Nuggets in advanced discussions for Speights

According to David Aldridge of the Nuggets have explored the possibility of sending a second-round pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for 6-10 center, Marreese Speights. The deal is currently on hold until Denver further understands the future of Nene, but chances are that should he not return, seeing Speights in a Nuggets uniform is highly likely. Stay tuned as more information continues to proliferate.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Alan B.

    So “Mr. Airball Dunk” coming back to the scene of the crime (…. I dont think I like this move…I had some hope for Nene coming back but pretty much have given up on that. Im more anxious for Afflalo to get signed, havent heard anything about the best guard in FA..getting me a bit worried.

  • Tommy4daNuggz4ever

    I say that we do it and see if that gets him to make a decisionand maybe he will stay(dreaming) and we wlill have a great team and a contender but if not we will have a great big any ways

  • FinazzAus

    To me that’s a pure money think. Is owed 2mill and one year. And at some point we need to have atleast 13 on our list.

  • DH

    Can Speights play PF? Otherwise, how many centers do we need (Moz, Koufos, Bird, Speights)? The money and the 2nd round pick are fine, but please don’t take away any playing time from Moz and Koufos. I want them to develop as quickly as possible.

    • Amel

      Yep, he can play as a PF as well.

  • Andrew

    Can this guy play at all? Why are the Nuggs only looking to add a Center if Nene goes? That’s why Nene wants to leave in the first place…the Nuggets keep making him play Center, rather than bringing in a Center so Nene can move to power forward. This is frustrating. The Nuggets are a good starting Center away from having a pretty formidable lineup, but they are gong after scraps.
    I know it is a dream, but how does Dwight Howard/Nene/Gallo/Afflalo/Ty Law, with Moz/Koufos/Birdman/Faried/Hamilton/Miller coming off the bench sound? Why can’t the Nuggets get in this game?

    • Amel

      Man, I like Nene but a 4-years-70m-deal is damn bad considering that ee doesn’t want to play in the 5 spot anymore. As a C he would would be overpaid, but as a PF he’d be overpaid even more because 17m/year for a PF is just unreal and stupid. Can you name me any PF that earns 17m and has the same stats as Nene has?

  • Andrew

    Also, if Kmart and JR are not going to play, they do not count against the Nuggs cap, do they?

    • FinazzAus

      If we resnouse Kmart and JR we can’t get a sign and trade for them when they sign somewhere else. If we have the option to pick up a big player then we can get rid of them easy.

  • aussienuggsfan

    really don’t think Koufos is any good and doesn’t deserve playing time. Not 100% sold on mozgov either but I think he has a lot more potential and should be given plenty of minutes this year. Would have loved to see us go after deandre Jordan but obviously these cap holds are hurting us. I do think it is worth renouncing kmart though. this is going to sound crazy but if thabeet is amnestied I think he is worth a roster spot, you can’t teach size and he showed a lot at uconn..he could make a good project player while getting some limited playing time. I feel he could become a taller version of dalermbert

    • Alex

      I agree on Koufos. From what I have seen he only merits junk minutes. Mozgov becoming a good starter is no sure thing, which is why trading for Speights and letting him compete with Moz is a good idea. I watched the link below, and if nothing else, Speights should play 40 minutes against the Suns, it looks like he averages 5 dunks a game against them!

  • aussienuggsfan

    I also think we should sign tim tebow

  • Omar

    if you guys haven’t seen speights play, he plays pretty similar to nene except not too many post moves, but really good on the fastbreak. i think he would be a nice addition to this team even if we re-sign nene.

  • Chaz Kemp

    Speights may not be too bad, especially at the PF. I found this on youtube ( and it looks like he might have a little game, but more importantly, he looks as though he has some nice upside.

    • aussienuggsfan

      He be looking like stoudemire in this video. Who needs nene?

  • Alex

    I like the Speights idea, especially if Nene goes. He could play next to Mozgov, as a 4, or next to Faried as a 5. He’s not a 7 footer, but he’s only an inch shorter than Nene, and weighs about the same. I think it’s a low risk move. We need players, and he is young. The year before last he averaged 8 and 4 in 16 minutes. If he could give us 10 and 6 in 20-24 minutes he could be a valuable part of the big rotation which lacks athleticism. If not, let him go at the end of the year. He’s only 24, and we need bodies.