who are currently shopping paul millsap. i personally would love to get millsap on this team, he’s such a hardworker. clippers also a viable option and they have some nice young talent there. we could trade him for a pick as well. overall i just cannot wait until december 9th, i’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, worst being we got nothing for nene. because it seems his foot is out the door.

  • Evan

    Nene won’t sign anywhere as a center. The reason he is pissed is because they offered him a deal as a center, and as a center only. Before the season was over, he publicly announced that he was done playing center. So, if the nuggets find a center, and start nene at powerforward then he will sign with the nuggets. As far as Miami, they have a PF, and so does Dallas.

    Nene followed up by Farid? Amazing. Just find a center and we win the championship.

    Also don’t discount Jham, He was one of the top 5 players in college and was suppose to go top 10 at least in the draft, only his coach was mad he was leaving so gave him a bad rap. Jham has one of the nicest shots I’ve seen as a rookie, and is a versatile driver. He also rebounds very well, essential for a nuggets team. Jham > JR smith(who I think is the 2nd most talented shooting guard in the league(didn’t say better, said natural talent.), behind only d-wade, witch should prove how much I believe in Jham.)

    • Aaron

      Thats Wayy To True, Jordan Hamilton Was The #1 Ranked SF Coming Out Of College And Faried Was Ranked 3rd In PF.
      I Think Those 2 Can Become Great Players For Denver.

  • gk4prez

    Some veteran free agents that are a bit off the radar who could fill some needs for the Nuggets:

    Mike Dunleavy
    Carl Landry
    Josh McRoberts
    Troy Murphy
    Anthony Parker

  • Omar

    also have you guys heard of if you haven’t please make an account there. we need more nuggets fans to post.

  • Warner

    Honesty, I think Nene’s time in denver has been romanticized a bit. He did treat denver well in the last few years but denver treated him extremely well through his cancer scare and indefinite injuries. We were patient with him and didn’t demand too much. I wish we played him at pf but it’s in the past. He’s crazy though if he thinks he’s worth anything near 14 mil a year even in the old cba. At that kind of money you have to be one of the best 2-3 players on the court on any given night and that’s simply not the case with nene. Not because of talent but because of will power. Anyway, let him go he’s not worth the money. I hope he does well elsewhere but we have a solid group of young guys to build around considering all that crap last year. Go nugz

  • Brett

    Look, Berger from sportsline is probably the worst when it comes to reporting actual basketball news. He claimed melo was traded last November, December, January, and in February when he actually was. He wrote articles everyday on deals that were “going to happen.” Additionally he claimed that the lockout was going to end “today” over a month ago. He is awful and I don’t know why he has a job. Nene may very well leave but I would not listen to anything this fool has to say.

  • Colby

    Do you think that we can get something for JR in a sign and trade? I also think we need as many picks in this upcoming draft as possible.

    • Aaron

      J.R. Smith And 2nd Round Pick For Kevin Martin?
      I’d Love To See That Happen

  • selley2134

    I think our depth is going to be very questionable, and our young players are really going to have to step up, especially Mozgov and Koufus (who really looked lost out there last year IMO). So in college terms I think the Nuggets are going to be in a “rebuilding year”. Here are some more of my thoughts

  • Zach

    Sign and trade Nene to Dallas for Roddy Boubuais or however you spell it. He’s gonna be a great player.