Amick: Nene re-signing with the Nuggets, “possible”

In a recent article for, Sam Amick revealed information regarding Nene’s willingness to re-sign with the Nuggets that seems contrary to popular belief. According to Amick, “a source with knowledge of the situation said the prospect of Nene returning to Denver remains entirely possible — if not probable.” He later goes on to point out how the discrepancy between what Nene would earn on the open market and what he would earn be re-signing with Denver is clearly enough motivation for the 6-11 center to forgive and forget past misunderstanding with the Nuggets.

Maybe Masai was able to cajole Nene with his superpower GM skills we’re all so familiar with? Maybe Nene just finally realized that forgoing so much money over damaged feelings isn’t worth it? Who knows. Bottom line: Things might be looking up for the Nuggets yet again under Masai’s watch, but as always these types of situations are fluid, so stay tuned for more updates. And please do read that article as it brings a lot of valid points to the table that Nuggets fans should understand about Nene’s situation.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • gk4prez

    What I find amusing in the Nene sweepstakes is that the reason his name is on the open market to begin with is because he felt disrespected by the Nuggets.

    But, every team that has an interest in him is linked to someone else. The Nets want Chandler, the Warriors prefer Chandler, the Rockets are looking at Dalembert, even the Pacers have been linked to several other free agents (Marc Gasol). Basically, he is getting the same treatment from them that he was supposedly ticked off at from the team that has stuck by him for 9 seasons.

    The 9th can’t get here soon enough, it’s time to find out one way or the other already.

  • Ryan

    i kinda had a feeling this might happen, he said he wanted to test the market and see if any contenders wanted him, the problem is that none can afford him for even close to what he’s worth. denver is the only team that can pay him and be competitive.

    • gk4prez

      In the long run, I suppose he comes out a winner either way it turns out. If he stays in Denver, he gets an extra year compared to the extension he turned down last year, and it might be for more money.

      If he leaves, it would be a contract that is beyond what he should actually get. I just hope that the 5 year deal he might eventually ink with the Nuggets isn’t for some insane amount of money.

  • Matt Henry

    I sincerely hope this process doesn’t become overly long or dragged out, and that we don’t end up paying this guy way to much. From what I’ve seen of Nene he is one of the most intelligent, athletic big men in the league, and a perfect fit for this offense, but we should not break the bank bringing him back for another season. Although I do wonder, even if we avoid signing him and save cap room for the next free agency period, what superstars are going to be willing to sign with us? Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard have already made it quite obvious that they want to play for big market teams, and after that who’s available?

    • Kalen

      That’s kind of my point too Matt. I like the concept of saving money, but if Nene is willing to re-sign we simply cannot pass it up even if we have to overpay. The fact of the matter is no superstar free agent is going to sign in Denver, so we should be thankful when guys like Nene are.

  • Mark J

    If Mozgov develops as I think he can I think there is a real opportunity for Nene to play his more natural position of PF more often and Nene can help speed that process up by helping Mozgov learn the position the way it’s played in the NBA. Moz has talent there’s no doubt and he, Nene and Gallo would make for a powerful front line with Lawson feeding them the ball.

  • Alex

    If Nene is going to command the type of money that is being rumored, (more than $13 mil/year), I don’t think that he’s worth hanging on to at this point. It’s rumored that Indy is looking at him to replace Roy Hibbert.

    My question is why don’t we just facilitate a S&T sending Nene to Indy for Hibbert and whatever filler is needed and a 2nd round pick? Hibbert is still on his rookie deal and had 2010 avgs. of 13/8/2. At less than $3 million per year, isn’t that worth the Nuggets trying to develop the 25 year old with Lawson, Afflalo, Gallo, and Faried? After all, you can’t teach 7’2”.

    I was actually surprised to read on that the pacers were looking to replace Hibbert. I thought if anything they wanted Nene to play alongside him at the 4, so I guess I wouldn’t be surprised to find out in the next couple of days that they aren’t really trying to get rid of him.

    • Matt Henry

      I can’t imagine Hibbert playing in the Nuggets offense, or in Denver’s elevated climate. But what do I know, I’m just a fan.

  • Alex

    First of all, I would think any professional athlete could adjust to the elevation after a week or two. They make millions of dollars to stay in shape and play a sport after all. “Nugget’s Offense” is a very fluid term right now. Most of the fast paced players are in China or have left in trades, and our best transition big man, Nene, could be on his way out too. I’m not sure how Hibbert would be in Denver’s offense, but I think he’d definitely be worth a flier, especially still on a rookie contract. If he doesn’t pan out, let him go. I hate to see the Nuggets lose Nene for nothing when they could at least get a prospect, pick, or combo of the two.

    What does everyone think about Rony Turiaf? Knicks are trying to dump him, and he’s on an expiring deal that’s not awful. He could be a stopgap for a year when the free agent class would best be avoided by the Nuggets. I don’t want Detroit’s Charlie Villanueva/Ben Gordon situation happening to us!

    • Matt Henry

      As a former knicks fan I’m not certain I can agree with your statement that you should expect a player to stay in shape just because he’s getting paid millions of dollars (eddie curry). Beyond that, you have a good point with the Nuggets offense being fluid, given that we probably are going to forge a whole new offensive, and maybe even defensive identity next year. I still am not a fan of big slow players. Anyways, I think the Turiaf idea is great, he’d definitely be a phenomenal mentor/energy guy. And, between him Birdman, and Faried teams would hate playing us. Of course we wouldn’t score very often….

  • Alex

    Not a lot of good big guy options out there. You don’t want to cripple the franchise by overpaying. Maybe the best bet would be for Nuggets fans to pray that Mozgov makes a huge leap.

  • Haig

    Given NJ’s reported offer of $16M/yr for 4 yrs, I have no interest in keeping Nene that much. We’d have to give him 5 yrs at that amount to entice him to stay. I hope Masai has more sense than that.