Rapid Reaction: Utah Jazz 106 Denver Nuggets 96

Utah Jazz 106 Final
Recap | Box Score
96 Denver Nuggets
Nene, C 35 MIN | 8-15 FG | 2-7 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 18 PTS | -4
I don’t grade the boxscores. Yes, Nene scored 18 points with decent efficiency, but he missed 5 free throws and had 5 turnovers on the night. Nene was the key to this game for the Nuggets and came up short when it mattered most. Poor rebounding, poor defense, and poor shot selection. He looked like Koufos out there with the array of underhand flip shots, soft floaters and hooks underneath the rim.
Danilo Gallinari, SF 30 MIN | 2-6 FG | 12-12 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 18 PTS | -9
Gallo must be more aggressive for the Nuggets to have a chance. He came into the fourth quarter with a grand total of 3 field goal attempts. Gallo gets credit for making all of his 12 free throw attempts and doing some creative work with the ball in his hands. I liked him running pick and rolls with the Jazz aggressively trapping Lawson. He tallied 4 assists and had no turnovers. Just way too passive and once again he was eaten alive at the power forward spot – which is purely a coaching mistake.
Timofey Mozgov, C 18 MIN | 3-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 6 PTS | -3
Mozgov’s rebounding instincts are really bad, but beyond that he was the best big man the Nuggets had in this game. He was active during his minutes but nothing about his performance really stood out. He needs to be tougher and the coaches need to trust him more.
Arron Afflalo, SG 35 MIN | 4-10 FG | 6-10 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 16 PTS | -4
He certainly played hard, perhaps harder than anyone else on the floor, but his mistakes were costly and momentum killing. Two flat out terrible travels, a couple of out of control drives to the hoop and once again incredibly un-clutch shooting and huge missed free throws. I give him an A+ for effort, but results are all that matters.
Ty Lawson, PG 37 MIN | 6-16 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 8 AST | 13 PTS | -6
What a tough game for Lawson. I think he would have easily scored close to 20 had he not missed some bunnies at the rim. Lawson’s energy was there, but his teammates looked slow and out of sync. Lawson should be able to have unspectacular, solid nights like this and still be in a position to win. Much like Afflalo, Ty couldn’t catch a break tonight but he made far fewer mistakes than anyone else on the floor.
Al Harrington, PF 24 MIN | 5-11 FG | 0-2 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | -3
Harrington deserves credit for being the only bench player showing fire and competitive spirit. He had 4 steals, scored fairly efficiently and really, you can’t complain about his numbers. His defense was atrocious and he was another one making crucial mistakes in a close game when it mattered the most. I’ll take less production out of Harrington for fewer fouls and smarter basketball plays. Harrington was worse than his numbers and that trend is not exclusive to this game.
Andre Miller, PG 20 MIN | 2-2 FG | 1-2 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 5 PTS | -11
Looked like he didn’t care. Just a shocking performance all around. Failed to contribute anything and completely killed the team’s spirit and energy every moment he was on the floor. Miller looks lost and does not seem like he ever wants to be found.
Chris Andersen, C 9 MIN | 0-1 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -2
Andersen had 4 blocks, but one was erroneously credited to him when it should have been Corey Brewer’s. Birdman put up somewhat of a fight, but he did not block anyone out and was bullied down low by the much more physical Utah Jazz. One rebound is not acceptable. Birdman’s game and his athleticism are broken down to a point he should not be in the rotation. It isn’t his fault because I do believe he is trying. On this team, he is the wrong guy and the wrong fit – Karl should have kept him on the bench and should continue to.
Corey Brewer, SF 19 MIN | 2-6 FG | 3-4 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 8 PTS | -2
Brewer’s energetic style finally produced his first sub-par performance of the season. He is too aggressive bodying up his man at the three-point line, giving up wide open lanes to the basket for no reason. He took some questionable shots and did not play a controlled game. Brewer needs to show he can be more than a crazed maniac running around the court creating chaos.
Rudy Fernandez, SG 9 MIN | 0-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 0 PTS | -6
Rudy got hurt, but he started the game poorly with little energy. This grade is an incomplete and losing him turned out to be costly. The Nuggets had to rely heavily on Andre Miller and we all know that ended
Kosta Koufos, C 2 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | 0
Koufos should have played more, but he only came in for a split second after Birdman tweaked a muscle. I can’t remember seeing him do anything, so let’s go with an incomplete.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Millsapped: Going small doomed the Nuggets in this one. Paul Millsap once again destroyed the Nuggets as he has his entire career. Millsap is a tougher player than anyone in Denver’s rotation. Harrington, Birdman, Koufos, and Gallinari are the wrong players to guard him. Denver had no answer.
  2. The Blame Game: I have called out George Karl for games he has lost, but this was absolutely not one of those games. What do you expect him to do? Bench Andre Miller for good? Miller only lasted 20 minutes despite being George Karl’s favorite player on the roster. Al Harrington should not have played in this game if Denver wanted to contain Millsap. The Nuggets lost this game because they were a worse team and deserved to lose. Karl pulled the plug on the small lineup when it became clear Miller could not get them to run, but it was too late. Even then he brought Harrington back in and the team fared no better.
  3. Feed the Manimal: Would Kenneth Faried have helped in this game? I certainly think so, but he has Al Harrington and Chris Andersen ahead of him. This is a roster issue in addition to a coaching issue The Nuggets have to permanently take someone out of the rotation or Faried won’t get his shot. I believe the Birdman should be permanently caged, but even then, the Nuggets will continue to go small to accommodate Andre Miller’s minutes.
  4. Free Throws: Need I say more? 26-39 will not get it done. The worst offenders were Nene and Arron Afflalo. Just not good enough from the line and it has been a disturbing trend all season. The Nuggets will likely blame this issue for losing them the game but it was very, very small compared to everything else that went wrong tonight.
  5. On the road again: The Nuggets have a five game road trip coming up. Their switching scheme has been horrible and this team is plagued by the need to play a small lineup which cannot defend effectively. There are no easy solutions for the Nuggets right now. They don’t have the foundation of a good defense and the offense is plagued by a second unit being led by Andre Miller. I expect the Nuggets to lose most of their next five games on the road. The upside is that rotation changes and roster solutions could follow.

Game 13 Advanced Stats

Pace Factor: 97.0 – Not that slow, Denver’s average is 98.9
Offensive Efficiency:  99.0 – Denver’s deep bench did very little. 4 of 5 starters scored in double figures
Defensive Efficiency:  109.3 – The Nuggets aren’t a good defensive team. It isn’t really a part of their identity or how they win. It’s time for everyone to admit this.

Candid notes by Kalen:

— As I mentioned in the Heat recap, Nene desperately needs to improve his game in close proximity to the rim. I have never seen anybody miss as many easy layups, dunks and finger-rolls as he does, which has unfortunately been an issue throughout his entire career. George Karl will not address this, so I’m hopeful that another member of the coaching staff has taken notice and will try to work with him. More than anything Nene needs to develop an ability to recognize when and where certain types of shots should to be executed. Take Nene’s counterpart against the Jazz in Al Jefferson for example. He’s one of the better post players in the game and much if his success is due to the variety of moves and shots he uses in unison with where his defender is located. Jefferson knows when to utilize a baby hook and when the finger-roll is neccesary. Unlike Nene, you’ll never see him attempt a finger-roll in heavy traffic. Additionally, Nene needs to finish with authority around the rim. About 80 percent of his finger-rolls and lay ups could easily be dunks. All that said, I do commend him for attacking the rim with aggression this year and realize that some of these problems may be growing pains that have arisen solely out of him adapting a more offensive-minded game plan.

— Andre Miller is starting to become a problem, I have no other way of putting it. What I originally thought may have been nothing more than a few bad games has turned into a series of disinterested, uninvolved no-shows in which the most in-your-face aspect of his performances tends to be his bad body language. Quite honestly, I’m baffled. When Miller first joined the Nuggets he seemed fairly up beat and ready to contribute to the “team first” mentality George Karl employs in Denver, however after declaring his dissatisfaction about being a backup to Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida, he’s been a totally different player. Again the Jazz he was nothing short of aloof, often times alienating himself in the corner behind the 3-point arc while the rest of the team attempted to make something happen. Then, when he finally received the ball it was as if he was playing hot potato by handing it off to the nearest teammate without even thinking about attacking the basket. He’s no longer even trying to push the pace, his assists are non-existent, he’s yet to post up with verve like he’s done throughout his career and most importantly, he just doesn’t seem to care. All of his shortcomings on the floor could have been forgiven if not for his sulking as he exited the game for the last time on Sunday night. Put simply: With Miller in the game the Nuggets are playing 4-on-5 basketball. Let’s hope this turns out to be nothing more than an ephemeral slump, but if it doesn’t and Miller continues to pout about not being the starter, then he should be packaged (possibly with Birdman) immediately for an asset to prevent from further ruining the Nuggets’ valuable team chemistry.

— Though the Nuggets are sitting at a respectable 8-5 and rank near the top of the league in many offensive statistical categories (Denver is second in points per game and first in field goal percentage and points per possession) their defense conversely ranks near the bottom in many categories as well. The Nuggets are currently 25th in opponent’s field goal percentage and rebounds per game, as well as 24th in opponent’s points per game and 26th in opponent’s 3-pointers made. This ineptitude to stop the opponent from scoring was on clear display against the Jazz who normally average roughly 95 points per game, yet were able to put up 106 on the Nuggets. Though Denver has a few defensive “stoppers” in Afflalo and Brewer as well as plenty of guys fully capable of playing tough defense, for the most part the opponent is scoring whenever it wants, however it wants. Karl’s obsession with small ball may put points up on the board, but this schtick is rendered virtually useless due to the fact that Denver can’t stop its opponent from doing the same. Time after time both Paul Milsap and Al Jefferson had their way with Gallinari, Harrington and Nene, all of whom consistently play out of position on a nightly basis in order to compromise for small ball. And while there’s proof that Karl preaches defense, he hasn’t shied away from doing the same with offense, especially when it comes to getting out on the run. Quite honestly, it’s starting to seem like the Nuggets’ perpetual mission to ignite the fast-break offense has totally distracted them from executing some of the more fundamental aspects of the game like rebounding, one-on-one defense and half-court sets. Now, after two “bad” losses at home it’s fair to say the neglect for these issues is starting to cost the Nuggets games, which is inexcusable.

— While I acknowledged Karl for his commitment to getting up for the Heat game, I equally scorn him for refusing to do so against the Jazz. While my colleague Charlie may feel Karl had nothing to do with this loss, I respectfully disagree. Aside from the copious amount of undiagnosed problems mentioned in the previous paragraph that still inexplicably haven’t been addressed, Karl continues to leave Denver’s biggest and best rebounders unused on the bench throughout the game even though that’s one of the team’s biggest weaknesses. Koufos and Faried would have done wonders against a stacked Jazz front line that Gallinari and Harrington should have had no business trying to guard. While Tyrone Corbin realized the Nuggets were going small and thus, made in-game adjustments by taking nightly contributors, Favors and Kanter, out of the rotation entirely, Karl did not waiver from his normal game plan which led to the Jazz’s front court fully abusing Denver’s smaller lineup. And while one can argue that the players came out flat  — which is true — at the end of the day I’ll always maintain that it’s the coaches job to fix any and every problem facing the team, including getting guys mentally prepared before each and every match. As a coach in the NBA part of the job description is motivation and Sunday, Karl was just as lifeless as his players. But worst of all, he had an entire three quarters to fix these complications before the game finally got out of hand, and he failed.

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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • Michael (anotheraussienuggzfan)

    It could be a little premature but I hope we are not slipping into the inconsistent Nuggets of the last few years.

    There was far too much standing around the perimeter and no off-ball movement which lead to a lot of penetration then a jump-pass which was easily intercepted by the Jazz.

    A lot of our drives to the basket were contested and the follow ups could have been better converted with a pump fake before going up or by dishing it back out.

    There were several questionable calls (AAA’s charge on the fast break, Bell’s block on Ty may have been clean but I think it was AAA that got hammered when trying for the put-back but there was no call and others that I can’t think of now).

    We have started this season where we left off last season with our Free Throw shooting… terrible. Gallo is the ONLY one making his FT’s consistently, AAA has missed plenty as has Nene and Big Al even TY has missed a few he should have made.

    One glaring shortfall I’ve noticed is boxing out for rebounds, I think if the coaches get the guys doing this our rebound numbers should improve drastically because at the moment we are constantly out of position and giving up offensive boards.

    • Nigel

      I love these Nuggets! They are fun to watch in how they win. But how they lost still makes us so distraught. I have to admit, George Karl really is an offensive-type of coach, who mostly really on points in transition and can’t coach well in the halfcourt set. Time will come he will be fired and be replaced by a coach that uses the Nuggets’ depth WISELY. Also, I wish Andersen and Miller were traded right away or if necessary, put Rudy in if he really plays bad in Denver. But honestly, Rudy is in a situation Gallo was, being criticized in the first part of their career as Nuggets. Rudy hasn’t been in his prime yet, and when he can finally adapt to the system and adjust to the altitude like Gallo, the Nuggets can have a chance to become an elite team

  • Bryan

    Couldn’t disagree with you more about this not being a coaching issue. The Jazz pulled away in the fourth when Karl went with Gallo on Millsap. Bringing in Al Harrington to play the 4 is hardly going big, especially when you have two 7 footers (both of whom have showed they can play) on the bench.

    • Charlie

      He trusted the veteran Andre Miller to get it going. Yes, Karl could have brought in Mozgov – but the Nuggets were already behind at this point and offensively Harrington is a lot better than Mozgov. It’s very difficult to put Andre Miller and Harrington on the bench which is what you’re suggesting. Karl did adjust to the Jazz and it didn’t matter. The bigger issue is that he bench didn’t defend or score enough to give the Nuggets a chance

      • Bryan

        Mozgov made three shots in a row in the third and was looking good. He left in the middle of the third never to return. That was a mistake.

        Putting Gallo on Millsap was a mistake. Even if you’re okay with Harrington at the 4 being the big adjustment (interesting that you say it’s offense that put him in when Karl has talked up defense all year) the adjustment failed miserably. That’s on the coach.

        An undersized PF dominated the Nuggets while two seven footers watched from the bench. That’s on the coach.

        George Karl’s idiotic obsession with small ball cost the nuggets last night and will continue to do so, until someone puts him in his place, or he had a come to Jesus moment.

        • Charlie

          I agree, but I think you have to acknowledge Harrington and Miller are the veteran guys who expect minutes. Mozgov came out both times so Andre Miller could get in the game.

          This is the problem with the small lineup, Miller isn’t happy unless he gets his minutes and the Nuggets have to sacrifice in order to get him going. Surely, Andre Miller deserves some minutes, no? Wasn’t exactly Karl’s fault that Mozgov went out and Miller played awful.

          Harrington too is having this great year, so why wouldn’t he get minutes? Ditto with Birdman. One of these guys has to move to the bench permanently or there is no room for a big lineup (unless you consider Harrington and Birdman big)

          It is more of a roster problem than a coaching problem. Should Miller, Birdman, and Harrington just not play? That’s going to upset the veterans and affect the locker room chemistry. I agree Timo deserves more minutes but right now Karl trusts Harrington, Birdman, and Andre Miller a lot more. Can you blame him?

  • Cody

    Jesus you people here are so negative its pathetic, you expect the nuggets to lose more of their road games? you shouldn’t even been a writer.. just terrible

    • ParkHillNative

      The best road record the Nuggets have ever tallied in the entire history of their franchise is 21-20, which is just one game over .500. So actually, it would be foolish to ever bet on the Nuggets winning the majority of their road games. I see no evidence to suggest that this particular upcoming road trip is going to be any different.

      • bayesk

        ooh, nice use of evidence and fact (though I hate the fact itself).

  • Omar

    one thing is clear…miller needs to officially get traded for something

    • noah

      I agree completly. Although he may be suiting up in the powdered blue, his head is certainly not in denver. I’d like to package him with birdman and maybe even wilson chandler (when he returns from china) and see what we can get for them.

      • ParkHillNative

        I think Bird is going to be mighty hard to get rid of in a trade. I don’t know, maybe Ujiri can pull something off.

  • noah

    I consider this loss to be the fault of George Karl and George Karl alone. Sure, as a team we didn’t capitalize on our opportunities and we struggled to finish at the rim ( mainly nene and afflalo, lawson a bit too), but our fatal flaw was coaching. There were brutal periods in this game in which Karl decided to go with purely bench players for 7-8 minutes at a time. Im not saying our bench isnt capable, because they certainly are, but when we had the chance to start seperating ourselves from the jazz, we had gallo, ty, and nene all together on the bench as we watched the guys on the floor play subpar offense and even worse defense. Karl’s biggest fault in this game came in the 4th quarter when he decided to let gallo cover paul millsap at the 4 for about 5 minutes. Millsap proceeded to school gallo for 3 or 4 easy baskets which widened the jazz’s lead to double digits. A deficit the nuggets never recovered from.

    • Charlie

      I appreciate the passion, but Andre’s lackluster effort is not something you can blame on Karl. Miller is being given minutes because the team believes in him and wants to get him going early in his reserve role.

      Nene and Arron Afflalo turned the ball over like crazy and didn’t make free throws. Al Harrington was producing offensively so I don’t see how you can fault Karl for playing him.

      • Bryan

        If you were Karl, would you have honestly played Miller as long ad Karl did, despite the poor performance? Would you have put Gallo on Millsap and stand idly by while he gets destroyed?

        • Charlie

          If it were me I would not be playing Birdman and Miller, but I’m not the coach. The team has been built around having veterans like Birdman, Miller, and Harrington. Not many coaches are going to sit them out and expect them to be happy and keep producing.

          If you take Gallo off Millsap, Harrington and Bird are in line for those minutes. I don’t know if they would have fared better (Harrington certainly didn’t).

          Birdman should be benched right now and the Nuggets should give up hope of him rounding back into a reliable guy. Miller I think should have his minutes reduced to 15-20 or just be traded to get the distraction out of the way. Until those roster moves happen, Karl isn’t going to give up hope that Bird, Harrington and Miller will pick it up and start winning games. It’s a roster problem

          • Kalen

            Charlie, I think what Bryan is saying (and this is at least how I feel as well) is that sure, Al, Gallo, Bird and whoever deserve minutes, but that doesn’t excuse you to continue playing them at ALL times. When somebody is getting torched and a taller body would be more beneficial you simply can’t ignore that for the sake of it messing up your systematic rotation and taking five to seven minutes away from somebody who sees plenty of time every night anyways. While I agree that such a deep roster can create some issues, I don’t agree that Karl is here to manage egos and hand out minutes like he’s handing out food to group of homeless people (making it all equal so nobody gets upset). He needs to coach to win basketball games, end of story. If somebody is upset at their lack of playing time, I’m sure Masai will have no problem shipping them somewhere else.

  • Aaron

    Andre Miller Sucks Really Bad..All I Feel Like Saying After That Crap.

  • Aaron

    O Ya Charlie Instead Of Just Putting An “F” For Miller, Really Put Up The “FAIL”. LOL

  • Trevor

    Note to self if I ever become NBA GM: Never trade for veteran PG thinking he will accept coming off the bench.

  • ParkHillNative

    I guess I spoke too soon yesterday, posting that this year’s team looked like a safe bet to win at least 25 home games. The Jazz are clearly better than many of us thought at first, but they were on the 2nd of a b2b.

    If the Nuggets are going to be this inconsistent all season, they’re in real danger of missing the playoffs altogether. There are lots of stretches of the season coming up that are going to be a lot harder than this last week.

  • tom

    Com’n Karl our team needs rebounding We do have the answer but wait he’s a rookie. Karl is good but use what you got man!

  • Nigel

    Damn! this was not a gimme-kind of game but still they Nuggets better wake up every single night. Oh man! Andre Miller is officially climbing the footsteps of former “bench-bust” Raymond Felton. And Chris Andersen is not the birdman anymore. The reason why I’m still confident is that I’m hoping that Ujiri and Kroenke can fix this situation- maybe fire Karl in exchange for an coach who is defensive-minded, has a “real” playbook, and KNOWS HOW TO USE THE TEAM’S DEPTH.

    The Nuggets front office staff might propose a trade like this:

    Chris Andersen
    Andre Miller

    In exchange for:

    Dwight Howard

    -Now this trade will FINALLY OPEN THE DOOR to Kenneth Faried. Julyan Stone will finally have even more minutes and show why he should be drafted.
    -When this trade has been made, they should draft a point guard who should be at most a bench warmer or who is ready to play once Ty or Julyan got injured.
    -With the trade done. Denver’s softness in the paint will be finally gone with Dwight Howard coming to town. He will also provide that aggressiveness that Nene frequently forgets. And with Wilson Chandler re-signed, the Nuggets will finally have their very own “dream” roster.
    Imagine a roster like this:
    [a veteran point guard who accepts playing off the bench]
    coach: Melvin Hunt

    • Joe

      Your definitely DREAMING. The Magic wouldn’t do a trade like that even if we included two first rounders, and took on Turkoglu’s contract

      • Joe


        • Nigel

          Let me explain this clearly Joe: though at this point we are losing patience in Nene, he still is viewed as a highly valuable center in the NBA. His inconsistency is growing and maybe he needs a different coach, maybe Stan Van Gundy. Next: Miller – I accepted way before his discontent of playing off the bench that his age finally met him. If he could play in a different team that is going to start him, he could play like he wasn’t 37.

          • Daniel

            Even if the money made sense and both teams agreed to the trade, d12 would never sign long term in denver, ever.

    • Desean

      The only problem with this trade is we would need to take on a couple
      More players so that Orlando don’t go over the roster limit. Maybe jameer Nelson and ryan Anderson ?

      Maybe we could get a third team involved…

      T WOLVES get
      Andre miller

      • Desean

        Sorry discount this post look below I accidentally pressed submit too early

    • Desean

      The only problem with this trade is we would need to take on a couple
      More players so that Orlando don’t go over the roster limit. Maybe jameer Nelson and ryan Anderson ?

      Maybe we could get a third team involved…

      T WOLVES get
      Andre miller
      Big baby davis
      Chris duhon
      2nd round pick from Orlando

      ORLANDO get
      Demare Carroll
      Martell webster
      George Karl

      Denver get
      Dwight Howard
      Kevin love
      Ricky Rubio
      Derrick Williams
      Wesley Johnson
      2 1st rounders from Orlando, unprotected
      2nd rounder timberwolves
      Cash considerations

      Obviously I’m not sure about the salaries matching up……

      • bayesk

        If you’re being facetious, please ignore this reply. However, if this is an actual trade proposal…Ridiculous!! Minnesota gives away Williams, Rubio and Love, their only bright spots in a decade??!!?? Orlando gets back a 50-cent piece, a dime and a nickel for the $2 bill that is Howard? And ORL gives up 2 first-rounders and a second for the privilege of giving away a 3-time Defensive Player of the Year? Denver somehow gets those MN guys PLUS Dwight AND 2(!!??!) first-rounders!!??! I know it’s David Kahn and Otis Smith we’re talking about here, but come on man – this “trade suggestion” is beyond ridiculous.

        • Desean

          It’s pretty clear I’m being facetious. I’m making fun of Nigel’s trade.

          Like come on, we couldn’t get one of these players I suggested, plus I threw in picks, I involved a coach in the trade and then I added cash considerations I mean c’mon man

          • bayesk

            My apologies, sir! you had me (and apparently half the RBMC readership) totally snookered, but I’m glad you were kidding. Sadly, I’m getting to the point where I wish we could trade GK….

      • Aaron

        Lol!?!?!? So Ur Saying The Wolves Should Give Up All Their Young Future For 3 Bench Warner’s And 2 Not Very Good Role Players?!?! That Would Be Most Lob Sided Trade For 1 Team In NBA Trade History. Being A Nuggets Fan I’d Love That Trade.

        • Desean

          It was a joke


      • FinazzAus

        While your at it why not throw in D wade from Miami because heck his Injuryed for a week so they will trade him.
        The most unrealistic trade in history

        • Desean

          I was making fun of Nigel by proposing an even more ridiculous trade than his and you make fun of me with an even more ridiculous trade.


      • Desean

        Um I was actually making fun of Nigels trade idea above…….

        Clearly I didn’t make it clear enough that it was a joke. I should have included durant, Westbrook and harden so you guys can work out I was being sarcastic


    • Desean

      You should be put down Nigel

  • Nigel

    Of course, I’m dreaming! Anything can happen in the NBA, remember? The CP3 trade was a clear example of a surprising trade.

    • Nigel

      that’s for you Joe

      • Joe

        The only difference is NO actually got back young and viable pieces. They got a 23 year old SG that is highly regarded as a scorer in Gordon, they got a 21 year old SF that gives them some young promise in Aminu, then they got a center that is marginally worse then Nene in Kaman, and to top it all off they got the Timberwolves unprotected 2012 1st rounder.
        Your suggesting trying to trade a washed up 33 year old C in Birdman, a over the hill but doesn’t want to accept that he should be a back-up 35 year old PG in Miller (and he would have to be a back-up for them too because J.Nelson is FAR better currently then Miller also) and a 29 year old C in Nene, that you suggest is highly valued around the league. If he was so highly regarded, then why did he end up back with Denver (after saying he felt disrespected by the front office) for more money then most experts expected him to get? Even if Nene was regarded highly as your insinuating, NO TEAM would ever trade away a 26 year old C in Howard that is regarded as THE BEST at his position for the package you are suggesting.
        I’m all for bringing in Howard as a Nuggets fan, but come on man. Lets use a little bit of reality. To get talent, you have to give up talent. Ask any of the three blog moderators (Kalen, Charlie, Jeremy) about this trade offer of yours, and they would all tell you the same thing

  • steve

    d12 trade would never happen. He wouldnt want to come here.

    anyways, i disagree somewhat with the writers. I understand the players missed FT’s and played out of control at times and he can’t help that. The fact is it was a tie game at half and we were lucky to be in it. You should have made changes from there. I DONT UNDERSTAND why GK allows Millsap to DOMINATE us every game we play Utah. IS HE that blind? It all started in the playoffs a few years ago when they destroyed us in the 1st rd. This is a game Faried should have came in. His long arms would have made it extremely tough for millsap to get up good looks. Faried is a players that matches up well with millsap. Millsap just schooled Gallo and Al on the court last night and it was embarrassing to watch because it keeps happening over and over again vs Utah. I’m really starting to get upset with GK. I’ve always defended him because Melo was there and you need to let your superstar be the man. Now, melo is gone. Shouldnt be any favorites. Get Birdman out of the stupid lineup. Heck, i’m 6’0 and i could dunk on him consistantly just by pump faking. Miller needs to be traded. He’s hurting us more than anything. Get him out of there and fast or a vet like that will drag this time down quick.

  • steve

    as i said above, we need to trade miller. he’s becoming a cancer the last 3 games. Last thing this young team needs is a vet like him crashing the party. Looking at rosters and salaries, i dont see many options UNLESS you start packaging Wilson Chandler in…which im not sure happens.

    Dre Miller and a 2nd for Jarrett Jack. I think N.O. would do this even though jack is at 5.5 mill and miller is at 7.8. Jack is signed for another year and they wouldnt mind another contract coming off the books with new owner. 2nd rd pick sweetens the deal some.

    Dre Miller and Demarre Carroll for Jameer Nelson and Von Wafer. Nelson is just not working out for Magic. 8 ppg in 30 min for them right now. He is also signed for 1 more year after this. I’d love this because Nelson fits our scheme and it would prevent GK from playing 2 pg system since both pg’s are small haha. Wafer and carroll make salaries work since Carroll is signed at vet min.

    Dre Miller, Koufos. Carroll and Birdman to Sacramento for Francisco Garcia, Isiah Thomas and Jason Thompson. I think sactown would do this because they are short on bigmen and it gets them out of cisco’s contract. This would clog our wings even more but it gives us a bigman that fits our system and would be a RFA next year so we’d have options. We are basically trading one bad contract for another with cisco and birdman and trust me, id rather cisco any day. This would open up a roster spot for us to bring back Kmart as well as a big for the rest of the year hopefully for vet minimum or we actually play Faried.

    Andre Miller and Jordan Hamilton to NJ for Jordan Farmar and Anthony Morrow. I think NJ would do this because they are looking to shed contracts. Rumors have it they are willing to package these 2 for mayo since mayo is a RFA also. Farmar has a players option for next year and morrow is signed at 4 mill for next year as well. Farmar would fit our system well as a backup pg and morrow is a beast of a 3 pt shooter but doesnt play much Defense. He’d be another trade asset for us that id hope we could turn around and package him with birdman for someone.

    Just some thoughts on a boring day at work on MLK day.

    • Joe

      At least your trades are more realistic

  • Desean

    Andre miller for Dallas top 20 protected 2012 pick from the lakers. Lakers use their $8/9 million trade exception.

    Not exactly a sexy trade because we don’t get any immediate players however we need to continue to build this team through young draftees.

    Added bonus would be the opening up of a roster spot for Wilson chandlers return.

    Stone and Fernandez would play backup point guard for remainder of season.

    If lakers agreed to this deal it would be a steal

    • steve

      why do we need more picks? we have 15 capable players on our roster all ready and that’s with Chandler coming back as well. We have a ton of assets. we are a playoff team now, let’s play to win. Let’s get a good backup PG like Jordan Farmar or Jarrett Jack who can keep running the court in our system. A late 1st rd pick doesnt do us much good.

  • chronicnugs

    The lack of depth on the front line and the inconsistent play from everyone except Lawson (maybe Harrington)has the team looking an awful lot like a .500 club.

    its way too early to judge, but if i was forced i would say the AAA and Nene signings aren’t looking so great. miller needs to go asap. blinky andersen is a lost cause. the rest of the team is playing like a group of cast offs. probably because they are a group of cast offs.

    i like the team, but its just missing something. kalen might have been right when he called for dalembert. this team needs a starting caliber defensive big in the worst way.

    • Kalen

      In every loss the Nuggets have had this year Dalembert would have helped tremendously, except maybe against San Antonio. Utah, L.A., Portland, New Orleans — what do all those teams have in common? A much better, deeper front line than the Nuggets. People were chastising me for even suggesting overpaying for Dalembert but the fact of the matter is we’re still under the cap and still in desperate need of a starting caliber NBA center. Meanwhile Dalembert is putting up 21-point, 16-rebound, 4-block games for Houston.

      • steve

        i agree somewhat Kalen. I do think Dalembert would have helped big time. Most people dont think he can run the floor but he actually moves well for his size. At the time though i was glad we didnt get him as i didnt want to get to crazy this offseason with spending on Nene and AA along with chandler coming up. We didnt know and kind of still dont know what we have yet in Mozgov, KK and Faried. I didnt want to go spend another 24 mill over 3 years for a 30 year old C when we might have something just as good in the waiting.

        This offseason there are 3 C’s that would fit the mold. Javale Mcgee (who i dont want), Jason Thompson (who i think is better than most people think and wouldnt mind getting if the price was right and Omar Asik who i think would fit perfectly in our system. All 3 are RFA but we would have the money to sign these guys especially Asik who Bulls wouldnt be able to match.

        Yes we didnt get Dalembert, but this doesnt mean we cant get someone else down the line especially going into next year.

        • Kalen

          Those guys will likely be out of the Nuggets’ price range by the time they extend Gallinari though. Denver would be better off drafting a center, that way they’ll get him for cheap. If there were some way Masai could trade Chandler, Harrington and Bird for Drummond or Davis I’d be in heaven but I don’t see that happening. John Henson is more realistic. I just hope the Nuggets don’t end up settling for Zeller or Plumlee as that would be a waste of a first rounder. This upcoming draft has so much talent it’s ridiculous, and a lot of those guys are centers. Fab Melo, Festus Ezeli, Arnett Moultrie, Steven Adams and Lucas Nogueira are other later options as well.

      • Bryan

        I thin you’re forgetting that he’s too tall for Karl to have played him when it counts. After Mozgov’s best game of the season, he gets his minutes reduced by several minutes. Kofous plays for 30 seconds, while Birdman gets bullied on D, goes for every head fake, and gets one rebound.

        It would have been unwise to overpay for a guy the coach would underutilize. Karl thinks Harrington at center is acceptable, for crying out loud.

  • Adam

    First off, Denver will never get Howard. So lay that to rest. Second off, we can’t afford him even if we wanted him. Third, Howard doesn’t want to be in Denver. Fourth , we don’t need him. I was soooooo pissed Karl didn’t play Kenneth Faried. I don’t give a flying Fu*% about the roster. Birdman has served us well, but we need more rebounds, and blocked shots. As an added bonus I think he will be able to score. Fans at the games need to shout out to Karl to feed the Manimal otherwise, why the hell did we draft him in the first place to be a cheerleader? Put Moz on the bench, and let him earn minutes.Koufos needs more playing time no doubt about it. I am sure Karl will adjust the lineup it is so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it.

  • ny nugs fan

    andre miller looks like an out of shape old man running up and down the court

    i don’t know why he wants to start anyway; i know i wouldn’t if i were him

    he needs to relax; come off the bench and help the team and support TY

    he doesn’t even realize the nice situation he’s in

  • evan

    you should apply for coach of the nuggets.

  • Ricardo

    Nene missed free-throws and had too many turnovers. GK also made a mistake playing Gallinari at power forward, he’s not a good defender to be played at that position. Gallinari needs to play more aggressive though, especially in crunch time, if the nuggets are to win more games.

  • Omar

    dwight howard guys???? really. no way he is coming here. but i agree we need to get rid of miller and birdman and eventually harrington because his contract is horrendous. and we can’t use our amnesty just in case the signing of nene or afflalo backfires. that’s our insurance

  • Mitch

    Miller has never dogged it in the past and I don’t think he’d do it now. Maybe he’s sick or the fast pace of the season has gotten to him but let’s give him a chance before we kick him down the road. He played great at the beginning of the season and he wasn’t starting then either. As for his statements about his future plans, that’s up to him since he’ll be a free agent.

  • Nutz

    I know the ESPN trade machine is not up yet but the only teams I could see trading for Miller are Miami and Atlanta. I know Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta. Maybe try to package Miller and Bird and a 1st round pick for him? Heat have nothing to offer but if Dre wants to play like a crybaby, oh well! Stone looks ready to me.

  • Dubz

    After watching this game and fully realizing Karl’s blind obsession with small ball, I can see a major role for Wilson Chandler on this team. He’s only 6’8 but he can play SG, SF, and PF without being a liability on defense. Wilson would have been a great guy to have last night guarding Millsap. Keep Harrington in the rotation but remove Bird for crying out loud. Karl doesn’t seem to adjust his game plan according to his opposition. He just sticks to the same rotation patterns it drives me crazy. Harrington and Gallo CAN play PF, but only in little increments. Play Mozgov and Koufos more and even a little Stone. This team will be fine Charlie no need to flip out every time this team loses.

  • Aaron