Nuggets News: The Association and Stiffs Night Out

Courtesy of Benjamin Hochman, details are emerging on the latest season of NBATV’s “The Association” which will follow the Denver Nuggets through the 2011-2012 season. The first episode airs next Wednesday on NBATV and you can find the full schedule in Hochman’s Nuggets Ink post. For those not familiar with the show it is a fascinating look into the grind of an NBA season from the perspective of the players, coaches, front office executives and trainers. The Nuggets were last featured on NBATV’s “Real Training Camp” two seasons ago and that was a must-watch for Nuggets fans as I’m sure “The Association” will be as well.

We’d also like to post a friendly reminder to attend Stiffs Night Out for the upcoming New York Knicks game. It will no doubt be a fun time and a great opportunity to hang out with fellow Nuggets fans. Our friends at Denver Stiffs are also giving away prime seats to an upcoming home game and if you’re in the Denver area, I strongly suggest you go! Follow the link on Denver Stiffs for all the details.

On to the latest news and links.

  • China Update: The CBA season is about to go on break with the Chinese New Year holiday fast approaching (January 23). NiuBBall has posted their latest CBA Water Cooler discussing all of the most recent happenings in the CBA. The interesting tidbit is that Wilson Chandler’s club Guangsha is mired in a slump and Chandler’s begun to draw heavy criticism with his inevitable departure from China drawing near. My assumption is that both Wilson Chandler and JR Smith will return to the United States next week during Chinese New Year and we will hear more news regarding their NBA futures. It’s important to keep one crucial fact in mind though – even if Wilson and JR are released they WILL NOT sign and play in the NBA until the conclusion of the CBA season in March or April (ditto with Kenyon Martin).
  • Here’s a funny item from last night’s overtime win in Philly: Sixers reporter Tom Moore revealed on twitter that Andre Miller iced Andre Iguodala at the line, whispering “66 percent” in his ear as Iguodala attempted the would-be game winning free throws. Iguodala is normally a reliable foul shooter but is struggling this season and only converting the aforementioned 66%.
  • Al Buckets was interviewed on NBATV Arena Link following last night’s game in Philadelphia. Harrington gives a great interview covering Andre Miller, George Karl and how he approaches his role coming off the bench.
  • In preparation for the upcoming Knicks game, take a moment to scout the New York defense with John Bennett at NBAPlaybook. Denver’s defense suffers very similar problems and it isn’t surprising both teams rank near the middle of the pack in defensive efficiency (New York 11th and Denver 13th). The difference is Denver’s offense has been much more potent while the Knicks face perhaps the worst point guard woes in the entire league. I believe Denver matches up very well with the Knickerbockers and I suggest everyone check out John’s video on the Knicks defense to study up on what Denver needs to do to disrupt the Knicks.
  • Take note on Hoopdata of how many shots Denver takes at the rim. Equally impressive is the fact Denver is comfortably averaging double digits assists purely on shots taken right under the basket. John Schuhmann of points out that 44.6% of Denver’s total shots are taken inside the restricted area, miles ahead of any other team.
  • TrueHoopTV: Is Carmelo Anthony overrated? John Hollinger weighs in.
  • Injury report for tomorrow’s game against the Wizards in DC: Mozgov is a game time decision per Aaron Lopez. No word on Rudy Fernandez, but he did indicate he could play against Washington. My uninformed guess is he’s less likely than Mozgov to play tomorrow but could suit up against New York or Sacramento. On the Washington Wizards front, Rony Turiaf is out indefinitely with a broken hand. Rashard Lewis has a sore back and is day-to-day, but he played 25 minutes off the bench against OKC yesterday.
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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • jim

    lovin big al! dude is cool.

    • Jeff

      Yeah Al is down to earth and actually has real conversations with people rather than the cliched interviews.

  • http://DenverStiffs Nate T.

    Thanks Charlie, hope to see Kalen and Jeremy at SNO. Great find on Miller whispering to Iggy.

  • Aaron

    Unrelated. . . .

    I hope the Nuggets brass is listening to Danny Ainge’s boneheaded remarks. We have SO MUCH to offer the Celts for some of those guys.

    What if we offered Rudy F., Andre Miler, and either Kmart or Bird for Ray Allen!??

    Who doesn’t do that deal. I don’t know the salaries off-hand so perhaps I’d need to add another player to that. But right now one of the Nuggets struggles is in bench rotation. We have too many guys that need minutes. What if we thinned out our front-court a bit and took care of our crunch time scoring in one fell swoop.

    Come on Josh, . . get us Ray Allen!!

    • Jeff

      Andre Miller, Kmart and Bird are all in their mid 30s. Why would the Celtics want to rebuild with old players.

      • Aaron

        Ok, so we’ll give ’em K2, Andre, and Wilson Chandler perhaps, or Brewer.

        We just have so many players, and I think Ray Allen would help us achieve some pretty big things. If we had a crunch time scorer last year against OKC, . . look out.

        • Neal

          Plus we don’t have Kmart anymore.

    • Nigel

      What more lopsided trade can you think of? It is true that the bench rotation is not really that good but we don’t need to shrink our bench just to get one good player. At this point we don’t need a trade. Besides, you have not even given Rudy a chance. If you or we want a good player, I say it should be K-Mart. Compared to Chandler, K-Mart is arguably more valuable to this Nuggets team. We can’t argue with his admirable tough attitude on defense and that is something our bench has to develop, their own defensive set. With Faried not playing much, he could provide defensive rebounding for the undersized bench. Plus, he could be a mentor to Faried.

  • Buffalo soldier

    I’ve heard Ray Allen and GK have major issues.

  • Chris

    KG as a back up is still better than bird man, make the deal Nuggets

  • A Roth

    You could barely slide a sheet of paper under KG’s feet when he jumps this year. Plus his salary is over $21 Million. Anyone who we could send out to make the salaries work is too valuable. I’d love to have KG in the rotation for the vet minimum, but that’s just not realistic.

    I still think the Nuggets missed out on a front court player that could’ve come off the bench and provided a spark in Speights, and Philly gave him away for 2 2nd rounders. That being said, we may have the difference maker sitting on the bench already but for some strange reason he finds himself getting no minutes when even Birdman is getting 13 min per game.

  • Aaron

    I agree that KG is too far past his prime. . but Ray Allen or even Pierce? (for the right price). Seriously. . OKC wouldn’t be likin’ that.

  • Trevor

    Whats your guys feelings on this?

    Denver should shoot Orlando a trade offer built around Nene, Wilson Chandler, and Andre Miller for DH12. WTF cares where Dwight wants to go? I’ll take him for half a season. He fits perfect on the team and in Karl’s system. Orlando gets a much better deal than the Lakers offer too.

    Even if Dwight leaves we still rid ourselves of Nene’s stupid contract and basically force Karl to start the rebuild. He’d have no option but to play our young bigs and see what we really have in them

    • Kalen

      I still don’t think Orlando would do that. They want young, talented players. Miller and Nene don’t fit that mold. Plus, Andrew Bynum is way better than anything the Nuggets can offer. But more importantly, that would be franchise suicide from the Nuggets standpoint. Dwight absolutely WILL NOT re-sign in Denver no matter how well they do in the playoffs. So essentially, you give away Nene, Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller and most likely a first-round pick for a half season of D12? That’s just pointless.

  • Trevor

    From what I’ve read the Magic will not do any trade without veterans to carry the team. I’ve questioned a few Magic fans and they were all in favor of Nene, Miller and Chandler over Bynum.

    Franchise suicide? Isn’t that a little drastic. Lets say we do the trade and DH12 leaves. We have seen this season the Nuggets can be just as good a team without Nene, Chandler is great and young but if we resign him we will pay too much for a guy that will struggle to find enough mins to justify it on our roster, Miller is not a good fit and Stone and Rudy can man the backup pg spot. So the Nuggets really would be the same team after an a possibly exciting playoffs and then regain that cap space we wasted this off season.

    Go for it all or rebuild, wasting a few years in mediocrity has no appeal.