According to Marc Stein, Nuggets agree to five-year deal with Afflalo

The deal is reportedly worth close to $43 million over five years. Though the previous link says the Nuggets are close to a deal, Marc Stein recently tweeted that his sources tell him a deal has been finalized. More news will continue to proliferate, but until then feel free to relieve yourselves thorough screaming and shouting in the comments section.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Klules

    Hallelujah. Glad this is done. Looking forward to speculation on who we will trade and why when WC comes back.

  • DH

    I would have liked to sign him for maybe $6.5M/year. But sometimes you have to overpay a little. Welcome back AAA!

  • Chris

    Affalo is a good player but lacks that true explosiveness, he overrated as a top two guard.

  • Chris

    As a nuggets fan I expect more now from the nuggets.

  • Stephen

    Great to see this deal get done! I agree, it would have been nice to see the Nuggs sign him for around 6.5M/year but the team would have missed him this season. Especially in a 66game season, apparently the Chicago Bulls and the Lakers were after him, excited he’s still in powder blue!!!

  • Chaz Kemp

    Woooo Hoooooo!!! Now the team is complete! I think that he’s worth the money, personally. Everyone around the league knows how good he is so why try to underpay him? If there’s anyone in the league who will try his hardest to be worthy of the praise and the cash, it’s Afflalo. Now if we were talking about paying JR Smith or Harrington that kind of cash, I’d complain – but Afflalo is absolutely worth it.

    Well done and Go Nuggets!!!

  • steve

    love AA but this was a little expensive. i was hoping in the 6-7 range as well. look at the bright side, OKC will have to pay Harden a similar deal here soon! 😀

    Go Nugs!

  • Chris

    We should have waited for James Harden this summer.

  • Erlingur Gretar

    Yes! Triple-A! Welcome back! 8.6 million is not too bad. If he will plateau instead if improving further, it’s still tradeable, but I have faith in AAA, he is after all one of the hardest-working players in the entire league.

    This depth chart is impressive:
    C – Mozgov – Birdman – Koufos (Debatable order, I know)
    PF – Nene – Faried – Harrington
    SF – Gallinari – Brewer – Hamilton – Carroll
    SG – Afflalo – Fernandez
    PG – Lawson – Miller – Stone

    Can you imagine being a team on its 5th back-to-back trip within a month, struggling to hold back a starting 5 of Moz, Nene, Gallo, Afflalo and Lawson, and then having to deal with an energetic 2nd unit of Birdman, Faried, Brewer/Hamilton, Fernandez and Miller? And when they tire out, we still have Harrington, Koufos, Stone and Hamilton/Brewer itching to play.

    I’m way more excited about this team than any lineup with Melo. This looks like a college TEAM.

    Bring on the season already!

    • Ricardo

      Is Faried or Harrington backing-up Nene?

      • Erlingur Gretar

        Faried would (read: should, especially after that showing last night) back up Nene, then we always have a strong body down low. Harrington can be a third post option, or even a back-up for Gallo, as he is too much of a wing player to justify taking minutes from the post players. Carroll is mainly a security player, his problem is he’s not a good enough rebounder for PF, when we have Nene and Faried, and not good enough as a shooter for SF, when we have Gallo and Harrington.

    • Ricardo

      There is a few things I’m confused about this roster: Who is backing-up Nene, Faried or Harrington? I don’t think Carroll is a small forward, he’s a power forward. But other than these things, this roster looks good.

  • Tommy4daNuggz4ever

    Love it and I think it is completly worth it now we have a legit startin 2 and PF. Next we resign Ty at the end of the season and if Gallo turns out to step out we should resign him unless we pick some one out of the Draft worthy of starting. And let’s hope one of our Cs turns out to be something.

  • chronicnugs

    off topic, but i saw Corey Brewer at the DU Wyoming game tonight. He sat a few rows in front of me. Guess Wyo’s head coach was an assistant for the Florida natl championship teams. Anyway, Brewer is skinny. like scary skinny. wow.

  • Rick

    AAA is worth the money – lots of upside and he’s only 26. Hardest working guy on the team – money well spent.

  • magster

    Not much room left for Chandler in March. Suppose having his rights may come in handy if we have an injury and we’re in contention or if Brewer fails. Otherwise, we should trade him.

  • Omar

    bittersweet is all i have to say

  • Isaac

    Chandler will still have a spot on this roster. If he wants it is the only issue here. Either way a plus for the Nuggets as we retain his rights and can trade him if he does not want to stay. If the Center rotation doesn’t work out we can trade him for a mediocre expiring contract Center and a pick. Regardless, glad the roster is finally set. I was overjoyed when I read this last night.